Chapter 691 Destined Failure

Han Jue adjusted his state of mind, closed the emails, and began to observe the Immortal World.

Ancestor Xitian’s encounter made him even more concerned about the Heavenly Dao.

The Heavenly Dao had to become stronger. So strong that even an ancient G.o.d like the Chaotic Consciousness could not interfere.

Ever since they couldn’t lead the way and entered the Chaotic Heavenly Road, more and more cultivators began to step onto the Chaotic Heavenly Road to search for the unknown opportunity.

At this rate, it would sooner or later become a trend.

Although the Immortal World was expanding, the area was only so big. It couldn’t keep up with the speed at which the number of living beings increased.

The growth of the mortal world also began to slow down. The mighty figures discovered that when they opened up a new world, the Spirit Qi was far inferior to the previous mortal world. This meant that the number of mortal worlds the Heavenly Dao could tolerate was about to reach its limit.

It had to be known that a mortal world was not as simple as a continent. It would produce the corresponding void, just like the universe where Earth was.

Tens of thousands of mortal worlds and tens of thousands of universes required an immeasurable amount of Spirit Qi.

Han Jue’s gaze landed on the netherworld.

The workload of reincarnation was far greater than before. Even the number of ghost servants had increased greatly. As far as the eye could see, there were already dozens of halls of the King of h.e.l.l. There were also many bridges above the Yellow Spring. The line in front of each bridge was like a long dragon that stretched for hundreds of miles.

The Calamity Race and the Heavenly Race also had a marriage alliance, making the two races even more harmonious.

Everything looked so harmonious and smooth.

Han Jue suddenly discovered that Empress Houtu had yet to return.

Had she given up on reincarnation?

Thinking about it carefully, reincarnation was probably already a burden to her.

The order of reincarnation had already been established and she did not need to control everything. However, she couldn’t advance further and was even restricted by the cycle of reincarnation.

The reason why she attained the Dao was probably that she had severed the karma of reincarnation.

Han Jue looked at his disciple, Su Qi.


Su Qi’s reincarnation providence far exceeded that of the past. It was not inferior to Empress Houtu’s.

It seemed that Empress Houtu had chosen Su Qi as her successor.

Han Jue showed a frown.

He had made Su Qi become a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. How could he be restrained as a Reincarnation Sage?

He pinched his fingers to deduce and discovered that Su Qi only had the providence of reincarnation and was not completely bound to the karma of reincarnation.

This kid had some tricks up his sleeve.

Han Jue had no intention of asking. Su Qi had already grown up and had the ability to take charge. How could he care about him like a baby?

Han Jue’s gaze continued to move and he arrived outside the netherworld.

Primordial Origin.

He was still asleep. The coffin did not move. The Primordial Chaos Tablet stood in front of the coffin, unaffected by the pa.s.sage of time.

This fellow would probably wake up after transforming into a Primordial Fiendcelestial.

Han Jue was suddenly curious.

He began to use the derivation function and asked in his mind, “How long until he succeeds?”

‘[200 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


[Unable to transform successfully]


‘It can’t succeed?

Then why?

Han Jue continued to ask.

‘[It involves karma that the current limits of the system. It cannot be deduced.)

Han Jue understood. It seemed that there were supreme rules restricting him again.

He couldn’t help but mourn for Primordial Origin. This fellow probably did not know his fate and was destined to fail.

That was good.

If this fellow really became a Primordial Fiendcelestial and was so close to the Heavenly Dao, he might find trouble with the Heavenly Dao. Even if he didn’t, it would attract many troubles.

Han Jue retracted his gaze and continued comprehending the Great Dao.

He had to reach the Great Dao Sage Realm first!

Outside the 33rd Heaven, Sage Dao Field.

Huang Zuntian was meditating and cultivating. After becoming a Sage, his bearing was extraordinary. He had the temperament of Ancestor Xitian and Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du.

He opened his eyes and sighed.

“This cultivation speed is really too slow. It’s almost stagnant.”

Huang Zuntian looked depressed.

In the past, Sages were at a height that he could not reach. Now that he had reached it, he couldn’t help but want to continue becoming stronger. In the end, he discovered that it was impossible.

If he didn’t know Han Jue and Pan Xin, he might be satisfied.

However, this was human nature. As long as he saw something better, he would definitely be indignant.

Huang Zuntian thought of Han Jue. He had heard that after Han Jue attained the Dao, he had been quickly becoming stronger as if he was not a Sage.

He could only rely on him now.

As long as he worked for Han Jue in peace, he believed that he would not mistreat him.

After attaining the Dao, he tried to mention Han Jue to Sect Master Tian Jue and asked about his att.i.tude towards him. In the end, he was reprimanded severely by Sect Master Tian Jue and wasn’t allowed to say anything about Han Jue. The reverence in his words deeply agitated Huang Zuntian.

He was certain that the reason why he attained the Dao was definitely because of Han Jue. Sect Master Tian Jue was not that close to him in the past!

Huang Zuntian adjusted his state of mind and decided to stop cultivating. He began to figure out Han Jue’s thoughts.

What could he do to help him?

“Do you want to become stronger?”

A voice suddenly entered Huang Zuntian’s ears.

Huang Zuntian frowned and dispersed his Sage Sense. He did not find anyone else.

“Your potential has already reached the limit. If you want to climb higher, you have to break down and rebuild.”,

The voice sounded. Huang Zuntian had never heard this voice and found it extremely unfamiliar.

“The Heavenly Dao Sage is only a scam set up by the Dao Ancestor. It’s not impossible to use strength to attain the Dao. I can help you transform and let you surpa.s.s the entire Heavenly Dao.”

Huang Zuntian frowned even more and said in a low voice, “Who are you?”

“Come find me… I’ll wait for you…”

With that, Huang Zuntian seemed to have understood something. His gaze involuntarily landed on a coffin outside the netherworld.

It was that thing!

Huang Zuntian had heard from Sect Master Tian Jue that the coffin was very dangerous and that he should not approach it easily.

For some reason, Huang Zuntian’s unwillingness to cultivate futilely began to magnify and quickly occupied his heart.

However, he was still a Sage. He instantly came to a realization and broke out in cold, sweat.

What kind of existence was the other party?

Just words alone could bewitch his heart!

Huang Zuntian looked at Primordial Origin’s coffin again and had the urge to explore it.

Should he go take a look?

It was near the Heavenly Dao. What could happen?

Huang Zuntian gritted his teeth and decided to take a look. He could use his clone first while his main body stood in the range of the Heavenly Dao. He had to be attacked.

With that, he slowly stood up and disappeared.

Five thousand years pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Han Jue opened his eyes. His aura became ethereal as if it would disappear at any time.

Although he had yet to become a Great Dao Sage, he was already transforming into one.

The Dao was illusory and everywhere, but there was nowhere to find it.


Han Jue exhaled and his eyes became clear.

It was still lacking!

He still had to spend time comprehending it.

Han Jue checked the emails, wanting to divert his attention.

[Your good friend Huang Zuntian was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure and his body was destroyed.)

[Your good friend Ancestor Xitian was destroyed by a mysterious array formation. His Great Dao was stripped away.)

[Your disciple Zhou Fan was attacked by ‘Chaotic Demons] x7821023

[Your good friend Empress Houtu was cursed by a mysterious curse.]

[Your good friend Huang Zuntian has fused with a mysterious mighty figure. His cultivation has increased greatly.)

[Your son Han Tuo accidentally entered the Chaotic Dao Origin. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

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