Chapter 13: The Fight (Part 2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Dice found it unbelievable that a young teenager had the nerve to trade hits with him. Angele’s sword stabbed into Dice’s right eye, and the blade came out of the back of his head. Angele exerted everything in this strike. Angele’s left shoulder was severely injured; though he tried to avoid the sword that was going for his head, his shoulder was still grazed. Some parts of his flesh had been sliced off, and his bones became visible on the wound.

Angele noticed that Dice was trying to retreat, and he saw Dice holding his chains in his hand. Dice was trying to use the chain as bait, and he’d just run away afterwards. When Dice was focusing on his chains, Angele decided to advance towards him instead of avoiding the chain. That was probably his only chance, and if he let Dice go, Dice would come back for revenge later. With the help of the chip, he won the gamble and Dice was killed.

“I won! HAHAHAH!” Angele laughed. He stepped back, and took his sword back. The blood made the eagle insignia look crimson. Dice staggered backwards and fell down to the ground.

‘Leave the place within 5 minutes, the stench of blood will attract beasts.’ The chip reported. It would warn Angele about dangerous situations automatically. Angele was so happy about his victory that he almost ignored the warning. He held his wound on his shoulder with a piece of cloth, and he slowly walked towards the body of Dice.

“I just won the fight… I need some trophy.” Angele said. He was not so comfortable with looting the body, but he had to do it. There was one knife left in his pouch and an antique-looking emerald ring. The emerald had cracks on it, and there was also a small pouch of coins on Dice.

Angele took everything and also grabbed the two metal chains. He also took Dice’s sword, and he started to leave.

“Wooooooo!” A beast started howling in the forest. Angele heard it after walking only several steps. He became terrified, and he started to run back to the castle. The sound came from the place Angele just left, and he could die if he stayed any longer. The beast sounded much stronger than the boar he encountered earlier, and it might even be a mountain bear.

The beast kept howling in the forest, and many birds flew out of the trees. Angele did not stop for even a single second and ran out of the forest at full speed. He thought Dice’s body should be taken care of by the beast, and it probably saved him some time later.

Angele saw the two guards when he had just left the forest. The two were worried about him and came back to check the situation. They probably heard the howl of the beast, becoming too nervous.

“Young Master Angele! God! What happened?” The two stared at the severely injured Angele running out of the forest.

“Take me back to the castle!” Angele said while breathing heavily. He could barely stand still, and the two guards held his arms to support him. The cavalrymen on the training grounds saw the situation and quickly came to help. They helped Angele get back to the castle, and their training was stopped due to the loud disturbance created by the beast.


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