Chapter 730 Terrifying Power of Darkness

“Is he finally going to attack?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor turned around and muttered to himself as he looked at the phenomenon in the sky.

This time, 23 Great Dao Sages had come to the Heavenly Court. There were also more than 30 Freedom Sages. As long as the Heavenly Court’s s.p.a.ce was sealed, it would be impossible to escape.

This was the consensus of all the Great Dao Sages. They stared at the sky teasingly, waiting for Life to appear.

“You worms born from the Chaos dare to look down on me!

“Do you really think I don’t know why you’re here?

“The reason why I don’t care is that I don’t care about you at all! Since you’re so arrogant, I’ll let you experience what darkness is. The Chaos will ultimately pa.s.s. The era of darkness is about to arrive. Today, I’ll kill you first. It’ll be the beginning of the dark era!”

Life laughed wantonly as the thunder rumbled even louder.

Everyone began to nervously wait for Life to descend.

No matter what, he still dared to be arrogant at this time. He couldn’t be underestimated.

On the other side.

Li Daokong and s.h.i.+ Dudao, who were in the mysterious pool, were also waiting nervously.

They had only seen Life’s figure and had never seen his true strength.

s.h.i.+ Dudao clicked his tongue in wonder. “Let’s make a bet and see if Life can win?”

Han Tuo’s performance just now stimulated him. He had heard from Li Daokong that Han Tuo was only 300,000 years old. Such potential was definitely far superior to his.

It was precisely because of this that he suddenly felt that Han Jue, Han Tuo’s father, was more likely the Dark Forbidden Lord.

He had this feeling ever since he first saw Han Jue.

The current situation was more like a self-directed act by the Dark Forbidden Lord.

Li Daokong said, “What do you think?”

s.h.i.+ Dudao chuckled. “I guess Life will suppress the Heavenly Court, but he will lose in the end.”

Li Daokong was interested and asked, “Why?”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

“Then I guess Life will fail.”


“The Sect Master of the Hidden Sect will not sit by and watch his son be injured. Furthermore, he has a very good relations.h.i.+p with the Evil Heavenly Emperor. They are like brothers.”

s.h.i.+ Dudao curled his lips and suddenly felt bored.

It would be interesting if Li Daokong thought that Life could win.

At the same time, the scene of the Heavenly Court in the light suddenly changed.

The thunderclouds that filled the sky suddenly gathered into a huge face. It was impossible to estimate how big it was as it looked down on the entire Heavenly Court.

This face only had facial features. His eyes suddenly became real. His eyes were cold and sharp, and his scarlet pupils flickered with crazy killing intent.

“Do you know what all of this was like before the Chaos? What was it called?” Life suddenly asked with an intriguing tone.

The hot-tempered Zhurong cursed. “If you want to fight, then fight. Do you want to wait for help?”

With that, he punched into the sky. The flames on his body rushed into the sky like a torrent, but they were devoured by the thundercloud face.

“Hmph, since you can’t wait, then die!”

Life roared angrily. A rolling black aura suddenly surged out from the eyes, nose, and ears of the thundercloud face. This black aura quickly spread out in an indescribable form and instantly covered the Heavenly Court, as if night had suddenly descended.



The Great Dao Sages used their Mystical Powers one after another, wanting to disperse the darkness, but they were shocked to discover that their Dharmic powers dissipated as soon as the darkness dissipated, as if they had encountered their natural enemy.

“How can this be?!”

The Heavenly Venerate frowned. He did not believe it and cast another spell, but it was still the same.

He had no choice but to take out a wooden sword and raise it in front of him. The wooden sword emitted green light, wanting to absorb the previous black aura, but the black aura had already disappeared as if the s.p.a.ce itself was black.

“Go! Find him!” Di Jiang shouted in a low voice. The twelve Ancestral Magi rushed out of the palace and broke through the thundercloud face.

The Great Dao Sages used their Mystical Powers and faced the thundercloud face. Only by destroying Life could they remove this strange power of darkness.

At this moment, the dark power attached to the s.p.a.ce began to spread out and sweep towards the living beings.

The Heavenly Soldiers with lower cultivation levels could not dodge in time and were instantly drowned by the darkness, turning into black shadows.


“What is this?”

“Get out of the way!”

“I can’t block it!”

“My Dharmic powers!”

Screams and cries mixed together, bringing panic to the Heavenly Court.

Yi Tian and the Black Heaven General began to arrange the Heavenly Generals to stabilize the Heavenly Soldiers.

The darkness around the Numinous Palace also swept towards the Evil Heavenly Emperor and the others.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor waved his sleeve to block. His Dharmic powers touched the darkness and instantly perished. His expression changed drastically as he immediately moved with Han Tuo.

The others panicked.

How could they fight? “Tsk tsk tsk… Your Dharmic powers can only be used by me!”

Life laughed wantonly. The thundercloud face suddenly opened its mouth and spat out twelve black shadows. They were the twelve Ancestral Magi.

Having the strongest cultivation, Di Jiang could still prevent his head from being devoured by the darkness, but he was already exhausted. He could only stare at the thundercloud face in anger.

The thundercloud face absorbed all the Great Dao Sages’ Mystical Powers and began to change violently. It quickly condensed into a ten thousand foot tall figure. Its body was like a horse, with its upper body being like a human. Countless arms could be seen behind it. Its face was solid and its skin was like dry bark. Its eyes were cold as it looked down on the entire Heavenly Court.

Under the dark atmosphere, the true body that Life revealed was so terrifying.

Jie Yin took out a wooden staff that was covered in gold, silver, and gla.s.s. It was golden and gla.s.s. He waved it at the sky, and the surrounding darkness was absorbed by the wooden staff. A bright light appeared and stood out in the entire Heavenly Court.

Life noticed this scene and raised an arm towards him.

Facing the ten thousand foot tall Life, Jie Yin’s expression was indifferent, revealing the composure of a Great Dao Sage.

Life’s hand suddenly clenched into a fist. In an instant, the surrounding darkness transformed into countless sharp claws that drowned towards Jie Yin.


Jie Yin waved his wooden staff, and a golden Buddha rose from behind. His arms drew a circle and formed a Thousand-Hand Golden Buddha to resist the power of darkness. However, once it touched the power of darkness, the Golden Buddha dissipated. Seeing this, Jie Yin had no choice but to use his wooden staff to resist. Only his wooden staff could absorb the power of darkness.

“Hmph. Old Daoist, your Dharma treasure is quite capable!”

A cold voice came from behind Jie Yin. He turned around and saw a black shadow appear behind him, and Life’s ten thousand foot tall body was still far away.

Jie Yin waved his staff, but the black shadow caught it with one hand.


The wooden staff emitted a terrifying aura that shook the power of darkness, but it couldn’t break free from the black shadow’s hand.

The black shadow suddenly turned into a vortex, causing the wooden staff to twist and spin. Before Jie Yin could retract his hand, his right arm was torn off.

His eyes narrowed. The wooden staff flew out of the vortex and wanted to return to his hand. However, the vortex suddenly shrank and devoured his wooden staff.

“The power of s.p.a.ce… He has grasped the Great Dao of s.p.a.ce? It shouldn’t…” Jie Yin frowned and muttered to himself, puzzled.

On the other side, the other Great Dao Sages were also troubled by the power of darkness.

Facing the power of darkness, they felt as if their fists were punching cotton. It was difficult to use their Mystical Powers. They were truly aggrieved.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor brought Han Tuo and kept dodging the attacks of the power of darkness. He glanced and discovered that something was wrong.

He immediately landed in front of a palace. He held Han Tuo in one hand and used a Mystical Power with the other.

Invocation Technique!

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