Chapter 699 Oath to the Great Dao

Hearing Xing Hongxuan’s words, the personal disciples also sighed. With Han Jue’s personality, he probably couldn’t go out and show his potential.

They did not blame him. If not for Han Jue’s domineering rules, many of them would have died outside.

It was precisely because of long-term cultivation that they could have their current cultivation level.

They didn’t dare to talk too much about Han Jue and the topic quickly changed.

Li Xuan’ao clicked his tongue in wonder. “Qin Ling’s potential is stunning in the entire Immortal World. His cultivation level is at the Immortal Emperor Realm and he can already reach the Deity Realm. Furthermore, he can suppress everyone forcefully. Senior, your judgment is as good as ever.”

Li Daokong smiled. “It’s alright. The one teaching Qin Ling is mainly my disciple. It has nothing to do with me.”

Zhou Fan suddenly appeared and asked curiously, “Your disciple also has Master’s bloodline, right?”

Han Tuo’s existence was no longer a secret. Especially when the personal disciples who went out saw Han Yu, they were shocked. This matter could not be hidden anymore. Xing Hongxuan also said that she knew about this, so the disciples had no scruples. Li Daokong nodded.

The other personal disciples discussed Han Yu and Han Tuo.

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Han Jue’s att.i.tude towards Han Tuo was very abnormal. He was completely letting him go, making them have many guesses.

Xun Chang’an smiled. “No matter what, Qin Ling is also a disciple of our Hidden Sect. In the future, you should take care of the people outside. Prodigies are very easy to target. Don’t let him die young.”

Li Daokong nodded, indicating that he hoped so.

He was a Sage and only had one disciple. There were many things that he could not interfere in and could only rely on the power of the Hidden Sect.

After becoming a Sage, Li Daokong still believed that he belonged to the Hidden Sect. After all, he could become a Sage all because of Han Jue.

Therefore, he didn’t develop his own faction but focused on cultivating. He understood that Han Jue didn’t need an increasingly large faction. The focus was on the high-end combat strength of the Hidden Sect.

The exchange in the Myriad Worlds Projection was only the shadow of a great era, but from this, it could be seen how successful the Human Race’s pilgrimage was!

More than a hundred geniuses appeared in a grand ceremony. Every one of them had a reputation that was known by at least billions of living beings. Ten thousand dynasties came from different regions. The humans and living beings of the various regions were naturally most concerned about the geniuses who represented their regions. Therefore, even if they were ranked in the dozens, they would still be the pride of a region.

In a region, there were not only ten billion living beings, but trillions!

Qin Ling was also famous in the world, but because his cultivation level was too low, he couldn’t overshadow the other geniuses. He was still far from being the number one in the world.

After the end of the pilgrimage, the Immortal World was in turmoil. Many geniuses were attacked and killed. The conflict between the dynasties became more and more intense, but it was generally peaceful.

In the eyes of the Sages, it was considered peaceful as long as there was no domain-level


The Immortal World was so big. It was impossible for there to be no conflict.

At noon on this day.

Han Jue slowly opened his eyes. His eyes opening meant that another five thousand years had pa.s.sed. To the living beings of the Immortal World, it might be a lifetime, but to mortals, it was a hundred lifetimes.

He was already very close to the Great Dao Realm.

He was only a step away. He did not check his emails or observe the Immortal World. Instead, he recalled his Great Dao of Extreme Origin.

The Great Dao Realm was the Transcendent Realm. Han Jue didn’t need to acc.u.mulate cultivation anymore. He only needed his soul to break through the door of the Great Dao.

Unknowingly, he felt a mysterious force pressing against the door of the Great Dao, preventing him from pus.h.i.+ng it open.

Han Jue didn’t believe it. He wanted to forcefully attain the Dao with the Great Dao of Extreme Origin!

It was just a stupid door!

Why couldn’t he break through?!

Han Jue focused and mobilized the power of the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. His soul jumped into a mysterious void. Figures appeared in front of him, all facing the door of the Great Dao.

The door of the Great Dao stood in the void. It was ten thousand feet tall and majestic. It seemed to represent the other side. It was terrifying

Han Jue walked past the other Dao Pursuers and suddenly discovered a familiar figure.

Pan Xin!

This fellow had also begun to pursue the Great Dao?

Unfortunately, he was still far from the door of the Great Dao.

Han Jue continued forward and soon arrived at the door.

The door of the Great Dao seemed to be made of white rock. Its surface was engraved with various patterns that recorded the deeds of the various races of the Chaos, including the humans.

Han Jue saw many myths.

Pangu splitting open the heavens, Nüwa mending the sky, Gonggong angrily cras.h.i.+ng into the Buzhou Mountain, Jingwei filling the sea, Hou Yi shooting the sun, and so on. These were all myths and legends that Han Jue had been influenced by in his previous life. They only occupied a small corner of the Great Dao Door. There was a figure at the top of the Great Dao Door. His figure was strange and extremely distorted. He was meditating and had dozens of arms. Every palm held a mysterious item that even Han Jue couldn’t see clearly.

That was probably a Chaotic Deity!

Han Jue retracted his gaze and looked at the Great Dao Door again.

The door of the Great Dao looked as firm as a rock and could not be pushed open.

Han Jue condensed the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. A huge black shadow slowly emerged from his body and quickly condensed into his figure. Then, he quickly became burly, like those ancient fiendcelestials carved on the door of the Great Dao.

The Great Dao of Extreme Origin roared angrily and pressed his palms against the door of the Great Dao.

It began to push the Great Dao Gate with all its might.

However, it did not move.

Han Jue showed a frown.

Something was indeed wrong!

Something was obstructing him!

Han Jue immediately used the Dharma Idol Fusion Technique and fused the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial, the Strength Fiendcelestial, the Battle Fiendcelestial, and the other Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols with domineering power into the Great Dao of Extreme Origin.

At first glance, it was as if shadows emerged from Han Jue’s back and entered the huge black shadow formed by the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. Every time a Fiendcelestial power entered, the black shadow of the Great Dao of Extreme Origin would increase by ten thousand feet.


The door of the Great Dao began to shake violently. It was enough to show how terrifying Han Jue’s strength was.

The entire Immortal World was in front of Han Jue. He could easily crush it into dust with a finger.

“How dare you?!”

A shout suddenly sounded, causing Han Jue’s soul to tremble. He suddenly looked up and saw black mist surging above the door of the Great Dao. It was like a huge beast crawling on the door of the Great Dao and looking down at him.

Han Jue saw a pair of cold eyes.

He had seen many such eyes before. They were all filled with contempt for ants!

Han Jue said, “Why are you stopping me?”

The black mist said in a low voice, “How can a mortal enter the door of the Great Dao!”

Han Jue didn’t believe it and continued to make the Great Dao of Extreme Origin push.

The door opened a small crack. A violent wind roared out, but it could not shake the Great Dao of Extreme Origin.

Han Jue secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that the mysterious black mist couldn’t stop him with all its might and could only use some small methods.

“Without the recognition of the Chaotic Deities, you are not allowed to step into the Great Dao! Mortal, you are courting death!” the black mist said angrily, its voice even louder than before.

Han Jue asked, “Then, how do I obtain the recognition of the Chaotic Deities?”

“Kneel down and swear to the Great Dao that you will forever be loyal to the Chaotic Deities and the Chaos!”

Han Jue smiled.

So this was the trap!

No wonder the Dao Ancestor wanted to disappear. It seemed that he was restrained by the Chaotic Deities.

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