Chapter 733 Despair Dao Spirit

When the Evil Heavenly Emperor, Han Tuo, and the others could see again, they could no longer see the dozens of Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols on Han Jue’s body, but they saw a ball of black Qi in Han Jue’s hand.

As for the thirteen Lives, they no longer existed. Not even ashes were left!

“Who are you?” the black aura in Han Jue’s hand asked with a trembling voice.

Even if the thirteen Lives could not move, they were still Great Dao Sages!

How could they be killed in an instant?


This person definitely far exceeded a Great Dao Sage!

Han Jue couldn’t be bothered to say anything else. He directly used the Great Dao of Imprisonment, Confusion, and s.p.a.ce to suppress the black aura before putting it into his Primordial World.

He turned around and prepared to return.

At the same time, the other Great Dao Sages woke up.

They looked around warily and were shocked to find that the thirteen Lives were no more.

“Fellow Daoists, have you also been affected by Life’s Dark Instinct?”

“That’s right, but it suddenly stopped. What happened?”

“He retreated?”

“That Mystical Power is too dangerous. We have to reconsider Life’s strength.”

“How can we win against thirteen Lives alone? Fortunately, they retreated.”

The Sages communicated among themselves. Most of them had lingering fears.

The tens of millions of Heavenly troops and their disciples looked at each other. They wanted to tell the truth, but they were afraid of offending the Great Dao Sages.

How was this a retreat?

All thirteen Lives were killed!

The scene of Han Jue using dozens of Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols lingered in their minds.

Too shocking!

Han Jue immediately appeared in front of the Evil Heavenly Emperor and walked towards the black vortex.

He said, “I’ll leave the rest to you.”

At this moment!

An extremely dangerous aura attacked from the depths of the Primordial Void. It was too fast!

If Han Jue stepped into the black vortex directly, the other party might catch up before it could shrink.


In a flash, Han Jue thought of countless possibilities and made the correct choice.

He immediately summoned Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols and pounced back.

Apart from the Great Dao Sages, no one could react in time.

Everything happened too quickly!

When time slowed down by a quadrillion times, one could see the confrontation between Han Jue and the mysterious attacker.

The mighty Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols were pierced by a terrifying beam of light and destroyed on the spot.

After piercing through fifteen Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols, the terrifying beam of light dissipated.

Han Jue wanted to escape directly, but he suddenly thought of the Evil Heavenly Emperor, Han Tuo, Zhou Fan, Chu s.h.i.+ren, and the others.

The other party was stronger than Life, but not so powerful that he could not compare.

Han Jue immediately checked his surroundings.

[Despair Dao Spirit: Perfected Great Dao Primordial Chaos Realm, Great Dao Divine Spirit]

It was him!

When Han Jue attained the Great Dao back then, he wanted to step into the door of the Great Dao. At that time, the Despair Dao Spirit stopped him and threatened that he had to submit to the Chaotic Deities.

He did not expect this fellow to dare to come now!

However, this fellow was only at the perfected Great Dao Primordial Chaos Realm and not the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

“Exalted G.o.d, what are you doing?” Jie Yin’s voice suddenly sounded.

The voice of the Despair Dao Spirit sounded, “Hmph, this fellow violated the rules of the Great Dao. I’m here to kill him!”

Di Jiang mocked. “Then why didn’t you eliminate Life previously? Life threatened to overturn the Chaos. Why didn’t you, a Great Dao Divine Spirit, do anything?”

The other Great Dao Sages followed.

“Yes, Exalted G.o.d, let’s settle this first.”

“There’s more than one Life. They want to cause chaos. This person fought alongside us previously. We shouldn’t kill him.”

“That’s right, Exalted G.o.d. You didn’t encounter Life when you came?”

“Why didn’t the Great Dao Divine Spirits join forces to kill Life?”

Han Jue was quite surprised at the Great Dao Sages’ words.

He didn’t expect these Great Dao Sages to speak up for him!

Good opportunity!

Han Jue immediately entered the black vortex, and it shrank.

Stopped by the Great Dao Sages, the Despair Dao Spirit was furious. “You want to stop the Great Dao Divine Spirit?”

Although he didn’t appear, he could see the black vortex disappear. He was extremely unhappy.

He missed another opportunity!

Jie Yin said casually, “If it’s Life, you can naturally kill him. However, we still need him to resist Life together. After all, you don’t dare or have other reasons and can’t attack Life.”

The Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning sneered. “I suspect that Life is the lackey of the Great Dao Divine Spirits. Especially this Despair Dao Spirit, he never maintains the order of chaos. However, if a cultivator tries to obtain the Great Dao, he will be the first to jump out.”

His words were agreed by the other Great Dao Sages. Clearly, they had encountered the same situation as Han Jue.

They would have endured it if it was in the past.

They felt the danger now that the faction called Life had appeared.

Just as they finally retreated, the Despair Dao Spirit immediately appeared.

What did that mean?

The Great Dao Sages instantly thought of the most terrifying possibility.

It was this possibility that made them dare to stand out.

The Despair Dao Spirit had already touched their bottom line!

“How dare you? You are provoking the dignity of the Chaotic Deities!” Despair Dao Spirit’s voice sounded again, already furious to the extreme.

Nüwa said bluntly, “Can you really represent the Chaotic Deities? They are supreme and illusory. We have never even seen them. You use them to suppress us all day. Are you really worthy of the name of the Great Dao Divine Spirit?”

The other Great Dao Sages also cursed.

The twelve Ancestral Magi cursed the worst.

“Very good! Very good!”

Despair Dao Spirit’s laughter had already turned cold.

In the mysterious pool.

After the Lives were killed by Han Jue, the light disappeared.

Although Li Daokong and s.h.i.+ Dudao could not see the situation in the Heavenly Court, they were still discussing it.

“All thirteen of them are dead. Do we have a chance to escape?” Li Daokong asked in a low voice.

s.h.i.+ Dudao shook his head and said meaningfully, “This is only a show. Life is still alive. Perhaps it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

He believed that the battle just now was just a show for Han Jue to display his might.

Life was probably arrogant and domineering, becoming Han Jue’s stepping stone.

One day, when the living beings of the Chaos looked forward to Han Jue resisting the Dark Forbidden Lord, that would be exciting!

Li Daokong glanced at s.h.i.+ Dudao and felt that this fellow was possessed. He had been muttering since Han Jue appeared.

But this made sense!

Sect Master was indeed too powerful!

Inside the Daoist temple.

The moment Han Jue returned, he immediately started the simulation trial and challenged the Despair Dao Spirit.

Not only did this dog try to stop him from attaining the Dao, but he also dared to try to kill him while he was eliminating evil for the Chaos!

He’s asking to get killed!

Han Jue went all out at the beginning of the simulation trial.

Ten breaths to kill the Despair Dao Spirit!

With 549 Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols attacking together, the Despair Dao Spirit could only die!

Han Jue continued the simulation trial, wanting to find a way to insta-kill the Despair Dao Spirit.

After dozens of times, he finally found it.

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

He opened the emails and frowned.

(Your good friend Evil Heavenly Emperor was attacked by your enemy, the Despair Dao Spirit. He was severely injured.]

[Your son Han Tuo was attacked by your enemy, the Despair Dao Spirit. He was severely injured.)

(Your disciple Zhou Fan was attacked by your enemy, the Despair Dao Spirit. He was severely injured.)

Killing intent surged in Han Jue’s eyes.

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