Chapter 701 Upgrade of the Dao Field

Facing Jie Yin’s refusal, the black shadow said in a low voice, “Are you negotiating with me?!

Jie Yin said, “The Deity Realm of the Ruins of End is destroyed. We Great Dao Sages now wander and can’t obtain the help of the G.o.ds. We can’t help them.”

The black shadow was silent.

Jie Yin’s expression was normal. He was not afraid of offending the other party.

He was a Great Dao Sage, after all. He only gave the other party face because he was worried about the Chaotic Deities.

In his circle, there were other Great Dao Divine Spirits, but they were not as strong as this fellow. Their backgrounds were also inferior.

The black shadow snorted. “Why are you still standing here?”

Jie Yin bowed and left. Two steps later, he disappeared.

The black shadow disappeared and the hall fell silent.

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Five hundred years later.

Han Jue opened his eyes and a notification appeared.

[The Dao Field has been upgraded. The array formation has been raised to the level of a Dao Creator. The s.p.a.ce inside the Dao Field has been expanded.)

[Dao Field Immortal Qi has increased by ten times. Connate Qi has increased by ten times.)

[The Dao Field can block all prying eyes.]

Dao Creator level!

Han Jue felt comfortable. This time, the Dao Field was completely stable and he was not afraid of enemies.

He had already reached the strongest limit!

All prying eyes could be blocked!

Han Jue asked in his mind, “Can the Chaotic Consciousness barge into the Dao Field?”

(1 quadrillion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


(Can’t barge in for the time being.)

Han Jue frowned. It seemed that he was thinking too much.

But it was enough for a short time.

Han Jue took out two Creation Spirit Stones and entered the Primordial World in the depths of his soul. He began to choose the Chaotic Fiendcelestials.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally chose the Traversal Fiendcelestial and the Fog Fiendcelestial.

The Traversal Fiendcelestial could be an intelligence spy in the future. The Fog Fiendcelestial could help cover the second Dao Field.

After the two Creation Spirit Stones fused with the Fiendcelestial Qi, Han Jue looked at the Great Dao Fragment and the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.

This time, he still had to choose a sealing method to throw targets into the Primordial Heavenly Prison.

As for the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, he was a little hesitant to upgrade the Book of Misfortune again.

It was very difficult to obtain a Dharma treasure that surpa.s.sed the Great Dao Realm. The system’s choices also decreased.

Although the Book of Misfortune was strong, it had rarely cursed an enemy to death when facing a Great Dao Sage. It would even give the Curse Fiendcelestial a chance to rope in forces.

Although the Primordial Judgment Sword was Han Jue’s accompanying Dharma treasure, it couldn’t be forcefully upgraded. It could only become stronger because of his cultivation.

Han Jue considered the Killing Dao Token and the Heaven-Opening Axe.

One day, he would have to personally walk through the chaos. The image of Pan Xin lingered in his mind.

Forget it, he would preach the Dao first.

It had been many years.

Han Jue thought.

At the same time, the disciples were still marveling at the increase in the Spirit Qi when the Great Dao of Extreme Origin suddenly covered the entire Hundred Peak Immortal River, causing everyone to fall into a state of Dao comprehension.

Buzhou Divine Mountain.

At the top of the mountain, Han Yu stood by the cliff and looked down at the majestic mountain range. His gaze followed a figure. The figure rode the clouds above the mountains. He flipped around and his speed was extremely fast, like a swan.

Han Yu looked satisfied.

In the past, when he took in Tian Yong as his disciple, he was already pleasantly surprised. However, when he taught Qin Ling, he finally understood what the true joy of education was.

No matter what he taught, Qin Ling learned it in one go. Not only that, but Qin Ling was also very obedient and liked to pester him, unlike Tian Yong, who always had his own thoughts.

Now, Han Yu and Qin Ling were more like father and son.

After Qin Ling’s mother died, he treated Han Yu as the most important person and his only family.

