Chapter 771 Grand Primordium Fiendcelestial

Hearing the man’s answer, Han Jue was a little stunned.

Back then, Li Qingzi often used all sorts of benefits to lure him out, but he also rejected him.

After a million years, Li Qingzi had completely changed. He was no longer that old friend.

Perhaps the soul was still that soul, but the person had changed unknowingly.

Han Jue suddenly felt that reincarnation was meaningless.

In the end, the ones who benefited from reincarnation were only the mighty figures who had descended into the mortal world to train. To mortals, what was the difference between drinking Meng Po’s soup and being destroyed in body and soul?

Not all mortals could encounter a mighty figure to awaken their memories.

Perhaps the existence of reincarnation was just that mighty figures did not dare to destroy ghosts and were afraid of bearing negative karma.

After all, new souls were born in the world at every moment. They didn’t come from the netherworld but from the Heavenly Dao.

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Han Jue smiled and asked, “Are you really not learning it?”

The man said warily, “What are you trying to do? This is the Jade Pure Sacred Sect. You will quickly be discovered if you dare to attack


Han Jue was amused. “The more you refuse, the more I want to teach you. No one will hear you even if you shout your lungs out. I’ve already isolated this bamboo forest!”

The man turned around and ran like the wind.

Han Jue raised his hand and moved him back, pressing him to the ground.

The man’s face smashed into the gra.s.s. He felt as if he was pressed down by a mountain and could not move.

“Kid, you’re still not cautious enough. You should have fled the moment you saw me because you didn’t sense my appearance. It meant that I wanted to secretly approach you with ill intentions. You have to be more cautious in your next life!”

Han Jue smiled disdainfully. The man felt despair.

That’s right!

Why am I so stupid?

Endless regret surged in the man’s heart. He suffered a heavy blow and fainted.

The sunlight shone on his face and the man felt an itch. He slowly opened his eyes.

He suddenly widened his eyes and jumped up.

He looked around warily, but Han Jue was already gone.

He was stunned to find that he could not remember the man’s face. Could it be a dream?

The man discovered that there was a new memory in his mind. It was a sword technique!

Heavenly Sword Dao!

“It’s not a dream. It’s real…”

The man touched his body and discovered that his clothes were clean and he was not injured.

What did the other party want?

He couldn’t help but recall the Heavenly Sword Dao and was gradually moved.

What a domineering sword technique!


It was the Sword Dao!

“Did I encounter a calamity or a benefactor?” the man muttered to himself. He carefully tried to recall Han Jue’s true appearance but to no avail. However, that blurry figure gave him a sense of familiarity that he hadn’t felt for a long time.

It was as if he was very familiar with this figure a long time ago.

This vague sense of familiarity suddenly caused a sense of sorrow to surge into his heart.

The man fell into a daze.

Inside the Daoist temple.

Han Jue opened his eyes and frowned.

After a hundred years, the soul fragment had already ended its journey. Its soul dissipated and all its memories surged into his mind.

He also sighed.

He met some old friends during this trip.

Although things had changed, the memories were still there.

Han Jue adjusted his state of mind and smiled. “After relaxing, it’s time to cultivate and find a place for the third Dao Field.”

Han Jue’s heart skipped a beat.

Soon, Liu Bei came to visit.

Liu Bei was Han Jue’s Reincarnation Avatar. He had once possessed the body of the Victorious Fighting Buddha and was now a Pseudo-Sage.

Back then, Liu Bei had gone to find a place to hide the Hidden Sect Island.

Liu Bei knelt in front of Han Jue respectfully. He looked calm, but his heart was surging.

He was both surprised and panicked.

He was pleasantly surprised that Han Jue still remembered him and panicked that Han Jue would probably give him a mission.

He had inherited Han Jue’s personality and was timid and cautious.

However, his cultivation had stagnated for a long time. He needed an opportunity to break through.

This mission was an opportunity!

Han Jue said, “I need you to go to the Chaos and find a suitable location for the Dao Field. You can’t mention this to anyone. Are you willing? This period of time is very long. It will probably be difficult to find it in hundreds of thousands of years. I will teach you a Mystical Power. If you are in danger, you can summon me at any time.”


Hundreds of thousands of years…

Liu Bei trembled in fear.

He wanted to refuse, but he could not!

“What? You’re not willing? Then forget it.” Han Jue was a little disappointed when he saw no reaction from him.

Liu Bei immediately looked up and said, “I’m willing!”

Han Jue smiled in satisfaction. “What do you need to prepare?”

Liu Bei shook his head. “There’s no need to prepare.”

Han Jue immediately waved his sleeve and sent him out of the Heavenly Dao.

Although the Chaos was huge, it was still very difficult to encounter a Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Without stepping into a great opportunity, it was very difficult for a Pseudo-Sage to be targeted by a Primordial Chaos Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

The karma on Liu Bei was the Victorious Fighting Buddha. They couldn’t deduce that he was Han Jue’s clone. At most, they could deduce that he was related to the Hidden Sect.

Now, the Hidden Sect had at least five million disciples training in the Chaos. This ident.i.ty was not worth mentioning. Han Jue’s enemies were not stupid enough to think that they could use a Hidden Sect disciple to threaten him.


However, Liu Bei would definitely encounter some difficulties. Han Jue had to be prepared.

He began to use the derivation function. “Can I control the Heaven-Opening Axe if I upgrade it again?”

The Mystical Destiny Book wouldn’t recognize him as its master, making him wary of the Ultimate Supreme Treasure.

(1 quadrillion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]

A quadrillion years…

This was already the value of a Dao Creator!


[Yes, but Pangu will sense it when the upgrade succeeds.) Han Jue showed a frown.

Pangu’s cultivation level could not be seen for the time being. In Han Jue’s heart, he was an existence that could not be provoked.

Forget it, I won’t upgrade it for the time being. It’s enough as it is, anyway.

Han Jue immediately entered the simulation trial and fought a hundred Foolish Sword Sages with the Ultimate Dao Treasure, Heaven-Opening Axe.




Two hundred could still be slaughtered easily! Three hundred was too many. He could barely win!

Four hundred of them were impossible to beat, but he could still last for a while!

Five hundred. d.a.m.n it, he couldn’t withstand ten breaths of time!

Han Jue left the simulation trial. He was still very confident.

Such strength could already dominate everyone below the Great Dao Supreme Realm. They were all mysterious and rare existences that would not appear easily.

It was impossible for Liu Bei to provoke an existence at the Great Dao Supreme level!

Han Jue closed his eyes and started cultivating.

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

Fifty thousand years pa.s.sed in a flash.

Han Jue came to the second Dao Field and released the Wood Breath Fiendcelestial he had nurtured previously to let Murong Qi receive him.

The second Dao Field already had 21 Chaotic Fiendcelestials. It was a very powerful force, but it was still far from becoming an army.

Han Jue chatted with Li Yao and Dao Comprehension Sword before returning to the main Dao Field.

He was about to check his emails when he suddenly frowned.

“This feeling is…”

Han Jue felt inexplicably uneasy as if something was summoning him from afar.

He began to deduce.

A voice sounded in Han Jue’s mind.

“I am the Grand Primordium Fiendcelestial. The Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity is coming. The Primordial Fiendcelestial will rise by stepping on the Chaotic Fiendcelestials. I invite all the Chaotic Fiendcelestials to the Grand Primordium Domain. I will unite all the Chaotic Fiendcelestials to resist the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity together!”

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