Chapter 744 Holy Mother of Order

In the Daoist temple, Han Jue was still cultivating.

He suddenly opened his eyes and looked up.

He happened to see the 33rd Heaven being pierced by countless rain arrows. The 32nd Heaven was about to suffer. This level had the main sun and the main moon. If it was destroyed, the Heavenly Dao would really suffer heavy losses.

He clearly felt that the power of the Heavenly Dao had shattered. In other words, Chaos Sages could also forcefully enter the Heavenly Dao now.

Han Jue immediately appeared in the 32nd Heaven. Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols appeared above his head and fused into one of them. It was the Fire Fiendcelestial.

The Fire Fiendcelestial roared and punched out. Endless flames soared into the sky, unstoppable.

The rain arrows that filled the sky collided with the endless flames and instantly evaporated.

The terrifying pressure shook the 32nd Heaven. The sea of clouds churned violently, as did the sky below.

All the living beings in the Immortal World heard the roar of the Fire Fiendcelestial and looked up in fear. The sky turned red and the sea of clouds churned as if the sky had changed. A terrifying pressure enveloped the entire Immortal World.

Everyone was in an uproar.

What happened?

This was the first time they had encountered such a phenomenon.

The terrifying pressure made all living beings uneasy, terrified, and even desperate.

“Everyone, don’t panic. This phenomenon is the power of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage to resist the invasion!”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s voice sounded.

The Heavenly Dao had only been pierced through at the top level and had not completely perished, so the Sages quickly revived.

The moment the words Divine Might Heavenly Sage were spoken, all living beings were instantly relieved.

In the past hundred thousand years, under the push of the Sages, the Divine Might Heavenly Sage had already become an invincible G.o.d in the hearts of all living beings. In terms of contributions, he was even higher than Pangu. In the mortal world, there were often arguments about who was stronger and who had contributed more to the Heavenly Dao between the Divine Might Heavenly Sage and Pangu.

Mortals loved to argue.

On the 32nd Heaven, the flames dissipated and the rain of arrows no longer existed.

Han Jue immediately checked the surroundings and didn’t find any experts.

He quickly jumped back into the temple.

“Who did this?”

(500 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]

Han Jue’s heart sank.

This value was definitely above the Great Dao!


A figure appeared in Han Jue’s mind. It was a graceful woman with a glow on her body. She was mysterious and strange.

(Holy Mother of Order: Late-stage Great Dao Supreme Realm, Great Dao Divine Spirit]

I knew it!

Han Jue’s heart sank. He couldn’t stop such an existence from attacking the Heavenly Dao.

“Why did the Holy Mother of Order attack the Heavenly Dao?”

(500 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


Han Jue entered the illusion.

When he opened his eyes again, Han Jue came to a blue sky. Below him was an endless sea, and he couldn’t see land. A mighty figure was at the end of the sea level. Only his upper body floated up to the surface. The sun above his head stood above the sea like a G.o.d of creation.

Holy Mother of Order!

There was a figure in front of the Holy Mother of Order. It was the Divine Robe Daoist.

The Divine Robe Daoist’s robes fluttered as he smiled and said, “Holy Mother, you have to help me break through the Heavenly Dao. I’m protecting the Chaotic Order and helping the Despair Dao Spirit take revenge.”

The Holy Mother of Order’s voice followed, extremely solemn, “The Heavenly Dao is the great karma supported by Pangu and the Dao Ancestor. I advise you, as a Great Dao Divine Spirit, not to be involved in this karma.”

The Divine Robe Daoist said, “I don’t want to destroy the Heavenly Dao. I just want to destroy its Sages and let the Heavenly Dao restore its former order. Back then, the Dao Ancestor promised us Great Dao Divine Spirits that we are not to allow the Heavenly Dao to become too strong and harm the Chaos. Now that the Dao Ancestor has disappeared, the ruler of the Heavenly Dao has crossed the line. He has to be taught a lesson.

“Holy Mother, you only need to help me break through the power of the Heavenly Dao. Leave the rest to me. I won’t spread this matter. It has nothing to do with you.”

The Holy Mother of Order was silent.

The Divine Robe Daoist said, “Take it as the last time you help me. I won’t disturb your cultivation in the future.”

The Holy Mother of Order said, “There’s a very strong Great Dao Sage hidden in the Heavenly Dao. I won’t help if you encounter a life and death crisis.”

“Haha, don’t worry. I’m already completely



The illusion shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes and still frowned. “I want to know if the Holy Mother of Order will help if I try to kill the Divine Robe Daoist?”

(500 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]



Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

He might as well run if he had to face the Holy Mother of Order.

It had to be said that these Transcendent mighty figures still had principles.

“Will I die if the Divine Robe Daoist attacks the Heavenly Dao next?”

(200 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


[Only a slight possibility.]

“How slight?”

[If you don’t fight back.]

Han Jue cursed silently. Was the system mocking him?

He stood up and came to the 33rd Heaven.

At this moment, the Sages were repairing the top of the Heavenly Dao and pouring providence into it. Han Jue wasn’t a Heavenly Dao Sage and couldn’t interfere.

He approached Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du and asked, “How long will it take?”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s expression was solemn as he said, “At least a thousand years.”

A thousand years!

Han Jue frowned. So serious.

It might not be only the Divine Robe Daoist who would attack in this period.

Han Jue had no choice but to move Great Sage Void Soul out of the Hundred Peak Immortal River. He instructed, “In the future, stay here and protect the Heavenly Dao until it recovers.”

Great Sage Void Soul had already returned to his original appearance, the black aura that refused to report.


Great Sage Void Soul cupped his fists respectfully.

Han Jue disappeared.

The Sages looked at Great Sage Void Soul in surprise. Who was this person?

Heavenly Venerate Wufa’s eyes suddenly widened and he said, “You’re Great Sage Void Soul? Aren’t you suppressed at the edge of the Chaos?”

Great Sage Void Soul glanced at him and said, “Don’t mention the past.”

Heavenly Venerate Wufa was shocked. He knew that he had said something wrong and hurriedly nodded.

A smile appeared on his face. With Great Sage Void Soul around, the Heavenly Dao was even safer.

Then, he sent a voice transmission to the other Sages.

Knowing that Great Sage Void Soul was a Great Dao Sage, the Sages were very excited. At the same time, they were very curious about how Han Jue subdued him.

Didn’t he always stay in the Heavenly Dao?

Li Taigu stared at Great Sage Void Soul and had a bold thought.

He wanted to spar with him and understand his strength.

With Han Jue around, Great Sage Void Soul shouldn’t kill him. They could spar politely.

However, he definitely couldn’t do it now. He had to protect the Heavenly Dao first.

In the Daoist temple.

In order to welcome the next battle, Han Jue entered the simulation trial again.

He couldn’t break through in the short term. He could only increase his combat ability.

He placed all existences above the Sages in the template into a simulation trial and fought all of them at once!

One-on-one was no longer enough to satisfy Han Jue.

He needed pressure.

Only pressure could make people stronger. Han Jue still lost the first simulation trial.

The simulation trial was different from reality. The opponent wouldn’t talk nonsense and would directly start fighting. In addition to his uneven methods, it was very difficult for Han Jue to withstand it.

This was even more impressive than a hundred Ancestor Xitian. After all, the hundred Ancestor Xitian used the same method. He was facing different enemies and different Great Dao powers and methods.


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