Chapter 770 Karma and Memory

Immortal World, endless sea.

Han Jue stood on the beach. The waves slapped over like strings of white flowers. There was no end to them.

The sky here was so blue and short.

The slightly salty sea breeze blew over, causing Han Jue’s long hair to flutter slightly. He narrowed his eyes. He was really relaxed.

After walking in the Immortal World for decades, he had been to cultivation sects, mortal cities, seen the majesty of the palace and temples, and also seen the peaceful joy of the commoners.

He had also encountered many evil things.

But really, the Heavenly Dao was in a peaceful situation. How could there be an absolutely peaceful world?

As for encountering evil, Han Jue wouldn’t interfere because he could see that when those evil people were committing sins, their fate was also walking towards destruction.

If he killed those who committed sins, perhaps it would be satisfying, but Han Jue could already see that their future was miserable. They might not even reincarnate as humans in the next life.


This was the situation of mighty figures. This was why those mighty figures with good intentions did not help others. Because they could see far ahead.

If he saved one person today and this person avoided this calamity, there might be an even greater calamity waiting for him.


Of course, this was a different situation.

When the difference in the cultivation realm was not great, if there was kindness and justice, they should act and acc.u.mulate merit for themselves. They would constantly grow and save more people.

Han Jue was not unkind, but he was already above the rules of the world. Intervening would only break the order.

Mortals wouldn’t stand up for ants in the courtyard.

“It’s indeed not bad to come out occasionally,” Han Jue muttered to himself and smiled.

He felt that he was the main reason why the Heavenly Dao could be where it was today.

Perhaps he didn’t build the Heavenly Dao, but even Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du had to ask him about its development direction.

If not for him, the Heavenly Dao would have been destroyed countless times over.

Han Jue walked along the sea aimlessly.

Rows of birds flew past the sky.


The sea suddenly exploded as a black fish the size of a mountain leaped out, covering the sky. A figure stood above it. It was a blue-robed man holding a sword.

“Hahaha. Evil beast, you’re still far from being able to eat me!”

The blue-robed man smiled in high spirits. He turned around and slashed with his sword. Sword Qi swept out and blood splattered. The black fish’s head was chopped into two. It did not leave its body and actually roared like a tiger or lion.

The black fish fell into the sea, stirring up thousands of feet of waves.

The seawater evaporated when it was about to land on Han Jue.

Han Jue glanced at it and sighed. “I’ve never experienced such a soul-stirring adventure. I’m really envious.”

The blue-robed man leaped and landed in front of him, putting the sword back into the sheath.

He patted his robe and said with a smile, “Brother, you’re good. I can’t sense your aura.”

Han Jue said, “Since you can’t sense it, how dare you block the way?’

The blue-robed man smiled. “Isn’t traveling the world to make good friends? I’m Gu Heng. May I know your name?”

Han Jue smiled faintly. “I can’t let you know my name. Otherwise, you will suffer great karma.”

Gu Heng was stunned.

What a pretentious p.r.i.c.k!

He had always thought that he was good at pretending. He didn’t expect to meet someone even more pretentious.

Gu Heng smiled. “Oh? Is that so? Brother, let me try and see if I can withstand the great karma.”

Han Jue suddenly raised his hand and pressed his shoulder.

So fast!

Gu Heng’s pupils dilated in shock.

His gaze met Han Jue’s eyes and a terrifying pressure enveloped his heart. He was so frightened that he knelt in front of him.

Han Jue smiled and brushed past him.

He was a Great Dao Sage, after all. Why was he calculative with mortals?

In a few steps, Han Jue disappeared at the end of the coastline.

After a long while…

Gu Heng came back to his senses and stood up trembling

He looked in the direction Han Jue left in fear and muttered to himself, “Who is he… I’m at the f*cking Six Mystic Divine Origin!”

He liked to pretend to be weak. Previously, he had suppressed his aura to the cultivation of a Grand Unity True Immortal and traveled the world, playing with the mortal world.

It was too ridiculous to make a Six Mystic Divine Origin expert directly kneel on the ground!

Gu Heng had been to the Sage Dao Field!

He was puzzled.

Who was that person just now?

He recalled carefully and was horrified to find that he could no longer remember the other party’s appearance.

In a temple.

Han Jue sat in front of the small table and drank tea. Opposite him knelt a white-robed monk. It was the White-Robed Buddha who had submitted to him a long time ago, the Reroll World’s current master.

The White-Robed Buddha was very excited about Han Jue’s arrival.

He thought that Han Jue had already forgotten about him, but he was not dissatisfied. After all, with the karma between the Reroll World and Han Jue, the Sages took good care of him.

Han Jue smiled and said, “The Reroll World has developed well. There are ten Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals.”

The White-Robed Buddha suppressed his excitement and said respectfully, “It’s all thanks to your nurturing.”

Not only was the current Reroll World developed and prosperous, but it was also vast. It could be considered the genuine second mortal world.

The Jade Pure Sacred Sect was still around and was already the oldest Holy Land with a deep foundation. The previous Holy Land, the Heavenly Immortal Manor, had perished in the war between the righteous and demonic cultivators hundreds of thousands of years ago. Originally, the Jade Pure Sacred Sect was also about to perish. Fortunately, the White-Robed Buddha protected it.

The White-Robed Buddha knew very well the Jade Pure Sacred Sect’s importance. Perhaps Han Jue no longer cared about it, but seeing it would definitely trigger memories. It was enough as long as he had memories.

This was the difference between the Reroll World and the other mortal worlds.

Once the Jade Pure Sacred Sect was gone, Han Jue would completely sever ties with the Reroll World.

The White-Robed Buddha seemed to have thought of something and said, “By the way, your Sect Master Li Qingzi reincarnated back then. He’s now a prodigy of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.”

Han Jue looked at him deeply, causing him to lower his head.


I was too deliberate!

The White-Robed Buddha secretly regretted it. He was too anxious. Han Jue should have accidentally discovered this before it was effective. How could he say it himself?

“Thank you for your kind intentions. Let nature take its course. I won’t forget your efforts.”

Han Jue picked up his teacup and drank it in one gulp.

Li Qingzi was already an old friend of the previous calamity. How long had it been since the reincarnation? Furthermore, some ghosts had died in the Dao Destruction Mystical Power. The reason why Li Qingzi could avoid it was probably that someone protected him and prevented him from reincarnating in the calamity.

The White-Robed Buddha was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly said that he did not deserve it.

Han Jue stayed in the temple for a few months before leaving. During this time, he even taught the White-Robed Buddha a Mystical Power.

In a valley.

A man in cloth clothes was practicing his sword in a bamboo forest. He was only practicing his sword techniques. His Dharmic powers were not leaked or even stirred up any waves.

“How about I teach you a sword technique?”

A voice floated over. The man turned around and saw an extremely handsome man appear not far away, smiling at him.

The man asked warily, “Who are you? Why haven’t I seen you in the Jade Pure Sacred Sect?”

Han Jue stared at his completely unfamiliar face and smiled. “I can make you the strongest in the Jade Pure Sacred Sect. Tell me, do you want to learn it?”

The man frowned and said in a low voice, “No!”

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