Chapter 707: Mingyue Enters the Lord’s Heart (40)

Lu Zhaoying didn’t really want to deal with these people, so he simply said, “Whatever you want.”

He directly hung up.

Although he knew that Pan Mingyue and Shi Liming were in charge of the matter, he didn’t feel the need to mention it to the Lu family.

He turned around, glanced at Cheng Ziyu, and continued nagging.

Before he said much, the door opened.

Who was it at this timing?

Shocked, Lu Zhaoying turned around and saw Song Luting entering.

Although this was his house, he rarely came back and mainly used his laboratory as his home every day. He was basically an experimental madman.

He came back today because he knew Cheng Ziyu was here.

Song Luting was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. His slender fingers were still on the door when he saw Lu Zhaoying, and his eyes immediately turned cold.

Lu Zhaoying was actually two years older than him, but he still felt inexplicably intimidated by him. “Hello.”

Song Luting didn’t speak and just nodded slightly at him.

“Brother, you’re back?” Pan Mingyue peeked out of the kitchen. “Wait, I’ll cook another dish.”

Song Luting put down the documents and rolled up his sleeves on both sides before walking to the kitchen. “I’ll do it, you can go out. Girls should go to the kitchen less.”

He spoke slowly and took over the spatula in Pan Mingyue’s hand.

Pan Mingyue wanted to say that his hand was for experimenting. Those hands for dividing various precision instruments were just as precious as Qin Ran’s, and they shouldn’t be used in the kitchen. However, she couldn’t hold him back.

The Song family was like Pan Mingyue’s family, and his parents were rarely at home. Back then, Song Luting and Pan Mingyue had taken care of themselves in high school.

Listening to their conversation, especially Song Luting’s answer, Lu Zhaoying was dealt 100 million points of damage.

He pressed his cell phone, sent Cheng Juan a pleading emoticon, and also begged him.

When Cheng Juan still ignored him, he took out his trump card—

[Without me, can you go to Heng Chuan First Middle School?]

Cheng Juan replied slowly this time—

[Wait for me.]

Lu Zhaoying was very obedient this time: [Good dad.]

Then, he asked again: [Song Luting is helping Mingyue to cook. Do you think he…]

He was the great talent of Beijing University’s Physics Research Institute. Other than Qin Ran, much less Lu Zhaoying, even Feng Ci wasn’t one-tenth of him.

Far away in Continent M, Cheng Juan looked at the message and replied: [He studied physics while doing law at the same time in order to help Mingyue with lesson fees. If he has feelings for her, a hundred of you won’t be enough to beat him.]

Looking at this sentence, Lu Zhaoying suddenly felt like it was irrefutable.

He was Qin Ran’s friend for sure.

Other than Qiao Sheng, everyone else was a devil.

In the kitchen, Song Luting was cooking vegetables, shooing Pan Mingyue away when she wanted to help.

“Close the door,” Song Luting said lightly.

Pan Mingyue turned around and closed the door before silently turning to him. “… Brother.”

Song Luting nodded, added water, and then continued simmering the soup. He went to wash the tomatoes at the side.

His fingers had long joints and were white and beautiful. Pan Mingyue felt like it was a waste to wash the vegetables with these fingers.

Just when she thought he didn’t want to speak, he put the tomatoes on the chopping board and turned to her. “I think he’s pretty good.”

Pan Mingyue looked up at him.

“That guy from the Feng family.” He lowered his voice and glanced at her. “You never brought him over.”

Lu Zhaoying was probably the first one.

Pan Mingyue remained silent.

The next day.


At the Feng family’s house.

Madam Feng was sitting downstairs, waiting for Feng Loucheng to come down.

The phone in her pocket rang, but she didn’t have the heart to answer Li Shuangning’s call. She hung up directly and immediately stood up when Feng Loucheng came down. “I have something to tell you. Let’s go to the study.”

Feng Loucheng glanced at her and followed her to the study.

The two went upstairs.

Li Shuangning went to the Feng family’s house.

Madam Feng had always treated her as her prospective daughter-in-law, so the servant directly received her and asked her to wait downstairs for Madam Feng.

After the servant left, Li Shuangning thought that Madam Feng was avoiding her and couldn’t help but look for her on the second floor.

She heard the conversation between Madam Feng and Feng Loucheng in the study.

“You want me to invite Mingyue for dinner?” Feng Loucheng glanced at Madam Feng seriously. “What on earth is going on with you?”

Having concealed Pan Mingyue and Feng Ci’s relationship at the beginning, Madam Feng could only say it in a faltering manner now.

Feng Loucheng glanced at her. He also wanted to talk to Pan Mingyue about Yi Chu and stop her from being too impulsive. “Okay, I happen to have something to tell her tonight.”

Outside, Li Shuangning went downstairs quietly.

She wasn’t surprised that Madam Feng was ignoring her and just thoughtfully left the house.

Half an hour later.

At Yi Chu’s headquarters.

The person sitting in the chair said in a deep voice, “Are you sure that the power of the first district has shifted?”

“Yes, Pan Mingyue will be at the Feng family’s house tonight,” the person said solemnly.

The person on the chair sneered. “Very good.”

When Feng Loucheng arrived at the Inspection Institute, he told Pan Mingyue about this matter. “You’ve ruined Yi Chu’s plans twice in a row, I’m very worried about you.”

Although Pan Mingyue didn’t want any contact with Madam Feng, Feng Loucheng’s worries weren’t unfounded.

She knew this was one of the reasons why Qin Ran put Cheng Ziyu with her.

However, she didn’t bring Cheng Ziyu along to the Feng family’s house and brought Cheng Mu instead.

“I’ll follow you.” Cheng Mu glanced at her.

Pan Mingyue shook her head. “No need.”

She asked Cheng Mu to stop near the house and then left.

Cheng Mu drove the car back to the Cheng family’s house. Lu Zhaoying kept his phone and glanced behind Cheng Mu. “Where is she?”

“She’s at the Feng family’s.” Cheng Mu picked up Cheng Ziyu.

Lu Zhaoying narrowed his eyes and suddenly paused fiercely. He directly turned around and left.

“Young Master Lu?”

Without looking back, Lu Zhaoying raised his hand and remotely opened the car door.

Cheng Mu only heard him say, “Help me contact Sister Chen, thank you.”

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