Chapter 768 Future Sage

At the top of Buzhou Divine Mountain, Han Jue and Han Yu sat under the old tree. Han Jue asked him to talk about his experiences over the years. Han Yu didn’t dare to hide anything

Speaking of which, the two of them had actually only met a few times, most of them in his dreams.

Han Yu knew this ancestor’s ident.i.ty and was very restrained.

They were related by blood, but they were too far apart and the two of them had never been together. It was very difficult for Han Yu to be close to Han Jue.

Han Jue listened to Han Yu patiently and with relish.

It had to be said that although Han Yu often cultivated diligently, his previous experience in the Chaos was even richer than Han Jue’s entire life.

Han Yu finally finished after a few days.

“There’s really nothing else. I’ve finished explaining,” Han Yu said aggrievedly.

Han Jue smiled. “Not bad, not bad. It’s very interesting. I find it very interesting.”


Han Yu was helpless. Was this ancestor here to listen to a story?

Won’t everything in the world enter your eyes if you calculate with your fingers?

Han Yu could only complain in his heart and did not dare to say it.

In fact, he was still very happy.

The fact that Han Jue looked for him meant that he still cared about him. He was flattered.

The ancestor in front of him was an extraordinary existence that even Sages might not see.

Han Jue said, “If you maintain such a cultivation att.i.tude, I will remind you in the future that becoming a Sage is not an unattainable dream, much less your end.”

Han Yu was excited and hurriedly kowtowed.

Han Jue smiled. “You really look like me. Unfortunately, your bloodline is too diluted and the potential isn’t completely inherited. However, as long as you have a tenacious heart, you will surpa.s.s all living beings sooner or later. Back then, I was only a mortal.”

Han Yu nodded excitedly. He was also a little confused earlier and didn’t know if he had chosen the right path. He was full of confidence now that he had received Han Jue’s praise.

Han Jue stood up and took out the Heavenly Origin Bracelet. This was a Heavenly Dao Numinous Treasure and also a defensive Dharma treasure.

“This is the Heavenly Origin Bracelet, a Heavenly Dao Numinous Treasure. Consider it a greeting gift.”

Han Yu took it, flattered.

He subconsciously wanted to reject it, but thinking of how Han Jue was an elder, wouldn’t he embarra.s.s him if he rejected it?

Although Han Jue was friendly to him, he had heard of this ancestor’s terrifying legends.

Among the Sages, Han Jue was definitely the most ruthless.

“By the way, Han Tuo didn’t save you back then. It’s not that he has a heart of stone. It’s just that he was suppressed in the netherworld at that time and endured pain that you can’t imagine. He was actually like you, walking alone in the world. He left me before he was twenty and didn’t know my true ident.i.ty until he followed the Evil Heavenly Emperor,” Han Jue said meaningfully.

Han Yu’s expression became complicated.

Han Jue didn’t say anything else and left.

“Ancestor, where are you going?”

“To travel the Immortal World and see the heavens.”


“Cultivate well. Do I still need your protection?”

Han Jue’s laughter gradually faded away. Han Yu sighed.

This was what attaining the Dao meant.

He could do as he pleased and roam the world.

Han Yu’s eyes became firm. He wanted to become like Han Jue.

On the other side.

Han Jue walked down the Buzhou Divine Mountain, wanting to experience its majesty. Speaking of which, he had given this mountain to Li Daokong.

Along the way, he met the woman in green. She was meditating on the hill.

Han Jue’s aura was ethereal and the woman in green didn’t notice it.

Looking at her, Han Jue had a thought as he waved his right hand gently and a beam of light quickly surged into the woman’s mind.

It was Han Jue’s Great Dao comprehension. Although it was only a trace, it was enough to increase the comprehension of mortals.

Han Yu had been alone ever since Qin Ling left. He finally had half a disciple. Han Jue felt that he should take care of her.

That was all.

The woman in green slowly opened her eyes after an unknown period of time.

For some reason, she suddenly felt that the world had changed.

To be precise, her senses had transformed.

She was even more sensitive to Connate Qi, Spirit Qi, and the essence of the sun and moon.

“What’s happening?”

The woman in green frowned and muttered to herself.

As for Han Jue, he had already left.

At this moment, Han Yu’s voice floated down, “Come up.”

The woman in green’s eyes lit up. She immediately went up the mountain and quickly bowed.

Han Yu naturally saw Han Jue wave at him. Ever since then, the woman in green had fallen into a state of enlightenment. It was obvious that this girl had obtained a huge opportunity.

Han Yu had a complicated expression as he asked faintly, “How do you feel?” He actually did not particularly like the woman in green. He only asked someone to accompany him. However, if this girl became stronger, she would definitely take revenge.

Ancestor, did you misunderstand my relations.h.i.+p with her?

The woman in green said excitedly, “You can tell? I suddenly feel that everything is different.”

Han Yu nodded. “Perhaps you obtained the comprehension of the world. Such an opportunity is hard to come by. It might not appear again in the future.”

The woman in green nodded as if she understood.

She asked curiously, “Where’s that senior? He’s already left? Who is he, your elder brother?”

Han Yu glared at her and scolded her. “Don’t talk nonsense. He’s my ancestor. Forget about this in the future and don’t mention it to anyone.”


The woman in green clicked her tongue in wonder. Although there was a way to stay youthful in the world, Han Jue didn’t feel old to her.

No wonder Senior was so panicked when facing him.

“Senior, is he very strong? Even stronger than your master?” the woman in green asked curiously.

Han Yu had a complicated expression as he said in an unfathomable tone, “You’ve seen the true peak. This is a level that you can’t touch no matter how long you cultivate.”

The woman in green frowned and thought carefully about his words.

After leaving Buzhou Divine Mountain, Han Jue walked on foot without stopping.

The mountains and rivers were majestic, with various lakes and valleys. All sorts of magnificent scenery floated past his eyes. During this time, he also encountered many cultivators, but seeing that his aura was extraordinary, they did not dare to approach him.

Han Jue recalled the past as he traveled.

Not long ago, this world was an existence he respected. He didn’t even dare to step foot in


Year after year pa.s.sed. On this day, Han Jue came to a rugged mountain path that wound around the peaks. Halfway up the mountain, a group of wooden houses that looked like villages could be seen.

Han Jue heard the sound of children playing.

A seven- or eight-year-old child rode a big white wolf out of the bushes beside him and jumped into the forest a thousand feet away.

Han Jue narrowed his eyes.


He saw a wisp of purple Qi on the child.

This purple aura was very faint, but it was very mysterious.

It wasn’t the Primordial Purple Qi or the Great Dao Purple Qi. It was more like providence.

Han Jue pinched his fingers to deduce and was enlightened.

A future Sage!

Over the years, Han Jue had seen countless people. The only person who attracted his attention was the child just now.

Now, the providence of a Sage could no longer trigger the system’s Connate providence detection. However, Han Jue was a Great Dao Sage and could spy on the fate of mortals.

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