Chapter 24: On the Way (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

The baron’s plan was based on the fact that the Saladin Empire would invade the castle tonight. The sun had not set yet, but it was getting dark. The sky looked beautiful while the sun going down. Outside the castle, the baron was standing by a large stone in the training ground. He was looking towards the west, and it was where he sent the sentries to. The others already packed up their belongings and there were three large carriages on the road. About twenty people were just standing there and waited.

Angele asked the leader of the guards, Mark, about the route to the Andes Alliance. Cecilia was standing beside them, and looking at Angele. She was sold to the family, and there was nowhere for her to go back.

“I heard the Andes Alliance is a very different country than the Rudin Empire?” Angele asked.

Mark was in his mid-forties, and had some thick beard on his chin. His face looked like yellow wax, and one of his ears was broken. He lost half of that ear to a Saladin Soldier during the early war.

“Yes, I have been there once, and I was escorting Miss Maria to her new home. It was a great trip.” Mark said.

“Empires such as Rudin and Saladin put all the power in the king’s hand. The Andes Alliance has a king too, but they also have the house of commons. The king could not do whatever he wants. Also, the Marua Harbour is a very nice place to stay. It’s much better than our territory, and it might even be better than the Candia City!” Mark said, and he looked excited.

“The streets there were so f*cking clean. Many races lived together, and you could buy whatever you wanted. There were many stores, and crap ton of ships. The place was… probably the most beautiful city I had ever been too.” Mark said.

“Really?” Angele got curious, and people around were also attracted by Mark’s description.

“If we get on the road right away, it will take us about half a year to get there. It is pretty close actually. We need to travel across the Anser Plain, and we will see the border there. We have the baron and Young Master Angele in our team, and we could easily deal with the robbers on the way.” Mark got very excited and said.

“There are robbers on the way?” Angele scrunched his eyebrows and asked.

“Yea, not many. The situation is much better now.” One of the guard on the side said.

“I am from the Andes Alliance. When I arrived here a long time ago, I encountered several robbers on the way, and they killed half of my team.” He kept saying.

“Well, it sounds dangerous.” Angele said with a light tone.

“It doesn’t matter!” Someone said, and people looked over to the direction the sound came from. The baron was walking here with a serious face, and a guard was following behind him. The guard looked very tired.

“Get ready everyone! Those Saladin skunks already crossed the border, and they will be here in 15 minutes!” The baron yelled.

Angele grabbed his long bow and quiver, and checked his sword on his waist. He was ready.

The three large carriages started to move on the road. Angele and the baron sat on the first carriage, and they were the only people in that one.

“Father, it would take us half a year to get to the Marua Harbour? How far is it from here exactly…?” Angele wondered. Angele could travel through the whole Asia on the earth for half a year. He was really curious about the size of this world.

“Yea, it took me about six or seven months last time.” The baron scrunched his eye brows, and answered.

“Don’t worry, we have enough money. We will take two stops on the way, and we could get some supplies there. The worst case we can still hunt in the forest.” He said.

“How was your eye?” Angele nodded and asked.

“It’s fine, I can still live with one eye.” The baron said. Angele stopped talking and asked Zero to examine the baron’s body condition.

‘Karl Rio: Strength about 2.2, agility about 2.4, stamina about 2.1. Condition: Injured, strength and stamina will increase after the burst. The agility lowers.’ Zero reported, and it surprised Angele. The numbers were much lower than the last time. He just could not believe that.

‘Get me the previous data.’ He thought.

‘Karl Rio before the injury: Strength 2 to 4, agility 3.4, stamina 3.9.’ Zero reported.

‘Why did the numbers decrease?’ Angele asked.

‘Permanent organ damages.’ Zero reported.

‘Any chance of recovery?’ He asked.

‘Had a recovery chance of 11%. Many highly processed medicines are necessary.’ Zero reported, and listed a whole bunch of medicine names. There was no way for Angele to find those, and he probably could not help the baron right now. He took a deep breath, and sighed.


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