Chapter 743 Heavenly Dao Collapses

“An ant dares to shake the Heavenly Dao?”

Han Jue snorted. A Sage dared to scheme against the Heavenly Dao. He was courting death!

He immediately sent a dream to Zhou Fan and pa.s.sed on the image and karma of this Sage to him, asking him to kill him.

Han Jue could also kill the other party, but there was no need.

The difference in cultivation level was too great. How could an adult bicker with a child?

Zhou Fan immediately agreed to this. He was very excited. Han Jue rarely instructed him to do anything, so he naturally wanted to prove himself.

Then, Han Jue sent a dream to Dao Comprehension Sword.

Before this, he had already deduced that Dao Comprehension Sword was not in danger for the time being and was hiding somewhere to recuperate.

Previously, he almost caused Zhou Fan’s death. Han Jue felt bad and didn’t want to repeat the same mistake.

The dream was under the Fusang Tree.

The current Dao Comprehension Sword was no longer the simple and cold girl from back then. She was very similar to the past Tai Sutian. Her temperament was excellent, her beautiful face was cold, and her bearing was even more extraordinary. She had the bearing of an expert. Even if she did not open her eyes, it made people feel that she wouldn’t change even if the world collapsed in front of her.

Dao Comprehension Sword opened her eyes and was stunned when she saw Han Jue.

She blinked, unable to believe her eyes.

To Han Jue, time pa.s.sed very quickly, but it was not the same for Dao Comprehension Sword and the disciples outside. Compared to the last time they met, the world had already changed.

Dao Comprehension Sword hurriedly bowed. “Master!”

In front of Han Jue, she no longer had the dignity of the Holy Mother Sect Master. She was like a flattered disciple.

Han Jue said, “Why don’t you ask for help if you’re in danger? Other than me, you can still ask for help through the Myriad Worlds Projection. Why insist?”

Dao Comprehension Sword felt ashamed and touched. She thought that Han Jue had long forgotten about her.

She replied, “I think I can still hold on. After all, the others are developing very well. Zhou Fan established the Great Dao Tower by himself, Hao’er controls the Dragon Race alone, and Su Qi controls the cycle of reincarnation of the netherworld. I…”

Han Jue snorted. “If I didn’t save Zhou Fan, how could he have obtained the Great Dao Tower? As for Long Hao and Su Qi, if not for me, how could they have lived until today? You have to understand the use of forces, that is to support each other. Today, you’re embarra.s.sed to look for them. Because they didn’t help you, they’re also embarra.s.sed to look for you when something happens. Then what about the relations.h.i.+p between fellow disciples? Is it just to share the joy and compare with each other, not to support each other through difficulties?”

Dao Comprehension Sword was extremely ashamed and wished that there was a hole in the ground for her to hide in.

She was also enlightened.

She was indeed a little petty.

Many disciples died because she cared about her face.

Dao Comprehension Sword couldn’t control her emotions. She knelt on the ground, her forehead touching the ground, and choked. “Master, please save the Holy Mother Sect!”

Han Jue snorted. “I’ve already instructed Zhou Fan that if he encounters an enemy he can’t defeat, he can use the Invocation Technique.

“Come back at any time if you’re tired. The Holy Mother Sect can be pa.s.sed down to another disciple as long as you want to.”

The dream shattered.

Dao Comprehension Sword suddenly woke up. In front of her was the cave they were hiding in. The light was dim and there were hundreds of female disciples meditating and recuperating A female disciple beside him asked nervously, “Sect Master, what’s wrong?”

Dao Comprehension Sword came back to her senses. Scanning all the disciples, her eyes became firm. She smiled softly and said, “It’s nothing. We won’t suffer anymore. It’s just that I fell into a narrow-minded state previously. The danger in front of us is actually nothing.”

The disciples looked at each other in worry.

Had the Sect Master gone mad?

Han Jue continued cultivating after ending the dream.

In his opinion, the Divine Robe Daoist would not be the last enemy of the Heavenly Dao.

He had to hurry up and become stronger.

The Heavenly Dao couldn’t become the ancient world that Heavenly Venerate Wufa mentioned and be wiped out by the Dao Ancestor.

Just like that.

Year after year pa.s.sed.

In less than eight thousand years, the reputation of the Great Dao Tower spread throughout the Immortal World. Because of their help, the vicinity of the Chaotic Heavenly Road became even safer. The Sage who had chased after the Heavenly Dao Providence Sects was suppressed by Zhou Fan in the Great Dao Tower.

The history of how Zhou Fan became a Sage had also been dug out.

He was also a prodigy!

He could already defeat a Sage before he reached 400,000 years of age!

Furthermore, he was the disciple of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage.

Because of Zhou Fan, the Divine Might Heavenly Sage became a topic of conversation for all living beings during their meals and cultivation.

At the same time, the Sage Sects were also taking action. They transmitted Han Jue’s spirit of ‘Fight for the Heavenly Dao and die without regrets’ to all living beings. In order to increase the effect, their disciples especially recounted the legends of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage protecting the Heavenly Dao. It made the cultivators’ blood boil.

As time pa.s.sed, this philosophy began to flourish.

A large number of cultivators appeared in the Chaotic City at the edge of the Immortal World. They were waiting solemnly. Even the Chaotic Heavenly Road was guarded by a large number of cultivators. The Heavenly Dao was already prepared to welcome the attack of the Divine Robe Daoist.


Thirty-six thousand years pa.s.sed.

The Sages still maintained their vigilance, but all living beings did not know that they had their own wonders.

This was an absolutely dark spatial domain where nothing existed.

Suddenly, a hand appeared. The forearm and palm of this hand emitted a faint light, but it was extremely dazzling in the darkness.

The mysterious hand opened and pressed down, causing a drop of water to fall down.

The drop of water fell faster and faster, pa.s.sing through the endless darkness.

After an unknown period of time, light appeared below.

From above, it was a cloud. The clouds below grew larger and more numerous. Countless stars gathered near the clouds. Many cities were built in all directions. One of the paths of light connected to the depths of the darkness and could not be seen.

Heavenly Dao!

This drop of water quickly landed at the top of the Heavenly Dao, outside the 33rd Heaven.

An invisible force blocked the drop of water. After the water splashed, the invisible force shattered like gla.s.s. s.p.a.ce seemed to fold and intersect.

After the water droplet splashed out, it transformed into countless tiny water droplets and continued to fall. Every small water droplet quickly lengthened like spears, the tips reflecting a cold light. Almost at the same time, the Sages appeared on the eaves of their respective Dao Field and looked up.

The rain arrows that filled the sky pierced through the void clouds and fell towards the Immortal World. They were dense and extremely spectacular as if the Heavenly Dao had collapsed.

“Oh no! The Heavenly Dao power has shattered!”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s voice spread into the ears of the Sages, startling them.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du waved his horsetail whisk. The white fur of the horsetail whisk turned as huge as a sea and wanted to sweep away the rain arrows that filled the sky. In the end, it was torn apart by countless rain arrows and continued to fall. It was unstoppable.

The Sages cast spells one after another, but their Dharmic powers couldn’t block at all. In the blink of an eye, they were all pierced by the rain arrows and destroyed with the naked eye, including Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du.

He couldn’t block it at all!

All the Dao Fields and buildings outside the 33rd Heaven were destroyed!

The majestic rain arrows pierced through the sea of clouds and continued to sweep down, looking like they were going to collapse the entire Heavenly Dao!

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