Chapter 706 Great Chaotic Era

After returning to the Daoist temple, Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

No one could save Pan Xin now!

Han Jue faced Pan Xin’s gaze and said calmly, “If you want to blame someone, blame what you said just now. Your choice makes me uneasy.”

Pan Xin gritted his teeth. “Who are you?!”

At this moment, Han Jue’s image in his mind became mysterious. More than two hundred thousand years ago, when he first met Han Jue, this child was only an ant.

Now that he was at the Freedom Sage Realm, Han Jue easily suppressed him. What did this mean?

This meant that Han Jue was at least a Great Dao Sage!

In just two hundred thousand years, it was impossible for a mortal to cultivate to the Great Dao Sage Realm!

There was only one possibility. Han Jue was a mighty figure himself!

Pan Xin knew that the Great Dao Sages liked to use their clones or Dharma Idols to reincarnate and set up traps in various corners of the Chaos.

Han Jue was definitely one of them.

Facing Pan Xin’s question, Han Jue smiled and sealed his mouth.

Then, he closed his eyes and began another bout of seclusion.

In the depths of the chaos, in the Great Dao Tower.

After tens of thousands of years of development, the Great Dao Tower had already formed. All kinds of floating islands and buildings that were like stars gathered in a radius of billions of kilometers.

In the palace on the first floor of the Great Dao Tower.

Zhou Fan and the Evil Heavenly Emperor gathered in the hall. There was no third person.

Zhou Fan asked, “Where’s Han Tuo?”

He still cared a lot about this junior.

Han Tuo was Han Jue’s son, so he was naturally his junior.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said, “He’s trying to attain the Dao.”

Zhou Fan smiled in satisfaction. “Not bad. If my master knows, he’ll be very happy.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled.

Zhou Fan sized him up and said meaningfully, “Your Majesty, I suddenly can’t see through you. Who are you working for now?”

The Heavenly Court’s reputation in the Dark Forbidden Zone was becoming greater and greater. Some time ago, the Heavenly Troops actually brought the Inauspicious Evil when they fought. This matter had already alarmed the entire Chaos, indicating that the Heavenly Court was already a colossus. Even the Great Dao Sages in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End had no choice but to face the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor placed his hands behind his waist. His imperial robe fluttered as he chuckled. “I’m not with anyone. I’m just fighting for my life.”

“Fighting for your life…”

Zhou Fan was deep in thought.

They had already transcended the Heavenly Dao and could freely travel through the chaos. They could travel through the past and future and look down on all living beings.

Such a realm was something they had never imagined. But even so, they were still trapped.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled. “Alright, let’s not talk about meaningless things. I came to you today to plan for a mysterious domain formed by the corpse of an ancient Chaotic Fiendcelestial. There are great opportunities hidden inside. If my Heavenly Court eats alone, the losses will definitely be heavy. I’ll give you a portion of the benefits. You should have already seen my sincerity from our previous cooperation. Do you want to take action?”

Zhou Fan asked, “That mysterious mighty figure also wants to attack?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor nodded. “Without him, I wouldn’t dare.”

“Alright, the Great Dao Tower is also partic.i.p.ating!”

Zhou Fan agreed readily. He wasn’t confident in the Evil Heavenly Emperor, but in the mysterious mighty figure.

He asked curiously, “Who is that mighty figure? Is he related to the Inauspicious Evil?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said with a faint smile, “Don’t ask about some things. You’re only a Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.”

If anyone else said this, Zhou Fan would definitely feel humiliated. However, from the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s words, Zhou Fan could hear his concern. If he continued asking, he might very well violate the taboo.

He was no longer an ignorant mortal in the Immortal World. Now, he had a certain understanding of the Chaos.

In the endless chaos, there were indeed many taboos that could not be probed or even spoken!

Even a Great Dao Sage wouldn’t violate these taboos.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor turned into golden smoke and dissipated, leaving only a sentence: “Three thousand years later, bring people to the Waning Moon Star Field. I will lead ten million Heavenly Troops to wait for you.”

Zhou Fan narrowed his eyes. He was shocked by the speed of development.

These people were sent as fodder. It was not the full strength of the Heavenly Court!

Five thousand years pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Han Jue opened his eyes. Pan Xin had yet to be enslaved, but he had already lost consciousness and was sitting quietly in the invisible Primordial Heavenly Prison.

As expected of an existence at the perfected Freedom Primordial Chaos Realm!

Wouldn’t it take millions of years or even longer to enslave the Chaotic Deities?

Han Jue had this thought and even started to worry.

He believed that as long as he played it safe and was careful, he would be on par with the Chaotic Deities or even surpa.s.s them.

Even without the system, he could continue to grow with everything he had.

Of course, he was still grateful to the system.

Without the system, he would still be floating in the cycle of reincarnation. How could he pursue the Dao and live forever?

Han Jue looked outside the Daoist temple.

Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, and Jiang Yi were waiting at the door.

After training outside, Dao Sovereign returned to cultivate diligently. Zhao Xuanyuan and Jiang Yi were the closest to him. After all, they were both prodigies.

Han Jue’s voice floated out, “What is it?”

The three of them had been kneeling for several years. Unable to wait any longer, Jiang Yi was the first to speak. “Master, the three of us want to go to the Chaos to train.”

Zhao Xuanyuan and Jiang Yi were already at the perfected Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm and could become Pseudo-Sages at any time.

However, they suppressed their cultivation levels.

It was probably related to Dao Sovereign.

Dao Sovereign said, “Recently, there has been some information from the Chaos Heavenly Road. At the end of the Chaos Heavenly Road is the world of paragons. It’s even larger than the Immortal World. There are countless planes and secret realms hidden around it. There are countless opportunities. The three of us want to try.”

Han Jue said, “The Chaos is very dangerous. If anything happens, I won’t save you. Think carefully.”

Zhao Xuanyuan chuckled. “Master, don’t worry. What happened before the previous calamity won’t happen. We will definitely be careful. Even if something happens, the three of us have already left our split souls in our respective Daoist temples. At most, we will cultivate again.”

It wasn’t rare for Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals to have such methods.

Han Jue sent them out.

Since they had left a way out, it was good to go out and explore. Han Jue still didn’t know much about the Chaos. It was also a good thing to send disciples to gain information.

The future Heavenly Dao was definitely not safe. The Great Chaotic Era had already begun.

After sending the three of them off, Han Jue looked at the emails and continued cultivating

Another three thousand years pa.s.sed.

[Primordial Heavenly Prison has successfully enslaved the target.]

[Pan Xin has a favorable impression of you. Current favorability: Max.]

It took him eight thousand years to successfully enslave this fellow!

Han Jue immediately checked Pan Xin’s attributes panel.

[Pan Xin: Perfected of the Freedom Primordial Chaos Realm, Pangu’s descendant, one of the first living beings after creation. He has experienced the Immeasurable Calamity and roams the mortal world. Afraid of being discovered by the ancient Master of Calamity, he especially infiltrated the Sword Dao River. Because of your nature, he is interested in you. Current favorability: Max.]

Perfected Freedom Primordial Chaos Realm!

If Han Jue helped him, he might be able to create a Great Dao Sage.

However, the Great Dao Door required one to work hard. Others couldn’t help, at least not now. At most, he could talk about his Dao Validation experience.

At this moment…

(Pangu has developed hatred towards you. Current Hatred Points: 1 star]

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