Chapter 694 He’s the Dao Ancestor!

“Han Jue? How is that possible?!”

Moved, f.u.xitian subconsciously rejected it.

However, he quickly calmed down. Han Jue’s speed of becoming stronger was ridiculous. He couldn’t predict it at all. Moreover, he trusted Nüwa completely. His sister wouldn’t joke about this.

Nüwa sighed. “This child is only 200,000 years old and is already trying to break through to the Great Dao Realm. I suspect that he’s not a variable at all, but…”

“But what?” f.u.xitian asked. He was shocked.

The Great Dao Realm!

There were not many Great Dao Sages in the entire Chaos!

As long as he stepped into the Great Dao Realm, he would be indestructible and escape karma!

Nüwa asked meaningfully, “Who said that Han Jue is a variable?”

f.u.xitian was moved. “Teacher…”

“That’s right. Teacher disappeared after Han Jue appeared. Don’t you think all of this is too coincidental?”

Nüwa sighed. Their teacher was naturally the Dao Ancestor.

f.u.xitian’s eyes flickered. “You mean to say that Han Jue is actually Teacher’s reincarnation?”

“That’s right. If Teacher didn’t mention that Han Jue can change the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity, would we have roped him in? Thinking about it now, the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End has schemed against the Heavenly Dao many times. The Heavenly Dao has always been able to avert the danger with Han Jue’s help. Every time, it was just right. The stronger the experts we send out, the stronger Han Jue became. In addition to his unbelievable cultivation speed, it can only be Teacher. Because his cultivation level is transcendent, to begin with, it’s a cultivation level that even we Great Dao Sages can’t see through. Therefore, it’s reasonable for him to reincarnate and cultivate again without any cultivation level obstruction.”

Nüwa’s words made f.u.xitian feel a lingering fear.

He recalled the scene when he interacted with Han Jue. His temperament was indeed indifferent. He was even s.h.i.+ning with divine light and pretending to be mysterious.

Gradually, the figure of the Dao Ancestor and Han Jue began to overlap in f.u.xitian’s mind.

The more f.u.xitian thought about it, the more afraid he became.

Could it be that the Dao Ancestor saw his schemes?

Nüwa consoled him. “There’s no need to worry. Teacher must be worried about something.”

f.u.xitian’s nervous expression softened.

In a dazzling Buddhist hall, Jie Yin suddenly opened his eyes.

He had a strange expression.

“The Great Dao Realm… If he hasn’t become a Great Dao Sage, he should not be able to curse the Chaotic Deity, Undying Dao, Cundi, Jade Bodhi, Seven Dao Sage, and the other Great Dao Sages. He shouldn’t be the Dark Forbidden Lord, but they must be related.”

Jie Yin thought silently.

If Han Jue was not the Dark Forbidden Lord, wouldn’t his cultivation speed be too ridiculous?

What was his ident.i.ty?

He remembered hearing Qiu Xilai mention that Han Jue was a variable.

In other words, at least the Dao Ancestor knew Han Jue’s background.

Jie Yin suddenly felt that the Heavenly Dao was covered by a fog, making him unable to see clearly.

Ever since Han Jue and the Dark Forbidden Lord appeared, the fates of these Great Dao Sages had become tragic. They either died or were severely injured. The best situation was that they were chased out of the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End.

When Jie Yin thought of the Dao Ancestor, his eyes suddenly widened.

Could it be…

That was very likely!

Such a breakthrough speed was simply unprecedented. Even if Pangu was reborn, his cultivation speed could not be so exaggerated!

“Teacher… As expected of you…”

Jie Yin sighed silently.

I see.

How ridiculous!

Jie Yin sneered and felt sad.

Han Jue didn’t know that the other Great Dao Sages knew that he was about to break through.

Although the Chaos was huge, there were very few Great Dao Sages. Every time a Great Dao Sage was born, it would be a sensational matter.

Back then, Guan Bubai was discovered by the Great Dao Sages. However, Han Jue was hiding in the Hundred Peak Immortal River. Even if the Great Dao Sages wanted to find trouble with him and kill him in the cradle, it was all a fantasy.

Even if he was found, Han Jue was not afraid.

The defensive power of the Dao Field’s array formation was supreme!

Han Jue nodded after reading the emails.

Apart from Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k who was still chasing after the Curse Fiendcelestial, the entire circle of friends seemed to be actively improving. Even the Evil Heavenly Emperor and Han Tuo did not cause trouble. They were all cultivating diligently and had all sorts of opportunities. They looked very good. Han Jue closed the email and looked at Xing Hongxuan.

This woman was already extremely close to becoming a Pseudo-Sage. She would probably break through the next time Han Jue opened his eyes.

My child is really impressive.

Han Jue looked at the fetus in Xing Hongxuan’s womb. Its blood essence was already comparable to an Immortal Emperor, but its body was still young.

“Why don’t we call him Han Buchu[1]?”

Han Jue thought sinisterly.

Of course, it was only a thought. This name would not only embarra.s.s his youngest son but also him.

Han Jue observed the Immortal World again. An hour later, he continued to comprehend the Great Dao.

In the Immortal World, mountains rose and fell.


The cry of a baby resounded through the forest, extremely loud.


The forest shook violently as surging Spirit Qi surged in one direction, forming a visible hurricane in the air.

A pillar of light descended from the sky, piercing through the clouds and landing on a wooden house in the forest.

A man in cloth garments stood in front of the wooden house. He was so frightened that he fell to the ground and subconsciously crawled back.

He suddenly thought of something, and the fear on his face was replaced by worry. He immediately got up and rushed towards the wooden house enveloped by the pillar of light.


The man cried out miserably. As soon as his body collided with the pillar of light, he instantly turned into dust.

The baby’s cry was still echoing.

After an unknown period of time, the Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth calmed down. The pillar of light disappeared, and so did the cries.


The door opened and an old woman walked out with a swaddled baby. She said happily, “Dalang, it’s a son! It’s a son!”

After she walked out of the wooden house, she looked around and realized that there was no sign of Dalang.

She was stunned.

The commotion during the delivery was indeed huge. She was also shocked. This was the first time she had seen the fetus in a womb let out such a loud cry. It almost deafened her.

Could it be that Dalang was frightened away?

The old woman looked down at the swaddled baby and realized that he was already asleep. Her red face revealed a smile that made all women in the world soften.

“Hmph, poor child. He has such a cowardly father. I hope that he won’t spread today’s commotion.”

The old woman looked worried.

This child was extraordinary. If the phenomenon just now spread, he would definitely be treated like a freak.

He would even be accused of being the reincarnation of a demon!

However, the old woman knew that he was not a demon because his mother was facing difficult labor just now. His mother died just as he was born.

However, at that moment, the baby opened his eyes and shot out two golden lights that shone on his mother. It actually allowed his mother’s injuries to recover, and she gradually became alive.

This was definitely a divine child, an immortal child!

The more the old woman thought about it, the more affectionate she became.

At this moment!

A gust of wind descended, startling the old woman so much that she looked up. Immediately after, her eyes and her mouth subconsciously widened.

A five-clawed golden dragon poked its head out of the sea of clouds. Its eyes were even larger than mountains, and its body seemed to occupy the entire sky. It was extremely shocking

[1] Buchu means not coming out.

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