Chapter 739 Heavenly Dao Map

They would lose consciousness in the blank domain, no different from being dead?

Han Jue showed a frown.

He recalled the words of the future Fang Liang. The future Fang Liang wanted to lure him into the blank domain to avoid the Chaotic Deities’ pursuit.

Was he trying to harm him?


Fang Liang had already been tamed by the Primordial Heavenly Prison. He would not harm Han Jue. That meant he was being used by someone.

Just like the Evil Heavenly Emperor from before, he was used by the Great Dao Concealment Fiendcelestial to lure Han Jue out.

However, Han Jue already knew about this. There would definitely be changes in the future.

He didn’t want to know too much to prevent changing the process of the calamity.

Thinking of the calamity, Han Jue had to derive it.

“I want to know how long I have until the Great Dao Calamity.”

(1 trillion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


[About 18.9 billion years.]


It sped up!

Was it because he had killed Life earlier?

Han Jue continued to ask, “Who pushed the process of the Great Dao Calamity?”

(500 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue. It was the other party’s information introduction.

First Life Black Sovereign!

Han Jue frowned again.

Apart from him, the others could also push for the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity forward. This was not good.

Didn’t that mean that the time calculated by the system was not certain?

Should he think of a way to get rid of First Life Black Sovereign?

No, no one would take the blame if he got rid of that guy.

Han Jue fell into deep thought.

After a long while…

Han Jue’s voice resounded throughout the Hundred Peak Immortal River, “All disciples, prepare to listen to the Dao.”

Because of the addition of new disciples, Han Jue still informed them in advance.

With that said, the Hundred Peak Immortal River boiled over!

Especially the new hundred thousand disciples, they were full of fantasies about Han Jue.

Five minutes later, Han Jue began to preach the Dao. The Great Dao of Extreme Origin covered the entire Hundred Peak Immortal River.

This lecture lasted for two hundred years.

Even Great Sage Void Soul gained enlightenment.

After the lecture, Han Jue directly entered cultivation.

The current him was already at the Great Dao Sage Realm. He did not lose himself. Instead, he wanted to maintain it and even become stronger.

His goal was to be on par with the Chaotic Deities and truly dominate the Chaos!

The Chaos was endless. The Chaotic Heavenly Road traversed the darkness.

At this moment, Han Yu and Qin Ling met on a section of the Chaotic Heavenly Road.

Qin Ling was very excited and knelt in front of Han Yu.

Han Yu smiled and helped him up. The two of them began to exchange pleasantries.

“Grandmaster, you’re finally willing to come out. May I know why? I know many friends in the Chaos. I might be able to help you.” Qin Ling patted his chest and smiled. He was now following the Hidden Sect disciples to serve the Great Dao Tower.

The current Great Dao Tower was already considered a subsidiary force of the Hidden Sect. In order to cultivate in peace, Zhou Fan asked Li Xuan’ao to send a large number of cultivators who were good at government management to control it. The Great Dao Tower did not resist, especially after the battle of the Heavenly Court. They were looking forward to joining the Hidden Sect.

Anyone who joined the Great Dao Tower was someone with no fixed residence. With a stronger backing, why not?

Han Yu said, “I know your connections and ability, so I came to you. To be honest, I learned that my master, Li Daokong, has been missing for a long time. I’ve visited the Sages, and they said that they don’t know where he is. I’m a little worried. Although my master is a Sage, he’s still very tiny in the Chaos. I’m worried that something has happened to him.”

As the Chaotic Heavenly Road flourished, the living beings of the Heavenly Dao also understood more and more about the Chaos.

The Chaos was too big!

Not to mention the Heavenly Dao, even the Dark Forbidden Zone only occupied a small portion of the Chaos. Until now, no one knew how big the Chaos was. Some mighty figures even believed that the Chaos was endless and limitless.

Sages might be supreme in a small corner of the Heavenly Dao, but they were definitely no different from mortals in the Chaos.

There were still many dangerous places hidden in the Chaos. Even Sages would die if they accidentally entered.

To Han Yu, Li Daokong was not as simple as his master. He was more like his father.

Qin Ling frowned. He could understand him. If Han Yu was missing, he would definitely take the risk to find him.

“This is very important. Why don’t I bring you to see the master of the Great Dao Tower? He’s also a disciple of the Hidden Sect. It’s said that he has an extremely good relations.h.i.+p with the ancestor,” Qin Ling said in a low voice.

Han Yu nodded. They immediately moved.

On the way, Qin Ling asked where his master, Tian Yong, was.

Han Yu said helplessly, “He has long stepped onto the Chaotic Heavenly Road. I don’t know where he went. He might be dead.”

Qin Ling didn’t ask further. He didn’t like Tian Yong. His master had never taught him anything

Such incidents were common in the Chaotic Heavenly Road. More and more Heavenly Dao lifeforms headed to the Chaos not only to search for opportunities but also to find relatives.

The Heavenly Dao lifeforms heading to the Chaos were already immeasurable. The Heavenly Dao was spreading its branches at an extremely exaggerated speed. The place where the Heavenly Dao lifeforms stopped would soon form the providence of the Heavenly Dao and expand its territory.

Ten thousand years pa.s.sed in the blink of an


Han Jue’s life fell into peace again. No one disturbed him. Li Daokong, who was hiding in the Life faction, didn’t use the Invocation Technique either. He was probably not in danger for the time being.

In the past few years, another Heavenly Dao Sage had been born in the Immortal World. He was from the Human School and was called Li Taigu.

The Human School’s momentum increased greatly and they recruited many disciples.

The current Immortal World could be said to be in full bloom. There were no absolute providence sects or races.

Although the humans had become a Heavenly Dao Race, under the instructions of the Sages, they would not suppress the other races. More and more ancient races appeared in the mortal world and were also developing their strength in the Chaos.

After leaving the Heavenly Dao, no matter what race they were, as long as they were Heavenly Dao lifeforms, they would feel even more intimate.

Of course, this was only the general trend. There were many parasites in the Heavenly Dao. They would kill and steal in the Chaotic Heavenly Road, committing countless sins.

For this, Pan Xin even specially established the Heavenly Road Patrol Army, all of them Pangu’s descendants.

Relying on the name of the Sage Pangu, Pan Xin roped in most of the descendants and established the Pangu Race.

Han Jue started to check his emails.

Some people obtained opportunities, some were still being beaten, and some friends lit up the name of the new map. It was still interesting, but no email was worth Han Jue’s special attention.

After reading the emails, Han Jue stood up and went to Xing Hongxuan’s Daoist temple next door.

Xing Hongxuan was still cultivating. Her cultivation level had already reached the late-stage Pseudo-Sage Realm.

This speed had already surpa.s.sed that of a personal disciple. Han Jue suspected that she had stolen her son’s talent.

Han Jue’s visit made Xing Hongxuan very happy. The two of them sat on the bed and started chatting

Xing Hongxuan was very excited and proudly talked about her cultivation speed.

She felt that she would attain the Dao in another hundred thousand years.

Han Jue asked, “Will it burden you if the child is never born?”

Xing Hongxuan smiled. “No, the longer he’s nurtured, the stronger his potential. In any case, he can help me cultivate even if he’s not born.”

She began to touch her womb with a sweet expression. She felt like her son was being filial to her.

Han Jue was speechless.

This woman was really cheerful. Not bad.

He didn’t tell her the truth, lest Xing Hongxuan worry.

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