Chapter 716 Han Jue’s Foundation

After entering the Hundred Peak Immortal River, Xuan Qingjun and Li Yao immediately came to visit him.

They wanted to bring the flower spirit girl in. According to their introduction, this woman was a demon born in the Holy Mother Sect. Because she was likable, they brought her along

Han Jue could only turn a blind eye and move the girl into the Hundred Peak Immortal River. After all, Xuan Qingjun and Li Yao were his women. He had to treat them differently. Han Jue could sense that the flower girl was formed by a natural treasure. She was different from ordinary living beings and had a special Heavenly Dao providence.

However, such potential was no longer worthy of his attention.

Han Jue started to check his emails.

(Your son Han Tuo has obtained the inheritance of a mysterious mighty figure. His cultivation has increased greatly.)

(Your good friend Evil Heavenly Emperor has received guidance from a mysterious mighty figure. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

(Your grand-disciple Chu s.h.i.+ren was attacked by a mysterious cultivator] x692

(Your good friend Huang Zuntian has left the Heavenly Dao.]

(Your disciple Su Qi controls the Six Paths of Reincarnation and is half a step into the Sage Realm.]

(Your good friend Heavenly Calamity Emperor encountered a mysterious mighty figure in her dream. Her soul was injured.)

[Your good friend Ancestor Xitian has transcended from the cycle of reincarnation.)

(Your good friend Empress Houtu was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure and was severely injured.]

(Your disciple Dao Sovereign was attacked by a mysterious Dao Devil) x6609721

[Your disciple Zhao Xuanyuan…]

The mysterious mighty figure Han Tuo and the Evil Heavenly Emperor encountered should be the same person. It was probably the Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial.

The Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial was very well-behaved and didn’t have any hatred toward Han Jue. He wasn’t an enemy for the time being.

Su Qi had improved greatly recently. He could become a Sage soon.

Something had actually happened to Heavenly Calamity Emperor. He had to care about it later.

Speaking of which, the reason why Su Qi cultivated so quickly was that he had received a lot of help from the Heavenly Calamity Emperor. After all, the Heavenly Calamity Emperor also respected him now.

When Han Jue saw what happened to Ancestor Xitian, he couldn’t help but sigh.

The ancestor was still the ancestor.

He had fought his way out.

Ancestor Xitian was also a protagonist. He was once the ceiling of the Heavenly Dao. How could he die so easily?

As for the subsequent emails, Han Jue ignored them.

After reading the emails, he immediately sent a dream to the Heavenly Calamity Emperor.

The dream was the Bridge of Helplessness in the netherworld.

After the Heavenly Calamity Emperor opened her eyes, her first reaction was vigilance.

Han Jue asked, “Who injured you previously?”

With that said, the Heavenly Calamity Emperor heaved a sigh of relief.

She said respectfully, “I’m not sure, either. He claimed to be called Life and wanted to incite me to start a rebellion. I rejected him and injured my soul.

“I thought you were him just now, so…”


Han Jue first thought of Han Ming[1], but ever since this kid was thrown into the second Dao Field by him, he had been very obedient and didn’t leave.

Han Jue said, “You did well. I’ll preach the Dao for you and help your cultivation increase. Try to reach the Freedom Realm as soon as possible.”

Heavenly Calamity Emperor had always been stuck at the perfected Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm. It was probably very difficult for her to break through on her own.

Hearing this, Heavenly Calamity Emperor was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly knelt down to thank him.

Han Jue didn’t say anything else and directly preached the Dao.

A hundred years later.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

“I want to know who the Life that Heavenly Calamity Emperor mentioned is?” Han Jue asked in his mind.

(Unable to deduce. There is no such ent.i.ty as Life in the karma tainted by Heavenly Calamity Emperor.]

Han Jue showed a frown.

There was no such person?

Could it be that the other party was not called Life?

It seemed that he was afraid of being targeted by the Dark Forbidden Lord.

At least, it meant that this Life had guessed that the Dark Forbidden Lord was in the Heavenly Dao.

