Chapter 711: Mingyue Enters the Lord’s Heart (44)

“Not necessarily.” The technician looked at the movement track and frowned. “They don’t seem to be deliberately covering it up. Judging by their movement, it’s Yi Chu for sure…”

“That’s of no use.” Hao Dui wasn’t clear about these people’s behavior but knew Qin Ran’s terrifying destructive power.

Qin Ran was now a complete researcher in the laboratory and was almost in divine hiding in 129.

Even Yan Xi’s fans knew that Jiang Shanyi was already in a state of divine hiding. Whenever Yan Xi participated in variety shows, many comments asked him to pull the Great God out.

Those in the industry who were familiar with the Cheng and Qin families knew that almost no incident could bring Qin Ran out of seclusion, except Pan Mingyue.

They had only discovered this after Cheng Ziyu’s birth when she compromised for the first time.

In this aspect, even Cheng Juan couldn’t compare.

After all, Cheng Juan also had to move according to her.

The fact that Qin Ran had intervened in Pan Mingyue’s incident so soon was actually within Hao Dui’s expectations.

Feng Ci and Ruan Hao were naturally confused about what they meant, but they relaxed after seeing the expressions of Hao Dui and the technician.

They exchanged glances. Anxious about Pan Mingyue’s current state, Feng Ci directly asked the technician, “So, you’ve found her?”

The technician tracking the tracker directly cast by Qin Ran muttered, “God Qin, I can’t keep up with your rhythm, please wait for me…”

He opened up all the photos, told the driver an address, and then looked at Feng Ci. “Yes, but don’t be too optimistic. Have you contacted your dad?”

“He has already transferred someone.” Feng Ci squeezed his phone.

The formalities were still tense, so Ruan Hao and Lin Jinxuan remained silent.

Hao Dui pressed his headset, thought of something, and gradually stopped smiling. “How many people can you transfer? Do it as soon as possible, I feel like this isn’t a simple incident. It might be related to Continent M.”

The final positioning of the tracker stopped in a new mountain villa area, where the few villas were widely separated from each other.

The red dot spun round and round and finally stayed in a huge open spot.

The others didn’t recognize it, but Hao Dui and the driver did. They exchanged shocked glances. “Yi Chu’s ministry of national security?!”


Inside the villa, Pan Mingyue and Song Luting were taken out of the car.

Song Luting wasn’t as good at fighting as Qin Ran, but he had contacted her when things turned bad. At this time, he still maintained his composure and wasn’t easy to ignore despite standing there quietly.

“What do you want?” He stood slightly in front of Pan Mingyue, staring at the people facing them. His eyes were as deep as ink that couldn’t be removed, but he was extremely calm.

“Sorry, Mr. Song. Yi Chu has accidentally involved you in this matter.” The person in front showed Song Luting a certificate before saying, “We’re going to bring Team Leader Pan back to the international headquarters for investigation.”

Song Luting narrowed his eyes. “What investigation?”

The power of Beijing was now very complicated, and except for the first district directly controlled by the four major families, Yi Chu was also in line with international standards. Song Luting mainly focused on research, but because of Qin Ran, he had also been in contact with such forces. Hence, he immediately understood the situation upon hearing this.

“Sorry, Mr. Song. You don’t have to delay the time. We don’t want to hurt you, we just want to take Team Leader Pan back with us to investigate the incident. I’m sorry.” As soon as the person finished speaking, he waved and brought Pan Mingyue away.

At the same time, an alarm sounded outside the door.

“We’re from the criminal investigation team.” Hao Dui came in with Feng Ci and the others.

The two parties confronted each other, but Yi Chu’s men weren’t anxious. “Hao Dui, we have no intention of opposing you, but Team Leader Pan must come with us today. Your exit has already been surrounded. Please, don’t fight fruitlessly.”

Right afterward, a bunch of fully-armed people appeared and surrounded them, pointing their weapons and muzzles at Hao Dui.

“Mingyue!” Upon seeing Pan Mingyue being caught, Feng Ci quickly took a step forward.

However, Hao Dui quickly held him back and shook his head. “Yi Chu has the right to make decisions without reporting. If they’ve already set up their weapons, it means they’re willing to fire. Don’t be impulsive.”

“Hey— Feng Ci, don’t be impulsive.” Lin Jinxuan and Ruan Hao held him back, especially Ruan Hao. He looked at Pan Mingyue behind the man and still couldn’t help but purse his lips. “How did she get involved with such a case? What should we do now?”

The second half of the sentence was meant for Hao Dui.

Hao Dui also wondered why Qin Ran hadn’t moved yet. Without speaking, he clicked on his headset and asked why Feng Loucheng hadn’t arrived yet.

He then glanced at Feng Ci.

Feng Ci picked up the phone and called Feng Loucheng, but unexpectedly, the phone rang from behind them. Startled, he turned and saw Madam Feng and Feng Loucheng, who had been captured by Yi Chu’s men.

A black muzzle was held against Madam Feng’s forehead.

At the same time, Hao Dui and the others also accurately drew their weapons.

Madam Feng was already bawling, and she shook her head frantically. “Ming… Mingyue, just go with them!”

Song Luting frowned. In the silence, Pan Mingyue raised her head and calmly looked at the people from Yi Chu. “I’ll go with you. Let them go.”



Song Luting, Hao Dui, Feng Ci, and Feng Loucheng’s voices suddenly sounded together.

Without looking at anyone, Pan Mingyue walked around the crowd from the side towards the helicopter. Before she could enter, she was violently pulled back by a sudden force.

“Today.” Looking up, she saw Lu Zhaoying staring at the men from Yi Chu, his voice low and full of force. “No one is taking her away.”

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