Chapter 729 Life Attacks!

The Fiendcelestial Slayer was slashed into two. Just as he was about to recover, Han Tuo suddenly appeared in front of him and wrapped him with his wings.


The Fiendcelestial Slayer tore through Han Tuo’s wings and rushed out, but he was already covered in blood.

Han Tuo released his right hand and the divine spear spun at high speed.

He cast a spell with both hands, and the golden dragon under his feet entered the divine spear. A black shadow rose from his body, like Han Jue’s Fiendcelestial Dharma idol.

The black shadow also entered the divine spear. In an instant, circles of black light burst out from the divine spear, shaking the protective array formation of all the palaces.

“What’s that?”

“Chaotic Fiendcelestial!”

“No, that black shadow’s aura is different from his!”

“Could there be another Chaotic Fiendcelestial hidden in his body?”

“Impossible? Two Chaotic Fiendcelestials combined into one?”

The mighty figures communicated with each other. Most of them were surprised.

Perhaps Han Tuo’s strength was nothing to them, but the Chaotic Fiendcelestial was the top potential in the Chaos.

Although Life and the Heavenly Court had defeated several Chaotic Fiendcelestials, they were either corpses or had only cultivated for a short period of time. The ancient Chaotic Fiendcelestials were still powerful existences in the Chaos. However, the Chaotic Fiendcelestials hated each other, so there were no other Chaotic Fiendcelestials supporting them.

Han Tuo’s eyes narrowed. He stabbed the divine spear at the Fiendcelestial Slayer. The s.p.a.ce along the way shattered and turned into absolute darkness.

The Fiendcelestial Slayer couldn’t dodge in time and could only use his Dharmic powers to block. However, it was pierced through.

The divine spear stopped behind him and began to absorb his Dharmic powers.

The Fiendcelestial Slayer seemed to have been wrapped by invisible shackles and could not break free.

“Eh, I didn’t expect you to have a Chaotic Fiendcelestial under you. No wonder you’re so confident.”

Life’s voice sounded. Ever since the battle began, he had not said a word. Now, his tone was slightly surprised, but he still did not panic.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor laughed. “Are you prepared to admit defeat?”

Life smiled disdainfully. “Admit defeat? Your prodigy is about to die!”

With that, the Fiendcelestial Slayer’s roar was deafening.

His six arms swayed crazily as he forcefully broke free from the shackles of the divine spear and pounced at Han Tuo.

The divine spear attacked again and pierced through his body, but he ignored it and pounced at Han Tuo like a madman.

Han Tuo waved his right hand. The spatial fragments that filled the sky turned into sword shadows and attacked the Fiendcelestial Slayer.

Great Dao Mystical Power, Ten Thousand Life Sword!

The Fiendcelestial Slayer’s body was instantly minced, but immediately after, he regathered his body. His blood essence became stronger and he quickly arrived in front of Han Tuo. His fists and feet attacked crazily, and he was even faster than before.

Han Tuo’s body was destroyed. His soul fled and reformed his body.

Wisps of black aura appeared around him and quickly tied him up.

His body quickly petrified, leaving only his four eyes unaffected.

The Fiendcelestial Slayer walked over with a sinister smile. “Do you really think I don’t know a Mystical Power? There’s just no need to use it!”

“Junior, you are indeed very strong. Your potential is terrifying. Unfortunately, you met me too early. However, don’t worry. After I eat you, I will bring your share to become famous in the Chaos! I will surpa.s.s the Chaotic Fiendcelestials!”

The three heads of the Fiendcelestial Slayer opened their b.l.o.o.d.y mouths. He came in front of Han Tuo and raised him high, then started to eat from his feet as stone fragments scattered.

This scene stimulated the tens of millions of Heavenly troops. Their eyes were red. They wished they could immediately rush out.

Zhou Fan was about to attack when the Evil Heavenly Emperor grabbed his wrist.

He turned around and glared at him.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was calm.

At this moment!

