Chapter 725 Yesterday, Plan

Facing the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s provocation, Life immediately agreed. “Why not? Set a time!”

Life was also filled with confidence.

He wanted to defeat the Evil Heavenly Emperor and the Heavenly Court’s confidence before subduing them!

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said proudly, “In ten thousand years. It will be in the Heavenly Court!”

“Alright! I’ll wait for you for ten thousand years. I want to see what kind of prodigy your Heavenly Court can send!”

Life laughed wantonly. His laughter became softer and softer as if he was leaving.

After his laughter completely disappeared, the immortals turned to look at the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

Yi Tian stood up and said, “Looks like the Heavenly Court needs me. Then I…”

“Tuo’er, this battle will depend on you.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor interrupted without waiting for Yi Tian to finish.

Yi Tian’s smile froze.

The Heavenly Generals couldn’t help but laugh.

Han Tuo took a step forward and cupped his fists. “I must defeat him even if I die!”

His eyes were firm and confident.

He was no longer the same as before!

All the immortals of the Heavenly Court were the same. Han Tuo used battle after battle to prove himself!

The Evil Heavenly Emperor nodded in satisfaction and continued to discuss the previous question. The Numinous Palace became noisy again.

The entire Heavenly Court did not seem to care about Life.

Ten thousand years pa.s.sed like smoke. Time pa.s.sed, but it was also like a dream.

Han Jue opened his eyes and frowned.

He was already 350,000 years old. His 300,000th birthday seemed like yesterday.

Han Jue began to look forward to the system choice reward triggered at 400,000 years old.

He began to observe the Heavenly Dao.

He discovered that his providence had increased greatly. Countless Divine Might Heavenly Sage statues and temples had been erected in the Immortal World and the myriad worlds.

He pinched his fingers to deduce. So the Sages were promoting his legend.

During a lecture, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du told the geniuses that the strongest prodigy in the Heavenly Dao was Han Jue, who had attained the Dao at 30,000 years old.

This matter quickly spread throughout the Immortal World and the myriad worlds after the lecture.

The reputation of the Hidden Sect also soared!

Han Jue frowned.

He did not want to be so high-profile.

He continued to deduce and learned that it was to suppress Pangu. His brows relaxed.

It had to be said that this plan was not bad!

s.h.i.+fting attention was the best way to suppress someone!

Han Jue discovered that Li Xuan’ao was rus.h.i.+ng towards the Hundred Peak Immortal River. He would probably arrive in a few hours.

He moved him into the Daoist temple.

Li Xuan’ao landed on the ground and was stunned.

He was still flying at full speed and then appeared in front of Han Jue in a panic.

Such methods…

Filled with reverence, Li Xuan’ao hurriedly bowed.

Every time he saw Han Jue, Li Xuan’ao felt that he was even more unfathomable.

He had heard Zhou Fan mention before that Han Jue was at least a Great Dao Sage!

“What is it?” Han Jue asked.

Li Xuan’ao said, “Zhou Fan and I have already established perfect cooperation. Currently, we have already established 300 teleportation arrays that can directly lead to the Great Dao Tower…”

He first introduced the recent development of the Hidden Sect and finally said, “Recently, many geniuses who have obtained Pangu’s inheritance have appeared in the Immortal World. These geniuses are all walking the body cultivation path. The Hidden Sect has also taken in a batch of them. I want to use the Hundred Peak Immortal River to capture their hearts.”

Han Jue said, “Make the arrangements. Bring them along in ten thousand years. You can also choose another batch of outer sect geniuses. There are about a hundred thousand spots.”

So many!

Li Xuan’ao was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly thanked him.

The Hundred Peak Immortal River was filled with Spirit Qi. Just entering was a huge opportunity!

Han Jue waved his hand and sent him out.

The reason why he had opened up 100,000 spots this time was to guard against attacks

The Immortal World did not lack Immortal Emperors and Deity Realm existences, but it still lacked Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, Pseudo-Sages. Especially Pseudo-Sages.

Currently, the personal disciples had already begun to break through to the Pseudo-Sage Realm. The weakest Chang Yue’er was also at the late-stage Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm.

Han Jue prepared to help all his personal disciples become Pseudo-Sages in fifty thousand years.

With Spirit Qi that far exceeded the Heavenly Dao and the lecture of the Great Dao Sage, even a pig had hope of rising with time. Furthermore, the potential of the personal disciples of the Hidden Sect was not bad. There was no lack of peerless geniuses.

Han Jue started to check his emails.

The emails over the past ten thousand years were not much different from the past, but he still read them with relish.

[The Evil Heavenly Emperor sent you a dream. Do you accept?]

Since Han Jue had nothing to do, he accpeted the dream.

He entered the dream.

The scene was a forest outside the Jade Pure Sacred Sect from a long time ago. The sun was just nice, s.h.i.+ning down through the cracks in the leaves, landing on Han Jue and the Evil Heavenly Emperor. However, the two of them were no longer the same as before. The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled. “Do you remember this place?”

Han Jue said, “Of course I remember.”

“I didn’t expect you to still remember after so many years.”

“Actually, it feels like less than a hundred years have pa.s.sed to me.”

Hearing Han Jue’s words, the Evil Heavenly Emperor was stunned for a moment before understanding.

That’s right.

This kid had always been in seclusion. The things he had experienced might not be as many as what mortals encountered in their lives.

In his memories, the past had become blurry. Perhaps in this kid’s eyes, it was just like yesterday.

Han Jue smiled and asked, “Your Majesty, what is it? Just say it. You don’t usually reminisce with me.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor rolled his eyes and said, “You’re still the same as before. Boring. I indeed have something to tell you. Do you know about Life?”

Han Jue narrowed his eyes. “I don’t.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor continued, “Thousands of years ago, Life came to the Heavenly Court and made a bet with me. Both sides will send Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals to fight. If the Heavenly Court loses, we will have to submit to Life.”

Han Jue was surprised. Another bet!

Why did he like to gamble so much?

“I plan to send Tuo’er to fight him.” After saying that, the Evil Heavenly Emperor paused for a moment, wanting to see Han Jue’s reaction. Unfortunately, Han Jue’s expression didn’t change, so he couldn’t guess.

This kid was really becoming more and more unfathomable.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor continued, “I want to invite you to take action and capture Life!”

Han Jue asked, “Isn’t it a duel?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor shook his head and laughed. “Since he’s so confident, he definitely has a plan. I’ve never fought a battle I’m not confident in. So what if I win? He will definitely go back on his word and become angry from embarra.s.sment. It’s better to take the opportunity to capture him. I’ve learned that there’s more than one Life, but their ident.i.ties are special. I have to capture one Life to figure out their background. What exactly are their motives?”

Han Jue remained silent.

He had to go to the Heavenly Court for this battle. He was a little scared.

Once he went out, it meant danger.

However, if he rejected, the Evil Heavenly Emperor and Han Tuo would definitely be in danger, just like Li Daokong.

Han Jue couldn’t guarantee that Life wanted to subdue the Evil Heavenly Emperor and Han Tuo. What if they died?

It would be fine if Han Jue was really weak. He would be helpless.

But he was already very powerful!

The Chaotic Deities had no reason to deal with him for the time being. As for the Chaotic Deities, even if he couldn’t defeat them, he could still escape.

In an instant, Han Jue thought of countless possibilities.

He said, “Alright!”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was touched. He knew Han Jue’s personality. He didn’t expect him to immediately agree without hesitation.

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