Chapter 712: Mingyue Enters the Lord’s Heart (45)

Not to mention Madam Feng, even the men from Yi Chu were surprised by Lu Zhaoying’s sudden appearance.

The Lu family now held a decisive position in Beijing, particularly after Cheng Juan deliberately transferred the first district to Lu Zhaoying. Although the latter didn’t often appear in public, some important organizations still knew he was the real master of the Lu family.

His appearance here was obviously to protect Pan Mingyue.

The men from Yi Chu naturally recognized him, especially when they saw the men he had brought with him. They inevitably took a step back.

The previously unreasonable man from Yi Chu stared cautiously at Lu Zhaoying. “Young Master Lu, think about it clearly. You’re obstructing Yi Chu from handling matters.”

Smiling, Lu Zhaoying turned sideways and slowly said to the person who just spoke, “You also know that by taking her away today, you’re going against the whole Lu family.”

The person’s vigorous aura changed in an instant.

The Lu family had developed rapidly in recent years, and although its background wasn’t as high as those original major families, its strength still couldn’t be ignored. In particular, Lu Zhaoying was experiencing a faint upward trend in power, and most people in Beijing knew that the Lu family would be the Cheng family’s right-hand people in the future.

Even the Jiang family couldn’t compare.

“Young Master Lu?” Hao Dui looked at Lu Zhaoying and was also taken aback. Qin Ran and Cheng Juan weren’t here, but he dared to shoulder the burden himself?

Feng Ci, Ruan Hao, and the others didn’t dare to talk anymore. They only looked at Lu Zhaoying and the men from Yi Chu, then at Pan Mingyue.

Lu Zhaoying didn’t look at Hao Dui, but stood straight in front of Pan Mingyue, indifferent and calm.

“What about these people? Don’t you care about their lives?” Yi Chu’s man pointed at Hao Dui, Feng Loucheng, and the others.

Lu Zhaoying’s meaning had been very simple. He represented the whole Lu family, and if Yi Chu still wanted to entangle with him on this matter, then they must fight to the death.

Hao Dui only represented a detachment team of the Criminal Police Team and couldn’t control Yi Chu. After Qin Ran came back, the people from Yi Chu could use this as an excuse.

But with Lu Zhaoying’s participation, the situation had changed, and they had to weigh their pros and cons.

“Mingyue!” Madam Feng felt the cold muzzle against her forehead and broke into a cold sweat.

Before Pan Mingyue could say anything, Lu Zhaoying stared straight at Madam Feng and shouted in a cold voice that echoed throughout the courtyard. “Shut up!”

Held tightly by him, Pan Mingyue could hardly move, and could only feel his steady heartbeat.

She took a deep breath, and her breathing gradually eased.

Feng Loucheng also glanced expressionlessly at Madam Feng, whose words were now swallowed back into her throat.

“Young Master Lu, my apologies then.” The man from Yi Chu saw that Lu Zhaoying seemed very serious and was about to make a move.

But before that, the sound of a helicopter suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Who is it?” Yi Chu’s men looked up into the sky and immediately went into high alert.

Hao Dui also took a step back, his expression different. “This sounds like a fighter plane. It doesn’t sound like the first district’s, nor Yi Chu’s. There’s a third party today? Mingyue, what is happening?”

What exactly had she done?

“Is the situation bad?” Ruan Hao was a little nervous now. “Who on earth are they?”

The technician beside him held his computer and looked up at the sky. “Do you know the first district? The first district’s forces are occupied by the Cheng family, while those who captured Miss Pan are from Yi Chu, who separated from the first district. As for those above us, I’m not sure either. It should be a third-party force fighting alongside the Cheng family. If they really open fire, it’ll be over.”

These were the divisions of forces that ordinary people didn’t know about, so only now did Feng Ci, Ruan Hao, Lin Jinxuan, and the others finally know these inside stories.

As they were talking, several people slid down from the helicopter.

“It’s here, it’s a little remote.” The speaker was on the phone, wearing black clothes and coming in with an exotic face.

He didn’t look directly at anyone and exuded an imposing aura. Hao Dui’s men stepped back one after another and gave way for him.

It was Giant Crocodile.

News of Giant Crocodile and Kenneth being in Beijing couldn’t be concealed from some forces, so Yi Chu was very well aware.

For fear of causing unnecessary wars, Yi Chu even had a picture of Kenneth, afraid of accidentally offending these terrorists.

Upon seeing him, they subconsciously felt like he looked familiar and took a few steps back. “You… you are…”

Without looking at them, Giant Crocodile walked to the middle of the courtyard. He glanced at Lu Zhaoying, and then set his eyes on the people from the first district. “Leave it to me. Sister Chen can’t come.”

Lu Zhaoying heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like Cheng Mu had relayed his words. “You can handle it?”

“Yeah, I borrowed Xie Jiu’s men.” Pan Mingyue was forcibly regarded as Slag Dragon’s disciple and was considered his granddaughter. After all, the matters of 129 had to be pressed on her in the future. Giant Crocodile glanced at Pan Mingyue and asked, “Are you alright?”

Pan Mingyue maintained her calmness. “Yes.”

“Okay. Lu Zhaoying, take her back first. It’ll become bloody after a while.” Giant Crocodile waved his hand and looked at Song Luting. “I don’t understand an idea, so I’ll find you tomorrow at your laboratory.”

Song Luting also said calmly, “Okay.”

Only their voices could be heard in the whole place.

Lu Zhaoying left with Pan Mingyue and Song Luting.

The men from Yi Chu couldn’t just watch her leave and were about to make a move.

Without even looking at them, Giant Crocodile yawned and said lightly, “Get them all.”

The people he had brought along with him were all fighters from the Underground Alliance and all ranked top 100 in the underground boxing arena.

Three minutes later, Madam Feng and Feng Loucheng were taken out, and the people from Yi Chu were neatly captured into the van.

Giant Crocodile instructed Hao Dui, “Just send them to He Chen. These people have violated the international treaty.”

“Okay.” Hao Dui nodded.

When Giant Crocodile left, the others in the room had yet to react to this series of incidents.

The man from Yi Chu stared at Hao Dui. “Aren’t you afraid of offending Yi Chu?! It’s not good for both parties if we have a life and death struggle.”

Hao Dui patted his sleeves and looked at the man. “Come on, brother. I’m waiting for you to have a struggle with 129. If you succeed, remember to tell me. I’ll definitely witness that great breakthrough. I hope you can make history and set a record.”

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