Chapter 755 Breakthrough to the Mid-Stage, Beginning the Curse!

“Alright, alright… He’s my Grandmaster, you’re also my Grandmaster!” Qin Ling said helplessly. How could he not understand what he meant?

Zhou Fan looked pleased. He hesitated for a moment and said in a low voice, “Don’t investigate Li Daokong’s matter anymore. My master knows this matter. It involves confidential information. You should know what it means.”

Han Yu’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He asked excitedly, “My master didn’t succ.u.mb?”

Zhou Fan nodded.

Han Yu took a deep breath and finally smiled.

He knew it!

In his heart, his master was the most righteous person. How could he become someone who committed all sorts of evil!

Zhou Fan asked, “In another few thousand years, the Heavenly Court will come as a guest. At that time, Han Tuo will come. Do you want to stay and see him? The current Heavenly Court is expanding greatly. It’s not easy to see him.”

Han Yu shook his head. “What will he say even if I see him? Since I know about Master, I should go back and protect Buzhou Divine Mountain.”


Zhou Fan had no objections. After exchanging a few pleasantries with Han Yu, he asked Qin Ling to bring him to stay for the time being and leave after some time.

After walking out of the Great Dao Tower, Qin Ling couldn’t help but say, “Grandmaster, why don’t you cultivate with me? The Heavenly Dao is running out now. With your cultivation level, it’s very difficult for you to have any opportunities in the Heavenly Dao.”

The patrolling soldiers pa.s.sing by bowed to Qin Ling. It was enough to show his status.

Han Yu took in everything and smiled. “I know, but I’m not someone who likes to take risks. I’ll stay in the Heavenly Dao and obediently protect Buzhou Divine Mountain. I don’t ask for the Sage position, but for longevity in peace.” Qin Ling hesitated.

All the words turned into a sigh in his heart.

Everyone had their own ambitions.

Cultivating was not the only direction.

Ten thousand years later.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

Seeing that Li Xuan’ao and Dao Comprehension Sword were waiting outside the Hundred Peak Immortal River, he moved them inside.

“This is not a good idea. I can’t let them wait every time.”

Han Jue thought silently.

Then, he raised his hand and waved. He created a clone that was especially used to handle visitors.

The clone was him. As long as he did not develop independent thoughts, he would not be rejected by the system.

This clone was not too strong. It was only a wisp of Han Jue’s soul.

Han Jue made him stay in a corner of the Daoist temple. The Strange Deity was attracted by the clone and immediately came over to wrap around it.

The Strange Deity shared the same life as Han Jue. Now, it also had strength close to a Great Dao Sage. Of course, it was only close. It had to work hard if it wanted to attain the Great Dao. The Great Dao Realm was not so easy to attain.

It was probably its current limit. It would be very difficult for it to improve in the future. This was the rule of the Great Dao.

Soon, Li Xuan’ao came to visit.

Han Jue let him in. Without waiting for him to speak, he said, “You don’t have to tell me about the development of the Hidden Sect. I can see it all. You have learned to be a leader.”

Li Xuan’ao was overjoyed when he heard that. He hurriedly said humbly, “No, no. You’re the absolute ruler.”

Han Jue didn’t reply. He was no longer interested in the Hidden Sect. He couldn’t be bothered as long as it was on the right track.

Li Xuan’ao gritted his teeth and said, “Sect Master, I came here for something.”

“Tell me.”

“I want to attain the Dao!”

Li Xuan’ao immediately felt relieved after saying that.

Han Jue stared at him and didn’t speak immediately.

Li Xuan’ao braced himself and said, “Now, there are more and more Heavenly Dao Sages. It’s the same for Pseudo-Sages and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. If my cultivation level is low, many things will be a restriction.”

The Hidden Sect of the Heavenly Dao was already a very powerful providence sect. Li Xuan’ao had even become a Pseudo-Sage, but he was only at the early stage.

He felt danger.

Li Daokong had long become a Sage.

Han Jue said, “Okay, this will be determined in the future.”

Li Xuan’ao was overjoyed again and hurriedly thanked him.

Han Jue waved his hand, and Li Xuan’ao immediately went out.

He thought for a moment and told his clone to go to the Fusang Tree. If a disciple wanted to go out, he could just go to the Fusang Tree and not disturb his cultivation time and time again.

The clone left, and so did the Strange Deity. Looking at the Strange Deity, Han Jue suddenly sighed.

After so many years, the Strange Deity had also gained a certain level of intelligence, but no one could see it. It had always been lonely.

Should he let it out?

In the past, it was afraid that it would be devoured by the Inauspicious Evil. Now, there was no need to worry.

How many were its match among the Inauspicious Evil?

“I’ll see after some time. I’ll break through first.”

Then, Han Jue closed his eyes and continued cultivating.

8,405 years later, Han Jue successfully broke through!

As he consolidated his cultivation, he checked his attributes panel.

(Name: Han Jue]

(Lifespan: 648,505 / 31,079,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,9 99]

[Race: Primordial Fiendcelestial (Immeasurable Emperor)]

[Cultivation: Mid-stage Great Dao Primordial Chaos Realm (Perfect Sage)]

[Technique: Primordial Chaos Reincarnation Great Dao (Great Dao), Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering]

(Great Dao: Great Dao of Life and Death, Great Dao of Karma, Great Dao of Extreme Origin]

It had been nearly 400,000 years since his last breakthrough!

The Great Dao was difficult, but the further one went, the harder it became!

Fortunately, Han Jue’s lifespan had tripled. He didn’t cultivate in vain.

Han Jue was in a good mood after finally breaking through.

He set a goal for himself.

He would break through to the late-stage Great Dao Primordial Chaos Realm in a million years!

He would reach the Great Dao Supreme Realm in ten million years!

“Ten million years… that’s really long,” Han Jue muttered to himself. He couldn’t imagine that the Heavenly Dao Sages had experienced billions of years and their cultivation levels hadn’t changed. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

Han Jue was filled with danger after not breaking through for hundreds of thousands of years.

After five hundred years, Han Jue’s cultivation finally stabilized.

He first raised all his Sword Dao Mystical Powers to the limit before cultivating the Grand Unity Aspect.

This time, he spent two hundred years learning three hundred Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols, acc.u.mulating 849 Dharma Idols!

His strength soared!

Han Jue didn’t enter the simulation trial immediately. Instead, he took out the Heaven-Opening Axe and the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.

He prepared to upgrade the Heaven-Opening Axe!

He wanted to see what level surpa.s.sed a Chaotic Supreme Treasure!

Soon, the Heaven-Opening Axe fused with the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, but it took time to level up. Han Jue put the Heaven-Opening Axe into the system s.p.a.ce and waited for the upgrade to succeed.

He took out the Book of Misfortune.

Touching the book’s cover, Han Jue revealed a hint of nostalgia and muttered, “How many years has it been? I’ve ignored you and made you useless. Today, I’ll let you curse until you’re satisfied.”

The Book of Misfortune seemed to sense his joy as a black light flashed across its surface.

Han Jue started cursing the First Life Black Sovereign. Six stars of hatred. He had to be the first!

Even if he didn’t die from the curse, he had to make the First Life Black Sovereign vigilant so that his attention would not land on him.

The cultivation of the Great Dao Sage was cursed by the Great Dao Numinous Treasure, the Book of Misfortune. Even Han Jue could feel the surging curse power.

It was a little terrifying!

Han Jue began to gloat.

First Life Black Sovereign, how many years of my lifespan can you withstand?

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