The petrified Han Tuo suddenly turned into dust, leaving only his four eyes flying away from the Fiendcelestial Slayer.

The divine spear flew to Han Tuo’s eyes. The black shadow that had fused with the spear appeared and fused with his four eyes. It was like a black shadow that had four cold eyes.

Having transformed into a black shadow, Han Tuo held his divine spear and walked towards the Fiendcelestial Slayer.

The Fiendcelestial Slayer roared angrily. Wisps of black aura appeared around Han Tuo again and wanted to wrap around him. However, it was as if they were pa.s.sing through an illusion. They brushed past him and could not tie him up.

Han Tuo walked straight to the Fiendcelestial Slayer.

At this moment, he looked even more evil than the Fiendcelestial Slayer. It was not his appearance, but his aura.

The Great Dao Sages frowned.

Han Tuo waved his spear and the Fiendcelestial Slayer moved behind him. However, just as it appeared, three heads fell.

“You want to eat me? Is your stomach large enough?”

Han Tuo’s cold voice sounded. Thousands of black lines suddenly appeared behind the black shadow. They pierced through the Fiendcelestial Slayer’s body and dispersed it, leaving his soul pierced and hanging in the sky.

The Fiendcelestial Slayer’s soul trembled. He wanted to struggle, but he could not move.

“What… is this…”

The Fiendcelestial Slayer stared at Han Tuo and asked with a trembling voice.

He couldn’t reform his body or break free.

Han Tuo turned to look at him and said, “You are the first to withstand my Innate Mystical Power.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Han Tuo raised his right hand. A violent suction force appeared in his palm and crazily sucked in the soul of the Fiendcelestial Slayer. Because his soul was nailed to the sky by thousands of black lines, the suction force began to tear apart the Fiendcelestial Slayer’s soul, causing soul fragments to be sucked into Han Tuo’s


This scene was as cruel as the scene of the Fiendcelestial Slayer devouring Han Tuo!

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled and heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhou Fan scolded jokingly. “I didn’t expect this kid to still have this move. What Mystical Power is this? It makes my heart palpitate.”

The others also nodded. It had to be said that Han Tuo in his black shadow form was really terrifying


Life’s cold snort suddenly sounded. The thousands of black lines imprisoning the Fiendcelestial’s soul suddenly snapped.

Han Tuo instinctively sensed danger and subconsciously turned around to wave his spear. However, he was dispersed by an invisible force, leaving only his four eyes in the air.

Life attacked!

At the same time, Great Dao Sages suddenly appeared in every corner of the Heavenly Court. They raised their hands and cast spells. Their Dharmic powers erupted and covered the entire Heavenly Court.

The leader of the Ancestral Magi, Di Jiang, snorted. “Life, hurry up and show yourself!”

The Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, whose aura was void, held a horsetail whisk and mocked. “Is this the way Life handles a bet? You want to break the rules after losing? How embarra.s.sing. Do you think you are worthy of ruling the Chaos?”

“Hahaha, that’s right!”

“I think it’s pathetic. He’s just a despicable person.”

“Let’s see if he dares to show himself.”

“You were so arrogant earlier, but in the end, you can’t afford to lose. How ridiculous.”

“Let’s make a bet and see if this Life will beg for mercy?”

The other Great Dao Sages mocked. Their laughter echoed in the Heavenly Court, even more rampant than before.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor waved his hand and moved Han Tuo to his side. The others parted and surrounded him.

Han Tuo recovered his body. His face was pale and his aura was weak.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor looked at him and smiled. “You’ve already done well. You didn’t embarra.s.s me.”

The others also praised him.

Han Tuo was indeed powerful after using his Innate Mystical Power. The Fiendcelestial Slayer could not resist him at all.


In the wind of the Heavenly Court, rolling thunderclouds suddenly gathered in the ruined sky. Countless dark clouds emerged from the spatial cracks, mixed with lightning and heavenly fire, as if the end of the world was coming.

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