Chapter 721 Myriad Opportunities

In the lightning, the two figures fighting were not so huge that it was shocking. They were only a hundred thousand feet tall and were extremely fast. All kinds of divine arts were used.

s.p.a.ce collapsed and was reconstructed.

Even from afar, the vast Dharmic powers were terrifying

Apart from Xu Dudao, there were other cultivators nearby. Anyone below the Pseudo-Sage Realm would be crushed into dust on the spot.

Han Jue observed carefully.

Life and the Chaotic Fiendcelestial were both Great Dao Sages. Han Jue felt that they were stronger than Ancestor Xitian.

That made sense. Their value was higher than Ancestor Xitian and the Great Dao Sages in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End.

The Chaotic Fiendcelestial had the body of a human and the head of a tiger or leopard. A sinister python was coiled around its waist, and dozens of huge skulls floated behind it. There were all sorts of things. At first glance, it looked like a bloodthirsty demon that had run out of the land of extreme evil.

The figure fighting him was completely black like a huge shadow. One could only see that he had four arms, each holding a Dharma treasure as he suppressed the Chaotic Fiendcelestial.

Not bad!

Han Jue noticed that the Chaotic Fiendcelestial’s attack landed on Life as if it was a phantom. It pa.s.sed through him, unable to cause any damage.

Han Jue silently noted down Life’s figure and tried to see if he could deduce it later.

“Obediently obey me and become my slave!”

A sinister smile suddenly sounded. It was extremely cautious.

Life suddenly jumped away and raised his four arms. A dazzling light suddenly burst forth, causing everything to lose its color.

Even Han Jue lost his vision.

The illusion shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes and frowned.

It ended so quickly. Did that mean that the Chaotic Fiendcelestial would be defeated after that move?

Han Jue asked in his mind, “Who is this figure in my mind?”

[The other party has a special Supreme Treasure that cannot be deduced.]

“Then, can I insta-kill him?”

[The other party has a special Supreme Treasure that cannot be deduced.]

Han Jue completely dismissed his ident.i.ty as a fortune-teller.

From the battle just now, Life was indeed strong, but it was not powerful enough to exceed his understanding.

He could fight!

With the advantage of the Heavenly Dao, it was impossible for him to kill his way into the Heavenly Dao in a short period of time. Han Jue still had time to become stronger.

“Continue cultivating and try to kill him as soon as possible.”

Han Jue thought.

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

Another ten thousand years pa.s.sed.

Han Jue came to the second Dao Field and let Li Yao out.

Li Yao had already transformed into the Undying Fiendcelestial. Han Jue took out a robe and let her wear it.

“How do you feel?” Han Jue asked with a smile.

He retracted Li Yao’s authority in the simulation trial and the Myriad Worlds Projection to confirm the confidentiality.

Li Yao tidied her clothes and said seriously, “Very good. Compared to before, I’ve been reborn. Thank you.”

Han Jue said, “What’s there to thank between us? Cultivate in my Daoist temple in the future.”

Li Yao looked around and asked in surprise, “Where are we?”

Han Jue briefly introduced the second Dao Field. Li Yao was shocked and couldn’t maintain her composure.

She scanned with her divine sense and was even more surprised.

Including her, there were already eleven Chaotic Fiendcelestials in the second Dao Field!

Han Jue waved his hand again and released the Void Fiendcelestial.

Li Yao was stunned. Previously, in the Primordial World, she and the Void Fiendcelestial were too far apart and did not notice each other. The new Void Fiendcelestial was very curious about everything. However, Chaotic Fiendcelestials were not mortals. After it was successfully nurtured, it grasped a language talent. This language talent could allow it to communicate with any species.

Han Jue brought them out of the Daoist temple and gathered all the Fiendcelestials in front of it.

Murong Qi, Guan Bubai, Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial, and the others were very excited to see Li Yao and the Void Fiendcelestial.

Another new member!

