Chapter 740 Ascension of the Chickens and Dogs, Plot of the Deities

Han Jue returned to his Daoist temple after interacting with Xing Hongxuan for a few days.

He called the Black h.e.l.l Chicken, Xun Chang’an, the Eight Calabash Brothers, Ah Da, Xiao Er, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, the Three-Headed Wyrm King, and Tu Ling’er into the Daoist temple.

The personal disciples quickly arrived. All of them were nervous, but they couldn’t hide their surprise.

As Han Jue became stronger, their status increased. However, the distance between them and him also increased. This was something that couldn’t be helped. However, they were still loyal to Han Jue and knew that something good had happened when he called them over.

Han Jue still remembered these disciples and subordinates who had accompanied him for more than three hundred thousand years.

When one attained the Dao, even his chickens and dogs would ascend to heaven!

Han Jue would not forget them.

On the path of cultivation, he would not care about those who gave up on him.

However, if they kept following him, he would definitely not ignore them.

Not only these people, but there were also the Black h.e.l.l Demon Lord, Diamond Rage, the Nether Race, and the others. Han Jue would also take care of them, but it had to be after these people. The order was important.

“You are the first batch of disciples of the Hidden Sect. You have accompanied me for more than three hundred thousand years. Although I have always been in seclusion, I have always been concerned about you. Next, I hope that all of you can cultivate to the perfected Pseudo-Sage Realm. At that time, I will give you a surprise.

“No matter who it is, come find me directly when you cultivate to the perfected Pseudo-Sage Realm,” Han Jue said softly, making everyone excited.

Murong Qi, Li Yao, Great Loose Heaven, and Guan Bubai were all missing. They couldn’t even be seen in the Myriad Worlds Projection. Especially Murong Qi. The personal disciples all knew that Han Jue doted on him. If something happened to this kid, Han Jue wouldn’t ignore it. There could only be one reason.

Han Jue was hiding them! The Black h.e.l.l Chicken asked, “Our potential is limited. Perhaps we can use Master’s prestige to attain the Dao. In the future, we might not be able to keep up with you.”

It sounded pitiful, but it was also reality.

The higher he went, the fewer people could accompany Han Jue.

If not for Han Jue being able to produce the Fiendcelestial Qi, he really couldn’t help these old companions and could only let them enjoy their lives.

“Let’s cultivate to the perfected Pseudo-Sage Realm first.”

With that, Han Jue started to preach the Dao. The Great Dao of Extreme Origin surged into their minds.

Ten years later.

They had just left the Daoist temple, all of them looking forward to the future.

In a dark domain, countless bones floated like a white mist.

A lone island floated. A black shadow was sitting under an old tree.

Upon a careful look, the black shadow was only surrounded by a black aura. As the black aura surged, he revealed an extremely ugly face. Many poisonous bugs crawled on his face. He wore a black robe and his chest was white bones.

A beam of light descended from above and landed in front of the black-robed man. The wind that stirred up shook the island. The branches of the old tree shook violently, but no leaves fell.

The black-robed man slowly said, “Why are you always so noisy? Don’t you find it noisy?” The beam of light dissipated and a mighty figure appeared. He laughed wantonly. “Hahaha. Curse Fiendcelestial, I saw that your place was cold and came to cheer you up.”

This black-robed man was the Curse Fiendcelestial who had already transformed.

The Curse Fiendcelestial opened its eyes and looked over. The newcomer was a burly man in a purple robe. He wore chain armor and a pearl phoenix wing crown on his head. On his shoulders were two heads that looked like dragon-like living beings and also like Qilin.

The Curse Fiendcelestial said calmly, “You’re a Great Dao Divine Spirit. Can you be more serious?”

“You just suppressed the Ancient Desolate not long ago. Although some tough people escaped, it’s still considered peaceful. I remember that you told me before that you only have two enemies. One is the Dark Forbidden Lord and the other is the Heavenly Dao’s Han Jue?” The purple-robed burly man asked, his smile fading.

The Curse Fiendcelestial nodded.

The purple-robed man said, “Some time ago, Han Jue killed fourteen Lives and Despair Dao Spirit. Did you hear that?”

The Curse Fiendcelestial nodded again, but its expression was unnatural. The poisonous bugs on its face also stopped.

“This child’s background is mysterious. He also killed a deity and violated the rules of the Chaos. Most importantly, he wants to strengthen the Heavenly Dao. According to the development of the Heavenly Dao, he will definitely change the Chaos in the future. This is not a good thing. I plan to destroy the Heavenly Dao. Are you willing to help me? At that time, I will let you kill Han Jue personally.” The purple-robed burly man snorted.

The Curse Fiendcelestial frowned. “I’m not his match.”

Hatred flashed across his eyes.

He didn’t hate Han Jue, but Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k.

That fool was toxic and kept chasing after him.

If not for the help of the Great Dao Divine Spirit in front of him, he would probably still be beaten right now. The purple-robed man waved his sleeve and said, “It’s fine. I’ll cripple him first. We still have to plan for this. After all, the Heavenly Dao is special. I’ll attack the Heavenly Dao in at most a hundred thousand years. At that time, you can come together.”

The Curse Fiendcelestial hesitated for a moment before nodding. He had no choice.

The purple-robed man raised his hand and a figure appeared beside him. It was an illusion.

“This is Laozi, the strongest person in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. He saved the Heavenly Sect Master. I want you to curse him.” The purple-robed man introduced him.

The Curse Fiendcelestial said, “Laozi is an existence that the Great Dao Sages. My cultivation level is too low. I might not be able to hurt him.”

“It’s fine. You can learn from the Dark Forbidden Lord. Even if you can’t hurt him, it’ll still make him vexed and unable to cultivate.”


The Curse Fiendcelestial agreed helplessly.

The purple-robed man grinned. “Oh you, you still have to cultivate well. You’re far inferior to the Dark Forbidden Lord. No one will believe that you’re the Curse Fiendcelestial. How can your Great Dao be led by others?”

The Curse Fiendcelestial said, “I know. Are you going to preach again?”.

“Hahaha, that’s all. I’ll help you kill Han Jue first and help you find the Dark Forbidden Lord in the future. It just so happens that the Chaotic Deities are also looking for him. If you have any clues, inform me at any time. This is a great merit!”


The purple-robed man vanished.

The Curse Fiendcelestial’s brows relaxed. A cold glint flashed across his eyes. Then, he closed his eyes and continued cultivating.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. Another ten thousand years pa.s.sed.

Han Jue’s cultivation improved again, but he was still far from breaking through.

He had the urge to enter seclusion for a million years.

If he really did, it would be like a dream.

Han Jue opened his eyes and habitually checked his emails before observing the Immortal World.

He didn’t want to find that the Heavenly Dao collapsed the moment he woke up.

No one had died in his circle of friends. Han Jue already had many friends, but not many people could enter his circle of friends and be placed under special attention.

The development of the Heavenly Dao was also very smooth, even a little fast. In tens of thousands of years, there would probably be two more Sages. Han Jue noticed something.

There was an additional aura of Freedom outside the 33rd Heaven.

It was Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du.

He was originally a Freedom Sage who had lowered his cultivation level to come to the Heavenly Dao. Now, as the Heavenly Dao became stronger, he finally regained his true cultivation.

Han Jue continued to observe the Heavenly Dao.

Soon, he discovered something else.

Primordial Origin’s coffin and the Primordial Chaos Tablet were gone.

Although Primordial Origin and Huang Zuntian had fused previously, the coffin and the Primordial Chaos Tablet had always been left outside the netherworld. It was not only these two things. Huang Zuntian was also not in the Heavenly Dao.

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