Chapter 767 Dark Forbidden Zone

It took Han Jue 81 years to create the Great Dao Mystical Power he liked. Even as a Great Dao Sage, it was very difficult to create a Great Dao Mystical Power. A Great Dao Mystical Power was not only a Great Dao Mystical Power but the origin of the Great Dao.

“What should I call it? Dream Killer? No, it’s pathetic,” Han Jue muttered to himself.

After hesitating for a while, he named this Mystical Power the “Dark Forbidden Zone”!

This Mystical Power did not only cause damage to the enemy in the dream. After all, it was a dream. Such damage could not hurt the main body. Therefore, he thought of the Great Sage Void Soul’s Dark Instinct and imitated its profundity to create the Dark Forbidden Zone.

The Dark Forbidden Zone transformed the dream realm into a mysterious domain. It could pull both sides’ bodies into this mysterious domain for them to fight.

The Dark Forbidden Zone couldn’t be spied on. In battle, as long as Han Jue could kill the other party, he was not afraid of being exposed!

He was in a good mood and had another long-range killing method.

In a good mood, he began to preach the Dao to the disciples of the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

With the help of his clone, Li Xuan’ao had sent many geniuses into the Hundred Peak Immortal River over the years. The number of disciples had already exceeded five million. In the past, the number could be controlled because Li Xuan’ao forbade his disciples from giving birth. Later, Li Xuan’ao often went out and Han Jue didn’t show himself. Many disciples couldn’t help but give birth to disciples. However, with the Hidden Punishment Lineage led by Zhou Mingyue, this phenomenon didn’t dare to expand. However, after so many years, the number of disciples still doubled.


After preaching for a hundred years, Han Jue started to check his emails.

[Your grand-disciple Chu s.h.i.+ren obtained Great Dao merit because he preached the Dao to billions of living beings.]

[Your good friend Evil Heavenly Emperor was cursed by a mysterious curse.]

(Your disciple Ji Xianshen has attained the Dao and obtained the Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan has traveled through time and changed his fate.]

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou has revived.]

[Your son Han Tuo was attacked by a mysterious demon] x50093272

(Your good friend Jing Tiangong has received guidance from your good friend Ancestor Xitian. His cultivation has increased greatly.)

(Your good friend Jing Tiangong has cursed too many times and has comprehended a trace of the Curse Great Dao.]

[Your descendant Han Yu has comprehended the true meaning of heaven and earth. His spirit is wandering in the Great Void.]

Han Jue blinked. Zhou Fan had revived Mo Fuchou?

How did he do that?

If he had been revived in the past, Mo Fuchou should have been living in Han Jue’s memories.

He checked his interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps and saw that Mo Fuchou’s portrait had indeed appeared again.


Han Jue saw Mo Fuchou and couldn’t help but reminisce.

They were all youths back then.

Mo Fuchou was high-spirited, but Han Jue was timid. They took two completely different paths.

Han Jue continued reading. Jing Tiangong, who he had not been paying attention for a long time, started to be active again.

This fellow had left the Divine Palace a long time ago to head to the Chaos. He didn’t expect him to still be cursing people. As expected of a loyal believer of the Dark Forbidden Lord.

Why was Ancestor Xitian guiding him?

Han Jue found it interesting, but only slightly.

In any case, Jing Tiangong was his follower. His favorability had not decreased. Reading on, Han Jue saw another email.

(Your enemy, the Curse Fiendcelestial, was killed by your good friend, the Divine Robe Daoist. His body and soul were destroyed. The Curse Great Dao returned to the Chaos.]

The Curse Fiendcelestial was gone?

Han Jue checked his interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps and discovered that the portrait was really gone.

He had a strange expression.

In the past, he had treated the Curse Fiendcelestial as a big boss. He didn’t expect it to be gone just like that.

Good, this will show how powerful I am.

He didn’t need to personally attack to kill a potential enemy.

The Curse Fiendcelestial’s death had a profound meaning, which meant that the restrictions of the Dark Forbidden Lord had decreased greatly.

It had to be said that Daoist Divine Robe was a talent!

Previously, he had left two backup plans when attacking the Heavenly Dao. He definitely valued his opponent greatly.

This kind of person looked down on the enemy on the surface and deliberately created a stupid arrogant image, but he secretly prepared all sorts of methods to disgust the enemy. Having such a subordinate was good as he could handle responsibilities reliably.

Han Jue’s favorability towards the Divine Robe Daoist increased.

After reading all the emails, Han Jue recalled something

He suddenly wanted to go out for a walk.

He was absolutely invincible and was not afraid of danger in the Heavenly Dao.

In any case, time was long. He would spend a hundred years wandering the Heavenly Dao and experience the current mortal world.

Han Jue sent out a soul thought and transformed into a clone. He quickly flew to the Immortal World, and his main body continued cultivating. The image of the clone was the same as the main body. Although the Supreme Treasures were illusory, they were still impressive.

Han Jue didn’t want to conceal himself.

He had been cautious for too long. Why would he still pretend and hide within his own territory?

He wasn’t traveling incognito. He just wanted to see the world.

The first stop was Buzhou Divine Mountain.

He saw Han Yu’s situation in the emails. This kid was really similar to him. He had settled down in the long years and cultivated in peace.

On the peak of Buzhou Divine Mountain.

Han Yu sat under the old tree and looked at the woman in green who was cleaning the Daoist temple. He said helplessly, “There’s no need to clean. I’m not staying inside. Keeping it is just me thinking about my master.”

The woman in green could have cast a spell, but she felt that it was too frivolous, so she personally did it.

Hearing Han Yu mention his master, the green-robed woman walked out of the Daoist temple and asked curiously, “Your master must be very powerful, right? Where did he go?”

Han Yu’s eyes drifted as he said slowly, “I’m not sure, but he must be chasing his own Dao and will return one day.”

“Your master is stronger than you?” the green-robed woman asked curiously. Han Yu’s bearing was the most stable and sage-like she had ever seen.

Han Yu smiled. “Of course. I think my master is the strongest.”

The strongest?

The green-robed woman blinked and did not believe him. After all, the Heavenly Dao was extremely vast and there were many geniuses. No one could say how many ancient mighty figures were hidden, let alone the legends of Sages.

“Oh? Your master is the strongest? Then what am I?”

A voice floated over. Han Yu and the woman in green turned around.

It was Han Jue.

Both of them were stunned.

Han Jue wore the Time Dao Robe and the Grand Primordium Divine Crown. He was mighty and domineering. Three thousand Heavenly Dragons wrapped around his waist and dragon shadows swayed behind him. It was dazzling. The Ultimate Diamond Bracelet on his wrists burned with flames. The World Visualization Heart Bracelet surrounded him and changed into various forms. In addition to his unparalleled appearance, even Han Yu was stunned.

Han Yu hurriedly stood up in fear. He bowed and said with a trembling voice, “Of course you’re the strongest… My master is nothing compared to you.”

The woman in green came back to her senses. She was shocked upon seeing Han Yu lose his composure and suspect her eyes.

She carefully sized up Han Jue and suddenly felt that he and Han Yu were extremely similar, like brothers.

Han Yu noticed her gaze and shouted in a low voice, “Impudent! Get down the mountain and cultivate. You are not allowed to go up the mountain without my orders!”

The woman in green was shocked. This was the first time Han Yu had revealed a ferocious expression. She was so frightened that she hurriedly bowed to Han Jue and flew down the mountain.

Han Jue landed in front of Han Yu and smiled. “Why are you so angry? Who is she to you?”

Han Yu suppressed his nervousness and replied, “She’s considered half a disciple.”

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