Han Jue introduced them to each other and let the Fiendcelestials sit down. He then began to preach.

The Great Dao of Extreme Origin was all-encompa.s.sing and contained the profundities of the three thousand Great Dao. Every Fiendcelestial sensed their Dao from the Great Dao of Extreme Origin.

Han Jue spoke very seriously this time. He wanted to help Murong Qi, the crimson fox, the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial, and Guan Bubai attain the Dao in one go. As for the others, they would strive to improve as much as possible.

Although Li Yao was a Pseudo-Sage, she was still a distance away from attaining the Dao.

This lecture lasted for five hundred years.

After Han Jue finished his lecture, he told the Fiendcelestials to disperse.

Li Yao followed him back to the Daoist temple. She was still thinking about the Dao technique Han Jue taught, and it was extremely beneficial.

Han Jue waved his hand and took out a Heavenly Puppet, placing it in a corner.

“If there’s anything you need, inform me through him,” Han Jue reminded. As more and more Fiendcelestials appeared, it would definitely not be as easy to manage as before. There might be a conflict that even Murong Qi could not mediate.

Chaotic Fiendcelestials were a warlike race!

Li Yao nodded.

Han Jue then returned to the main Dao Field.

He sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and heaved a sigh of relief.

The next time he opened his eyes, Murong Qi and the other three should be able to succeed.

The Fiendcelestial Army officially set sail.

Han Jue started to check his emails.

(Your good friend Evil Heavenly Emperor was attacked by a Chaotic Fiendcelestial and was severely injured.)

(Your son Han Tuo was attacked by the descendants of the Fiendcelestial] x9033218

[Your grand-disciple Chu s.h.i.+ren was attacked by the descendants of the Fiendcelestial] x634489

(Your good friend Ancestor Xitian has reconstructed the Great Dao. His cultivation has increased greatly.)

(Your good friend Xu Dudao received a dream from a mysterious mighty figure. His cultivation has increased.]

(Your good friend s.h.i.+ Dudao accidentally entered a spatial crack and his cultivation weakened.]

(Your good friend Immortal Emperor Samsara has entered the Chaotic Spring. His soul has been cleansed and his providence has increased greatly.)

(Your good friend Huang Zuntian has obtained the power of Primordial Origin. His providence has increased greatly.]


Why is Chu s.h.i.+ren hanging out with the Heavenly Court?

Heavenly Emperor, you keep poaching my talents!

Han Jue secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Chu s.h.i.+ren followed the Evil Heavenly Emperor and should be fine.

He understood the Evil Heavenly Emperor. He would rather die than let his people die.

The reason why Han Tuo could cultivate so quickly and even surpa.s.s Han Jue’s personal disciples was because of the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

Han Jue continued reading.

His good friends had their own opportunities, and some were unlucky.

Ever since he fused with Primordial Origin, Huang Zuntian had become bolder and often left the Heavenly Dao.

However, Huang Zuntian’s cultivation was indeed increasing. Since it was the path he chose, Han Jue had no reason to stop him.

He read the emails with relish.

This meant that the Great Dao Sage also liked to surf the web.

After reading the emails, Han Jue immersed himself in cultivation.

He wanted to break through a minor realm before Life came!

In a purple s.p.a.ce, countless figures were fighting

s.p.a.ce distorted and mixed with white beams of light, like an illusion.

Chu s.h.i.+ren transformed into a golden Buddha. A Buddhist relic floated above his head. Golden light flickered. Facing the demons coming from all directions, he easily killed them.

Although he had the upper hand, his expression was solemn.

This battle had lasted for more than five thousand years. He couldn’t take it anymore.

He turned around and saw that Han Tuo and Zhou Fan were still fighting.

That’s right, the Heavenly Court and the Great Dao Tower had joined forces again. This time, the Great Dao Tower had also brought many Hidden Sect disciples, including Qin


Qin Ling’s performance was also eye-catching. His halberd attacked with unstoppable force.

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