Chapter 737 Change in Ten Thousand Years

After understanding the First Life Black Sovereign, Han Jue didn’t think too much and directly entered his cultivation state.

He had to cultivate for ten thousand years to calm down.

The battle of the Heavenly Court was intense. Legends about Han Jue quickly spread in the Chaos over the next thousand years.

The Heavenly Dao didn’t know about this. Before the Heavenly Dao Sages knew about this, they had taken the initiative to negotiate peace.

Outside the 33rd Heaven.

Universal Hall.

The Sages gathered.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du recounted the requests of the Great Dao Sages in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End.

Qiu Xilai frowned. “They allowed the living beings of the Heavenly Dao to seek opportunities in their domain and even promised to give them some help. Spreading Dao techniques? Could it be a trap?”

The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate also frowned with a strange expression. “I’ve also received the initiative of the Chaotic Jie School to express goodwill. They hope that I can persuade you to let go of your past grudges, and they say that they’re willing to befriend the Heavenly Dao again and won’t interfere with it in the future. How can this be? What happened?”

The other Sages spoke.

“How strange.”

“Could it be that they want to attack the Heavenly Dao, so they’re trying to numb us in advance?”

“No way. This method is too clumsy.”

“My ancestor, the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, said that he was willing to give the Heavenly Dao a million spots to listen to the Dao. He will escort these listeners safely back to the Chaotic Heavenly Road. This is no longer a show of goodwill. He’s practically begging the Heavenly Dao to befriend them.”

It turned out that it was not only Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du. The other Heavenly Dao Sages had also been roped in by the Great Dao Sages.

Heavenly Venerate Wufa said, “Something big must have happened in the Chaos.”

Emperor Xiao said, “Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision. Let’s investigate the situation first.”

Xu Dudao asked, “Should we ask Senior Pan and Senior Han?”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said in a low voice, “Let’s wait for Fellow Daoist Pan to return first. He should be able to find out what happened in the Chaos.”

Before the matter was concluded, he wouldn’t disturb Han Jue’s cultivation.

Han Jue was the greatest reliance of the Heavenly Dao. He couldn’t annoy him for no reason.

If Han Jue was really a Great Dao Sage, the Heavenly Dao was dispensable to him. The reason why Han Jue stayed was only for peace and quiet.


The Sages nodded in agreement.

Ten thousand years pa.s.sed quickly.

Han Jue opened his eyes and discovered that Life had yet to be successfully enslaved. As expected of a Great Dao Sage, it took a long time to subdue him.

He noticed that Li Xuan’ao was waiting outside the Hundred Peak Immortal River with a large group of disciples. He directly moved all of them into the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

He started checking his emails.

(Your good friend Evil Heavenly Emperor has received guidance from your good friend Jie Yin. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

(Your son Han Tuo received guidance from your good friend Di Jiang. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

[Your disciple Zhou Fan has received guidance from your good friend Nüwa. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

[Your disciple Dao Sovereign was attacked by demons] x8093321

(Your disciple Zhao Xuanyuan was attacked by a mysterious demon and was severely injured.]

(Your good friend Jiang Yi was attacked by demons] X72110034

[Your good friend Ancestor Xitian has become a Calamity Life Controller. His providence has transformed.]

(Your good friend Pan Xin was attacked by your good friend Di Jiang and was severely injured.)

(Your disciple Su Qi has successfully attained the Dao and attained the Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit. His providence has increased greatly.)

The Great Dao Sages in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End indeed knew how to behave. They actually took turns to guide the Evil Heavenly Emperor and the others to get closer.

This time, Han Jue couldn’t do anything to them.

He could only hope that these Great Dao Sages would not stab him in the back in the future.

Otherwise, it would be useless even if they begged for mercy!

Han Jue wasn’t surprised to see Ancestor Xitian become a Calamity Life Controller. He only sighed.

Oh, Ancestor.

He had gone astray.