Speaking of this, Qin Ling was also very sad back then. However, ever since he went to the netherworld and learned that his father had long died, he told his mother about this. His mother no longer wanted to live.

Without cultivation potential, even if she extended her life, it would only increase her loneliness.

Han Yu had taught him that everyone had their own fate. Not everyone wanted to live forever.

Without the ties of mortals, Qin Ling cultivated even more attentively and his cultivation level increased rapidly.

Han Yu suddenly sent a voice transmission to him.

Qin Ling came in front of him.

“Grandmaster!” Qin Ling smiled. In front of Han Yu, he was always a child.

Han Yu smiled kindly and said, “Now, Grandmaster no longer has anything to teach you. You’ve really grown up.”

Qin Ling smiled. “What are you saying? Cultivating with Grandmaster is cultivation in itself.”

Han Yu shook his head and laughed. “Actually, I’ve always had a goal in my heart that I’m unwilling to accept. That is to surpa.s.s my heartless ancestor. However, I’ve asked my master before. The difference between us is getting greater and greater. It’s probably wishful thinking to want to surpa.s.s him.”

Qin Ling was surprised.

Han Yu’s master was a Sage. Han Yu was also a mighty figure in the world. To be able to obtain the evaluation of a Sage, how strong was Han Yu’s ancestor?

Qin Ling asked, “Is that senior a Sage?”

Facing Han Yu’s ancestor, he had to use honorifics and not mess up his seniority.

Han Yu had a complicated expression as he said, “I’m not sure. He’s no longer in the Immortal World.”

Then, he slowly told him the story of the Han family. Qin Ling listened carefully. As he listened, Qin Ling felt heartache.

He had once thought that he had suffered the most, but compared to Grandmaster…

He could imagine the despair Han Yu felt when the Han family was slaughtered and he asked his ancestor for help.

Any mighty figure had experienced unimaginable hards.h.i.+p.

After Han Yu finished speaking, Qin Ling suddenly asked curiously, “Who is your ancestor’s ancestor? He must be a Sage, right?”

Han Yu restrained his emotions and smiled. “I wanted to tell you about this. I want to send you to the Hidden Sect to cultivate.”

“The Hidden Sect?”

Qin Ling was stunned. He had naturally heard of the Hidden Sect.

The most mysterious and powerful force in the Immortal World!

“Wait, could it be that your ancestor’s ancestor is in the Hidden Sect?” Qin Ling asked, his breathing quickened.

Back at the Human Race’s Ten Thousand Dynasty Pilgrimage Ceremony, he had heard many legends about the Hidden Sect. Many of the geniuses ranked higher than him were also from this sect.

The number of geniuses in the Hidden Sect was the highest among the Sage Sects!

Han Yu smiled and nodded.

Qin Ling’s shocked expression pleased him.

In another period of time, Qin Ling would catch up to him sooner or later. As the Grandmaster, if he couldn’t continue to help his grand-disciple, he would be very disappointed and frustrated. If he could use his connections to help his grand-disciple pursue the Great Dao, he would be considered competent.

“Then, will you enter the Hidden Sect with me?” Qin Ling frowned and asked.

Han Yu smiled. “Silly child, I have to guard Buzhou Divine Mountain. Go. How old are you already? Why are you still pretending to be sentimental? I’m just informing you about this. Be prepared. After some time, the disciples of the Hidden Sect will come and fetch you.”

Qin Ling thought for a moment and finally nodded.

He also wanted to become stronger!

Recently, he indeed felt that his cultivation speed was not good!

It wasn’t only the Buzhou Divine Mountain. Such a situation was happening everywhere in the Immortal World. The news of the increase in the Spirit Qi in the Hundred Peak Immortal River had already reached Li Xuan’ao’s ears through the Myriad Worlds Projection. Li Xuan’ao began to plan to attract a group of top geniuses in the world to cultivate in the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

He was confident that as long as they stayed in the Hundred Peak Immortal River for a period of time, they would never leave.

To cultivators, cultivation speed was their greatest pursuit!

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