Could it be the Curse Fiendcelestial?

Han Jue checked his interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps. The portrait of the Curse Fiendcelestial was still there, and the name Life didn’t appear.

Speaking of the Curse Fiendcelestial, he was still being pestered by Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k. Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k even used his experience in battle to comprehend a Karma Mystical Power. If this continued, the Curse Fiendcelestial might be killed by Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k before he could see Han Jue.

Since he couldn’t derive anything about Life, he could only put it aside for the time being.

If the other party really wanted to hurt him, he had to enter the Heavenly Dao first.

The current Heavenly Dao was becoming stronger almost every day. Even the cultivation of those Heavenly Dao Sages also became stronger.

The Heavenly Dao Sages also discovered this. This surprised them, so they worked very hard to develop the Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue began to observe the Immortal World.

The number of living beings in the Immortal World and the myriad worlds had been increasing rapidly. Especially after the opening of the Chaotic Heavenly Road, a large number of cultivators had stepped onto it, causing the Heavenly Dao to have even less pressure to survive.

The Immortal World’s continent was constantly expanding, and the mortal world was also constantly increasing its Spirit Qi.

Ascension was the main theme of the mortal world.

The Heavenly Road was the main theme of the Immortal World.

One level after another, it made all living beings feel that cultivation was endless.

Han Jue was very satisfied with the current changes in the Heavenly Dao. It had to be said that the Heavenly Dao Sages were still very talented, especially in bewitching the will of all living beings.

“Just like that, one day, the Heavenly Dao will become the center of the Chaos. I will cultivate quietly at the peak of the Heavenly Dao. No one will dare to disturb me.”

Han Jue thought happily. His dream was to be so grand and low-key.

He observed carefully and discovered that the number of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Immortal World had already doubled, especially those in the Emperor Realm and Deity Realm.

In the era of geniuses, cultivation was extremely prosperous. Even the mortals of the Human Race had been tested for their spiritual roots.

Of course, the humans of the mortal world had not developed to this extent.

The Famous Race, the Ancient Race, the Dragon Race, and so on were still powerful. They were not suppressed by the humans.

Speaking of races, the Qilin Race in the Hundred Peak Immortal River had also been developing. Under the lead of the first transformed Qilin, Xu Lin, the number of Qilin Race members had already exceeded 100,000. This was even when most of the members were busy cultivating. They usually lived underground and would occasionally come up to communicate with the Hidden Sect disciples.

Their ident.i.ties were equivalent to the in-name disciples of the Hidden Sect, so the disciples would not bully them, not to mention that this was under Han Jue’s nose.

Unknowingly, Han Jue, who had two Dao Fields and the Heavenly Dao, was already a colossus. In the Chaos, he was also a force that could not be underestimated.

He could be invincible just by relying on the uniqueness of the Heavenly Dao.

The prerequisite was not to provoke the Chaotic Deities.

Even with such a huge force, Han Jue still maintained his original intention. He didn’t indulge in pleasure and continued to cultivate diligently.

After Han Jue silently summarized his strength, his confidence increased greatly. Then, he entered cultivation again.

The Chaotic Deities and the Dao Creators were blades placed above his head. If he wasn’t on the same level as them, Han Jue really couldn’t relax.

He had to cultivate to be the strongest!

On the other side.

In the Dark Forbidden Zone.

Two figures hung in the darkness, quietly looking in the same direction.

They were surrounded by the black aura and could only see their human forms. They couldn’t see their true bodies, and their eyes flickered with green light.

The smaller figure said, “The Heavenly Dao is becoming stronger and stronger. At this rate, it will sooner or later become an existence of the Chaotic Overlord Realm and surpa.s.s the former Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. Aren’t we going to take action?”

The other figure said in a low voice, “No, we have to investigate who the Dark Forbidden Lord is and if he’s hiding in the Heavenly Dao. Otherwise, we might end up like the Flame Race and the Calamity Race.”

[1] Ming is the Chinese character of ‘Life’.

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