Chapter 766 A Million Years Old, Third Dao Field

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

Another thousand years pa.s.sed after Han Yu accepted the woman in green.

Under his guidance, the woman’s cultivation improved by leaps and bounds.

Most of the time, Han Yu sat under the old tree and watched the woman in green cultivate her Mystical Power. Such days made him feel good. At least, he was not as lonely as before.

On this day.

The green-robed woman had just finished cultivating her Mystical Power. She sat down in front of Han Yu and asked curiously, “Senior, who are you? I heard that the master of Buzhou Divine Mountain was once a supreme expert of the Human Race. He contributed greatly to the Human Race’s current situation.”

Han Yu did not open his eyes as he replied, “It’s all hearsay. I’m just a cultivator who doesn’t fit in with the mortal world.”

The woman in green asked, “Then what’s your cultivation level? Deity Realm? Or the legendary Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal?”

Han Yu said, “You will naturally be able to see through my cultivation when you reach my realm.”


“I can reach your realm?” the woman in green asked in surprise.

Han Yu smiled. “That’s true. You’ll probably die in the hands of your enemies. That day won’t come.”

The woman in green curled her lips. Senior always said such things, thinking that it was impossible for her to take revenge.

She asked, “When can I reach the Emperor Realm?”

Han Yu said slowly, “Probably in tens of thousands of years.”

Tens of thousands of years…

The woman in green was moved. She gritted her teeth and stood up to the side to meditate.

The top of Buzhou Divine Mountain regained its calm. Here, there were no traces of time. Everything seemed eternal.

More than twenty thousand years pa.s.sed.

Three lines of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

(Detected that you are a million years old and your life has taken another huge step forward. You have the following choices:]

(1: Exit seclusion immediately and preach the Dao to the Chaos, raising the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, and a Great Dao Sage-level guard.]

[2: Cultivate in a low-profile manner and maintain your true nature. Stay away from trouble. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone, and open the third Dao Field.)

Han Jue’s eyes lit up. It’s time!

As expected of the million-year-old mark. The system was not playing tricks this time!

Han Jue directly chose the second option.

The third Dao Field was good. It could inherit everything in the main Dao Field and even teleport. When the main Dao Field was broken through, he could still escape to the third Dao Field.

The third Dao Field couldn’t be left in the Heavenly Dao. He had to find a suitable hiding place in the Chaos. It was best if no one knew!

Han Jue first took out the Creation Spirit Stone and fused it with one of the Fiendcelestial Qi.

Who should he use the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone on?

The Heaven-Opening Axe was already an Ultimate Dao Treasure. Would Han Jue be able to control it if it was any stronger?

Using it on the Book of Misfortune felt useless. Han Jue didn’t have a goal to curse it to death for the time being.

As for the First Life Black Sovereign, he still had to be the Dark Forbidden Lord’s scapegoat.

Forget it, I’ll keep it for now


Han Jue took out the Great Dao Fragment. He had finally acc.u.mulated nine more.

Han Jue had already thought of a new Great Dao Mystical Power.

He should give the Dark Forbidden Lord some combat strength!

He wanted to create a Mystical Power that could kill enemies in dreams!

The nine Great Dao Fragments immediately fused and Han Jue entered a state of Dao comprehension.

At the peak of Buzhou Divine Mountain.

Han Yu looked at the woman in green who had walked back from the lightning tribulation and sighed with emotion. “You’ve finally reached the Emperor Realm. Not bad. It’s earlier than I expected.”

The green-robed woman came in front of him and knelt down. She bowed and said, “Thank you, Senior. If not for your nurturing, I would never have achieved what I have today.”

Han Yu smiled.

The woman in green gritted her teeth. “Senior, can I take revenge now?”

Han Yu closed his eyes and said, “Your enemy just reached the Deity Realm not long ago.”

The woman in green was as if struck by lightning. Her eyes widened and her body trembled.

Leaves fluttered past. At this moment, the scene was desolate and pitiful.

“Is the other party a prodigy?” the woman in green asked bitterly.

Prodigies were the most dazzling existences in this era.

There were countless geniuses. This was also a golden age.

However, because it was the golden age of geniuses, all living beings were very tolerant of them. This was because geniuses represented hope and the backbone of the Heavenly Dao when it was in danger in the future. The various providence sects would take care of them.

Han Yu said, “Yes, he has the potential to reach the Zenith Heaven Realm.”

Despair appeared on the woman’s face.

Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal…

They were all ancestor-level existences on the path of cultivation!

The woman in green was indignant. She stared at Han Yu with a hopeful expression and asked, “Senior, do I really have no hope of seeking revenge?”

Han Yu said, “There’s not so much luck in the world. You being saved by me is already the greatest providence in your life. You’re originally someone who was fated to die. Sometimes, letting go is harder and also a greater achievement.”

The woman in green lowered her head.

Han Yu said slowly, “I once had the anger of revenge in my heart. My family, my parents, my siblings, and even my sweetheart died in front of me. At that moment, I hated the entire world. I hated the immortals, the heavens, and my own uselessness.”

The woman in green looked up at him in a daze.

Han Yu said, “Later, someone helped me take revenge.”

The woman in green’s eyes lit up. Was Senior hinting at her?

Han Yu changed the topic. “So what if revenge was taken? Look at me now. I’m alone and guarding this mountain. I have no one to rely on. If I don’t take revenge, my enemies won’t live for hundreds of thousands of years. What’s the point of my revenge?”

The woman in green said stubbornly, “At least you’ve avenged yourself and have nothing to worry about. I’m unwilling to let my enemies live freely for hundreds of thousands of years.”

Han Yu said helplessly, “To tell you the truth, that prodigy is backed by the Jie School. I don’t have to tell you about the Jie School’s foundation, do I?”

Jie School…

The woman in green immediately collapsed to the ground.

She smiled bitterly and suddenly felt that all these years of cultivation were meaningless.

Han Yu did not comfort her. In fact, that prodigy was nothing in his eyes. He only needed to find someone to talk about this to decide the life and death of that prodigy.

However, he had no reason to do so.

He didn’t owe this woman anything.

Han Yu opened his eyes and said, “If you want revenge, then go down the mountain and seek the help of a stronger mighty figure. You might be able to succeed if you are lucky.”

The woman in green stood up and took a deep breath. She bowed to Han Yu and left the mountain without hesitation.

Han Yu closed his eyes and continued cultivating

It was just an incident on the path of cultivation. He didn’t care about it at all.

Several months later.

The woman in green returned to the top of the mountain. She stared at Han Yu and said, “I walked all the way to the foot of Buzhou Divine Mountain and thought about many things. I will definitely die if I go to take revenge. I can die in battle for Master with no regrets, but I promised you that I would serve you. You have taught me for tens of thousands of years. I will owe you too much if I die like this.

“I’m willing to serve you. I’ll take revenge when my lifespan is up. I can be considered to have avenged my dead master even if I die.” Han Yu did not reply.

The woman in green walked to the side and sat in meditation at her original cultivation place.

Buzhou Divine Mountain was still quiet. Only the wind stirred everything in the world.

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