Chapter 726 Power of Darkness, Coming One After Another

After chatting with the Evil Heavenly Emperor for a long time, the dream ended.

Han Jue opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

He looked at his hands and felt his powerful Dharmic powers.

He was indeed very powerful. In a daze, he even thought that he was already invincible.

However, he couldn’t be arrogant when he thought of the Chaotic Consciousness and Ancestor Xitian’s miserable state!

Han Jue immediately entered the simulation trial and prepared to wake up.

An hour later.

He gave up on the simulation trial.

No, not only did he not calm down, but he also became more arrogant.

“When the time comes, I’ll challenge Life in the simulation trial. If it’s the Great Dao Supreme, I’ll directly run away with my son.”

Han Jue thought silently.

He felt that Life should be at the Great Dao Sage Realm. Otherwise, why would he need a bet to subdue the Heavenly Court?

He adjusted his state of mind and continued cultivating.

Chaos, Heavenly Court.

In the Numinous Palace, Zhou Fan brought a group of generals over, including Qin Ling.

Ever since the last war, he had taken a liking to Qin Ling and often brought him around. With his help, Qin Ling’s cultivation level increased very quickly. Now, he was already a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. According to his previous breakthrough speed, he would probably become a Pseudo-Sage in a few years. It was very exaggerated!

Han Tuo nodded slightly when he saw him.

Qin Ling was the same.

He had extremely complicated feelings about Han Tuo. Grandmaster Han Yu wanted him to surpa.s.s Han Tuo. He originally thought that Han Tuo was a bad person, but he didn’t expect him to also take special care of him. This made him very conflicted.

Of course, in terms of potential, Qin Ling felt that he was not inferior to Han Tuo!

He would still work hard to fulfill Grandmaster Han Yu’s expectations and surpa.s.s him!

Zhou Fan chuckled. “Your Majesty, you really don’t want to rest for a moment. You just defeated a Chaotic Fiendcelestial and now you’re fighting Life? Your battle can be said to have spread throughout the Chaos.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor shook his head. “I’m not the one causing trouble. It was Life who provoked us. He was probably the one who spread the rumors.”

Zhou Fan’s smile vanished as he said seriously, “I also feel that something is wrong. You brought all the elites of the Great Dao Tower. I’ll support you regardless of success or failure!”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor stood up and came in front of him. He patted his shoulder and smiled. “I didn’t expect my confidant to be a Heavenly Soldier under me.”

Zhou Fan rolled his eyes. This fellow liked to do this before others, causing Zhou Fan to always bow down to him.

“Even so, when my Great Dao Tower is in danger, your Heavenly Court will also have to come to help us.”

“Don’t you know my personality? How can I not support you?”

The two of them looked at each other and laughed.

The Great Dao Tower’s generals and the Heavenly Court’s immortals smiled.

The Chaos was endless. After many battles, the two forces could already rely on each other and treat each other as brothers.

Zhou Fan said, “The mighty figures from other Chaotic Forces might be coming. When the time comes, will the Heavenly Court let them in?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled. “Yes, of course. The Heavenly Court is not the only one threatened. If we win, it will be a good opportunity to show our Heavenly Court’s might. If we lose, the other factions will feel threatened too.”

Zhou Fan nodded and sighed.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was the one who truly did great things. Although he, Zhou Fan, had pulled together a force, he was more like a king. He did not have the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s spirit or his foresight.

If he was the Evil Heavenly Emperor, he would probably be worried that the other factions would add insult to injury.

Just like that, the cultivators of the Great Dao Tower stayed in the Heavenly Court.

Zhou Fan pulled Han Tuo, Chu s.h.i.+ren, and Qin Ling together. It was a gathering of fellow disciples.

In the coming years, forces came to visit one after another. The Evil Heavenly Emperor let them into the Heavenly Court heroically.

Some mocked the Evil Heavenly Emperor for being stupid and arrogant, while others admired his guts and situation. There were all sorts of att.i.tudes.

But they only had one true goal.

They wanted to know Life’s strength!

Behind the Numinous Palace, in a floating stone pavilion, the Evil Heavenly Emperor and an old Daoist were chatting.

It was the guide of the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End.

The creator of the Heavenly Dao Buddhist Sect.

Jie Yin sighed. “I didn’t expect the little Daoist child from back then to also become famous in the Chaos.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor shook his head. “I’m only messing around. My cultivation level is not high enough.”

Jie Yin asked, “How’s your father?”

Hearing this, the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s eyes turned cold, but he quickly restrained himself. He smiled and said, “What’s wrong? It’s already a huge blessing that he can transform into an Inauspicious Evil and still survive.”

“I didn’t expect him to become the Inauspicious Evil and even the master of the Inauspicious Evil.” Jie Yin sighed.

“Back then, your father was the most outstanding prodigy of the True Dragon Race. His reputation was also spread in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. However, he encountered an accident in the Dark Forbidden Zone…”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said, “If not for him becoming an Inauspicious Evil, I would have been unable to escape the possession of the Inauspicious Evil. Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. Senior, I’m here this time. Regardless of success or failure, I have to think of a way to make Life stay.”

Jie Yin narrowed his eyes. “Don’t worry. I’ve already informed the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, Nüwa, f.u.xitian, and the twelve Ancestral Magi. Life is too arrogant. He even threatened us earlier.”

Heavenly Court was not the first to be threatened. Instead, the Great Dao Sages in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End were provoked one after another.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said in a low voice, “Senior, what do you think is Life’s motive? No matter what I think, I feel that he’s courting death by doing this. It would be fine if he attacked us one by one, but he actually provoked all the famous factions in the Chaos, looking down on even the Chaotic Fiendcelestials.”

Jie Yin said, “If we were in his shoes, we wouldn’t be able to see what benefits he can obtain. There’s only one reason. He’s only a p.a.w.n. He’s not fighting for himself.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor frowned.

A p.a.w.n?

Three thousand years pa.s.sed.

Han Jue opened his eyes. He suddenly felt a little anxious.

It was unknown when the Evil Heavenly Emperor would use the Invocation Technique. He was very nervous, excited, and worried about the upcoming battle.

Previously, in his dream, he had taught the Invocation Technique to the Evil Heavenly Emperor. When the time came, the Evil Heavenly Emperor would summon him.

Unable to cultivate in peace, Han Jue began the simulation trial.

He directly set up a hundred Ancestor Xitian to fight him and see if he could win.

No matter how strong Life was, he would still fight a Great Dao Sage one-on-one. Would he dare to face the siege of a hundred Great Dao Sages?


Han Jue was killed.

A hundred Ancestor Xitians attacking at the same time was indeed ridiculously strong.

However, this also stimulated his fighting spirit.

Just like that, Han Jue waited for the Evil Heavenly Emperor to visit him in his dreams while immersed in the simulation trial.

At the same time.

In the mysterious s.p.a.ce, Li Daokong and s.h.i.+ Dudao, who were still meditating in the pool, opened their eyes at the same time.

A beam of light appeared in front of them, reflecting the scene of the Heavenly Court.

“I will subdue the Heavenly Court and let you see how powerful the power of darkness is!”

Life’s voice sounded. It was illusory and could not be tracked.

Li Daokong frowned.

He knew very well the relations.h.i.+p between the Heavenly Court and the Hidden Sect. Furthermore, he had a very good relations.h.i.+p with the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

s.h.i.+ Dudao suddenly asked, “You’ve been mentioning the power of darkness. Other than Life, is Darkness also a force?”

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