Chapter 722 Biological Father, Transforming into Life

Qin Ling was only a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, after all. Soon, he was grabbed by a ten-thousand-foot-tall giant demon and could not move.

Han Tuo waved his halberd and shouted, “Yi Tian, save my grand-disciple!”

Zhou Fan had contacted Li Xuan’ao. The latter had sent Hidden Sect disciples to train, and among them was Qin Ling. Li Xuan’ao had emphasized this fellow. After Zhou Fan learned of it, he told Han Tuo. After he learned of it, Han Tuo paid special attention to Qin Ling, as if he was making up for his debt to Han Yu.

“Alright!” Yi Tian shouted and suddenly appeared above the troll’s head from millions of kilometers away. He swung his staff angrily and broke the troll’s arm.

Qin Ling broke free and looked at him gratefully. Yi Tian grinned and swung his staff at the troll’s head again. The ten-thousand-foot-tall troll was sent flying.

The power he displayed excited Qin Ling.

After fighting for so long, he was also very tired, but he was more excited.

He had finally found the life he wanted.

That was to battle!

On the other side.

Zhou Fan and the Evil Heavenly Emperor landed on a huge jade flute. The Evil Heavenly Emperor was severely injured. His lower body was gone and his waist was covered in blood. A strange black aura surrounded his wound, preventing him from healing his body in a short period of time.

“d.a.m.n it, why are the Chaotic Fiendcelestials so difficult to deal with?”

Zhou Fan cursed. He looked at the Evil Heavenly Emperor and asked, “Your Majesty, what’s your backing? What tricks do you have? Hurry up and tell me! My subordinates can’t die in vain!”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor frowned. He struggled for a moment and opened his right hand. It was a bone fragment.

“I can only ask him to help again.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor sighed.

Zhou Fan asked curiously, “Who is it?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor had a complicated expression. “It’s still him, the Inauspicious Divine Emperor.”

He squeezed his right hand, and the bone fragment shattered into dust.

Zhou Fan was even more curious. “What’s your relations.h.i.+p with the Inauspicious Divine Emperor? This is not the first time you’ve asked him for help.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor sighed again. “He’s my biological father.”

Zhou Fan was stunned.

Before he could continue asking, the void above their heads was suddenly torn apart. A terrifying black shadow slowly crawled out. Its body was chaotic and difficult to distinguish. A strange pressure descended, causing all the living beings on the battlefield to s.h.i.+ver.

The Inauspicious Divine Emperor!

So fast!

Zhou Fan was secretly shocked. It seemed that the Inauspicious Divine Emperor was really the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s father.

The living beings of the Heavenly Court and the Great Dao Tower had seen the Inauspicious Divine Emperor before. Seeing his appearance, their morale immediately soared!

The Chaotic Heavenly Road quietly stretched across the Dark Forbidden Zone. It was the only light in the darkness.

On one of the paths, s.h.i.+ Dudao and Li Daokong meditated with their backs facing each other.

s.h.i.+ Dudao suddenly opened his eyes and frowned.

Li Daokong seemed to sense something and also opened his eyes.

“You sensed it?” s.h.i.+ Dudao asked softly.

The two of them were ten thousand miles apart.

Li Daokong replied, “Something is spying on


With that, he stood up.

s.h.i.+ Dudao did the same.

Li Daokong suddenly appeared beside him, and the two of them looked in the same direction.

Following their gaze, it was still dark and there was nothing there.

After a long while…

A sneer came from the darkness. “Heavenly Dao Sages? You’re really weak. If not for you staying in the Chaotic Heavenly Road, you would already be dead.

“I’m a Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal like you, but I can easily tear the two of you apart.”

s.h.i.+ Dudao frowned.

Li Daokong said expressionlessly, “Isn’t this provocation too weak?”

The sneer sounded again. “Do you dare to come out and fight me? If I win, you will acknowledge me as your master. If I lose, I will give you three Primordial Purple Qi.”

s.h.i.+ Dudao replied, “In the current Heavenly Dao, one doesn’t need the Primordial Purple Qi to attain the Dao.”

“The Primordial Purple Qi is not only to attain the Dao. It’s a key, a key to the Source of Chaos. Do you know why the previous Heavenly Dao Sages could attain the Great Dao Sage Realm?”

The mocking tone changed to one filled with bewitchment.

Li Daokong and s.h.i.+ Dudao were silent.

He sneered and snorted. “Don’t you want to know who Life is? Come and fight me.”

Li Daokong frowned, “Are you Life?”

“I’m not, but I know who Life is. Actually, there’s more than one Life.”

“What do you mean?”

“Come out and fight me. The eldest disciple of the Human School, the First Guardian of the Hidden Sect, is so cowardly? Have you heard of Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k? He dared to attack a Sage when he was only a Pseudo-Sage. You’re far inferior to him. You’re not worthy of being called prodigies!”

The mocking laughter became hysterical.

s.h.i.+ Dudao sent a voice transmission to Li Daokong, “This fellow is abnormal. Don’t be fooled.”

Li Daokong replied, “He’s using us as a breakthrough point. If we refuse, he will definitely find other Sages. Why don’t we take the risk? I have a special method to contact the Sect Master.”

s.h.i.+ Dudao frowned and hesitated.

Li Daokong stepped forward. “Don’t go back on your word.”

“Come! Li Daokong! The legendary Great Dao Sword Sage. I wonder if the young you has the bearing of a Sword Sage!”

The sneer became extremely excited.

Li Daokong flew out of the Chaotic Heavenly Road. s.h.i.+ Dudao gritted his teeth and followed closely behind. The two of them vanished into the darkness.

Han Jue opened his eyes, indicating that another ten thousand years had pa.s.sed.

“Strange, strange. In the past, when I was in seclusion for a thousand or five thousand years, there were always people looking for me every few days. Now, after I’ve been in seclusion for ten thousand years, why didn’t anyone come knocking on my door? Are they so impressive now?” Han Jue muttered to himself, feeling a little depressed.

It was not easy for him to be so powerful, but he actually did not have a chance to show his strength.

He missed the time when he saved Han Tuo.

That felt really good.

Han Jue began to observe the Immortal World.

Everything was as before, but all living beings were becoming stronger.

The dynasty of the Human Race had already transformed into an empire. The Human Emperors were all above the nine heavens. The Human Race already had more than a thousand dynasties that were conferred throughout the Immortal World. Other than sending geniuses to the Chaotic Heavenly Road, these dynasties also sent cultivators to the mortal world to preach.

Only a dynasty that controlled a mortal world was qualified to become an empire!

Above the empire was the Human Emperor Temple, which controlled the prosperity of the Human Race.

It was the same for the Providence Sect. It became stricter.

There were already more than three hundred Pseudo-Sages and nearly ten thousand Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Immortal World.

The development in the past two hundred thousand years had exceeded the previous calamities. It was mainly because there were no Sages suppressing them and the Chaotic Heavenly Road was seeking Chaotic resources. The increase in the providence of the Heavenly Dao also caused the Spirit Qi in the Immortal World to constantly increase.

It was becoming more and more prosperous!

Han Jue stood at the peak of the Heavenly Dao and looked down at the myriad worlds, taking in all the forms of living beings.

He was in a good mood.

This was his territory!

Han Jue checked the emails and saw an email the moment he opened it. He instantly frowned.

[Your good friend Li Daokong was attacked by a mysterious force and transformed into Life.]

Transformed into Life?

Was this the Life he had been worried about?

There was more than one Life?

Han Jue immediately checked Li Daokong’s profile picture.

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