However, this was also good. It was more convenient for Han Jue to slander the First Life Black Sovereign.

Further down, there was no surprise in Su Qi’s Dao attainment. After all, he controlled the providence of the netherworld.

After reading the emails, Han Jue began to observe the Immortal World.

After ten thousand years, the Immortal World developed better and better. Han Jue noticed that the number of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals and Pseudo-Sages had also increased.

It was a little strange.

He counted with his fingers and came to a realization.

It turned out that these cultivators had all gone to listen to the Great Dao Sage’s lecture.

The Great Dao Sages in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End were determined to befriend the Heavenly Dao. To be precise, they wanted to befriend Han Jue.

Too obvious.

However, Han Jue didn’t want to reply for the time being. He just wanted to let nature take its course.

Although he could kill these Great Dao Sages, they were still a powerful force. It would naturally be a good thing if they could help the Heavenly Dao.

At this moment.

Li Xuan’ao came to visit and Han Jue let him in.

Just like before, Li Xuan’ao first reported the development of the Hidden Sect. However, he was very excited this time, and the admiration in his eyes could not be hidden.

After reporting the basic situation, Li Xuan’ao couldn’t help but ask, “Sect Master, have you already surpa.s.sed the Great Dao Sages?”

Clearly, he had already heard of Han Jue’s achievements. After all, there was the Myriad Worlds Projection.

Han Jue said, “I’m still a Great Dao Sage, but my methods are powerful.”

Li Xuan’ao began to flatter him.

Han Jue frowned impatiently, scaring him so much that he hurriedly stopped.

“Now, more than ten factions in the Chaos have expressed their intention to befriend the Hidden Sect through Zhou Fan. They are even willing to preach the Dao to the Hidden Sect disciples. However, I feel that this is not appropriate. After all, the low-level disciples don’t know your battle achievements and have received the favor of others for no reason. They might change sides, so I rejected them one by one,” Li Xuan’ao said seriously.

Han Jue nodded slightly.

This kid was not overwhelmed by surprise.

Then, he mentioned the descendants of Pangu. The Hidden Sect had accepted many. He hoped that Han Jue could preach the Dao when he was free and win the hearts of the people. Han Jue agreed.

After Li Xuan’ao left, Han Jue continued to observe the Immortal World. His gaze gradually landed on the Chaotic Heavenly Road.

“Fellow Daoist Han, can you come to the Universal Hall?”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s voice sounded in Han Jue’s ears. He had looked for him thousands of years ago. Han Jue rejected him when he heard that he was not in a hurry and said that he would go after his seclusion ended.

Han Jue looked at Life in the Primordial Heavenly Prison and decided to send a soul fragment to the 33rd Heaven in case Life tried to escape.

After all, Life was also a Great Dao Sage. If he escaped, all the Hidden Sect disciples in the Hundred Peak Immortal River would die.

Just like that, Han Jue’s soul fragment entered the Universal Hall. It looked no different from the main body.

The Sages had already arrived. Su Qi was also present. Only Li Daokong and s.h.i.+ Dudao had yet to return.


Su Qi came in front of Han Jue and bowed respectfully. He was not very excited. He had already become calm and did not lose the bearing of a Sage.

Han Jue nodded. He noticed that all the Sages were looking at him with reverence.

Including Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du!

Clearly, the battle of the Heavenly Court was already known by the Heavenly Dao Sages.

After the Sages sat down, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “Recently, with the cooperation of the Great Dao Sages, the Chaotic Heavenly Road has developed better and better. The Heavenly Dao’s providence has also strengthened and two new Sage spots have been born. One has been occupied by Fellow Daoist Su Qi, and the other has yet to be decided. We will discuss the Sage position today, but it’s not the main thing.

“After Fellow Daoist Han killed the thirteen Lives, the Life faction did not completely disappear. Instead, it became more and more daring. It’s said that many mighty figures have fallen to Life, including Ancestor Xitian, Li Daokong, and s.h.i.+ Dudao, who we know


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