Chapter 715 Fiendcelestial True Body

Chaotic Fiendcelestial?

Han Tuo was even more curious about that mysterious senior.

The two of them continued forward.

After walking for an unknown period of time, a door of light suddenly appeared on the white jade stone steps ahead. The Evil Heavenly Emperor easily pushed it open, and the two of them entered one after another.

Han Tuo only felt his vision flash. When he opened his eyes again, he discovered an incomparably huge throne in front of him. He looked up and saw an empty hall. The stone pillars were ten thousand feet thick and high. The top of the hall was a dazzling and beautiful starry sky.

Han Tuo was about to ask the Evil Heavenly Emperor when he suddenly bowed.

Seeing this, Han Tuo hurriedly followed suit.

“Not bad. Although he’s not a Chaotic Fiendcelestial, he has a bloodline potential comparable to a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. The Heavenly Dao Han Jue is indeed impressive.”

A loud voice sounded, and the lingering sound shook Han Tuo’s Dao heart.

Han Tuo was secretly shocked.

He was already a Sage, but he couldn’t help but feel reverence towards the Chaotic Fiendcelestial.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled. “Tuo’er’s potential is indeed impressive. Our Heavenly Court still needs him to fight in all directions. I came to find you this time because I hope that you can teach him the Fiendcelestial Body. He has already absorbed the blood of a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. In essence, he’s already a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. It is said that every Chaotic Fiendcelestial has their own true body. After awakening their true body, their strength will increase exponentially. I can’t do it, so I can only find you to teach him.”

Han Tuo had already revealed his true body when he attained the Dao, but he couldn’t open it again.

The loud voice smiled. “Sure, but shouldn’t you make my cooperation with the Heavenly Court clearer?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said in a low voice, “In the future, your Great Dao can be spread in the Heavenly Court. If anything happens to you, I will try my best to help, but it cannot go against my principles. As for the Supreme Treasure mentioned at the beginning, the Heavenly Court will also try its best to find it.”

The loud voice did not reply immediately.

The atmosphere fell silent.

Han Tuo was uneasy. It seemed that the Evil Heavenly Emperor was not as close to this person as he had imagined.

“If this child obtains my inheritance, in the future, he has to kill a Sage for me.” The loud voice sounded again.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor frowned.

Han Tuo couldn’t help but say, “Who is it? Don’t expect me to kill my father!”

He had seen many such scenes. Many mighty figures liked to scheme against the enemy like this, causing the enemy to betray their family and break up.

“Haha, that’s naturally impossible. I’m the Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial. I’ve attained the Great Dao for billions of years. Your father, Han Jue, has only just entered the Great Dao Realm. If I want to be enemies with him, I can attack him myself. Besides, I have no grudge with him. The Sage I want you to kill happens to be from the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. He’s also an enemy of your Heavenly Dao!”

The loud voice laughed wantonly.

Han Tuo heaved a sigh of relief.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said, “I’m sorry, this child speaks without thinking. I apologize to you on his behalf. Can you tell us who that Sage is?”

The Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial snorted. “There’s no harm in telling you. The leader of the Ancestral Magi, Di Jiang!”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was moved.

Han Tuo did not react. Although he had heard of the legend of Di Jiang, he did not know him.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor frowned. “He wants to become enemies with Pangu. Let me kill him in his place.”

The Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial did not say anything Han Tuo said, “Your Majesty, it’s fine. I can kill him. If you’re really worried, I don’t want this inheritance.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor glanced at him and shook his head slightly.

The Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial’s voice sounded, “Hmph. Brat, you’re bargaining with me again. If not for the fact that I owe your father a favor, I would have long killed you.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled. “If not for Senior’s help, I would have long died in the Heavenly Dao Immeasurable Calamity. Actually, I’ve always treated you as my father, but the difference in status is too great. I don’t dare to cross the line.”

Han Tuo blinked and listened.

“Forget it. As long as you can help me kill Di Jiang, it’s fine no matter who kills him. Let this child stay here. You can leave.”

“No, I have to stay and accompany him.”

“Are you worried about me?”

“No, but I’m afraid that he’ll be afraid.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor gave Han Tuo a look.

Han Tuo immediately understood. “Without Your Majesty’s company, my Dao heart will be unstable.”


The Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial sneered, but he did not refuse.

A thousand years later.

In the void, on the white jade stone steps.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor and Han Tuo walked out of the door of light and walked in the direction they came from.

Han Tuo walked like a tiger in high spirits. His body was much stronger than when he came.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled and asked, “How do you feel?”

Han Tuo said, “I feel that my entire body is filled with strength. It’s more than several times stronger than before. I’ll be reborn if I activate the Fiendcelestial True Body! I can’t wait to fight!”

His tone was filled with excitement.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor shook his head and laughed. He looked ahead and said meaningfully, “The war will come soon, and it will never end. After I expand the Heavenly Troops, I should return to the Heavenly Dao.”

Han Tuo asked in surprise, “Why do you want to return to the Heavenly Dao?”

He already knew about the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s past. There might be war when he returned.

“To lead the Heavenly Dao to the Chaos. Don’t worry, I’m not going back to take revenge. Hatred is a lesson. It’s not enough to trap me. This matter was entrusted by Heavenly Venerate Xuan u. After the Chaotic Heavenly Road was opened, more and more Chaotic Races and factions hid near it and plundered the Heavenly Dao cultivators. The Heavenly Dao needs the power of the Heavenly Court. The Heavenly Court needs to obtain a large number of Heavenly Troops from the Heavenly Dao. It’s a win-win situation.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor replied, causing Han Tuo to look at him in admiration.

He had followed the Evil Heavenly Emperor for a long time. He had watched him bring the Heavenly Court to greater heights and was deeply impressed by his methods and boldness.

In Han Tuo’s opinion, the cooperation with the Heavenly Dao was perfect. It could make up for the lack of manpower in the Heavenly Court.

If he was the Evil Heavenly Emperor, even if Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du looked for him, he would probably find it difficult to make up his mind.

After all, the Evil Heavenly Emperor was expelled by the Heavenly Dao in the past!

“After we return, if your father visits you in your dreams, don’t tell him what the Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial wants us to do. Pangu’s karma is too great. If it affects your father, it will be very difficult for him to cultivate in peace in the future.” The Evil Heavenly Emperor reminded.

Han Tuo nodded. “I understand.”

The two of them walked side by side. Their figures gradually disappeared at the end of the white jade stone steps, as if they were walking towards eternity.

Inside the Daoist temple.

Han Jue opened his eyes and stretched.

Another five thousand years pa.s.sed.

He wanted to increase his seclusion time to ten thousand years.

At this rate, it was almost impossible to break through a minor realm in a hundred thousand years.

Too slow.

Since it was slow, he could only numb himself and speed up his cultivation time. This way, when he looked back, his breakthrough speed would be faster.

Han Jue thought of this and looked at Li Yao and Xuan Qingjun outside the Hundred Peak Immortal River. Beside Xuan Qingjun was a girl with an exquisite and cute face wearing a gra.s.s dress. She was a flower spirit.

Han Jue cautiously used the simulation trial to test. He discovered that this woman was only a Grand Unity Heaven Immortal and didn’t have a powerful background, so he let down his guard.

With a thought, he moved the two women into the Hundred Peak Immortal River and not into his Daoist temple.

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