Chapter 777 Meaning of Cultivation

“Let’s understand the situation first.”

Han Jue frowned and thought. What if Lu Yuan was Han Tuo’s master? Wouldn’t he curse his own ally to death?

Han Jue sent a dream to Han Tuo next.

The dream was a beautiful place with mountains and rivers.

Han Jue discovered that Han Tuo had changed.

Apart from his body being stronger, his face was a little weathered. His white hair was tied behind his head by a blood tendon, and only two thin strands of hair were left on his forehead.

It seemed that Han Tuo had also suffered a lot over the years.

Han Jue wanted to ask him why he wanted to severely injure the Evil Heavenly Emperor, but his heart softened when he saw him like this.

He must have had a reason.


Han Tuo suddenly opened his eyes. After seeing Han Jue, he was stunned and hurriedly stood up to bow. However, he was no longer as excited as before and looked very calm.

He had indeed grown up.

Han Jue asked, “How have you been?”

Han Tuo hesitated for a moment but still told him the truth. From being trapped in the Endless Abyss to being subdued by the Devil Ancestor Lu Yuan and recently following him to explore the Chaos. They were trying to help the Devil Ancestor recover his main body.

Han Jue narrowed his eyes and asked, “This Devil Ancestor has yet to recover his main body?”

Han Tuo nodded. “His body was destroyed by Pangu, and his soul was suppressed in the Ancient Desolate by the Dao Ancestor for countless years. He needs time to recover.”

He hesitated, his eyes worried.

Han Jue asked, “What are you trying to say?”.

Han Tuo took a deep breath and said, “I injured the Evil Heavenly Emperor not because I attacked him. It’s just that he and Zhou Fan want to save me and Yi Tian. I’ve let His Majesty down, but I want to try something with the Devil Ancestor. I hope that Father can forgive me.”

He knew Han Jue’s relations.h.i.+p with the Evil Heavenly Emperor, so he was worried.

Han Jue asked, “Why do you want to follow the Devil Ancestor?”

Han Tuo looked up at him with a firm gaze and said, “I want to find the meaning of my existence. I’ve been following His Majesty and fighting and killing countless people. Although the Heavenly Court has been strengthening, I can’t find my own meaning. I might be able to find it if I follow the Devil Ancestor.”

Han Jue was speechless.

Looking for meaning?

Did he have nothing better to do?

Survival was the greatest meaning!

However, Han Jue couldn’t criticize him directly when he saw Han Tuo’s gaze.

Everyone had their own ambitions. Han Jue’s previous path was not understood by others. The people around him thought that he was timid and afraid of trouble. He used his strength to prove that he was right.

At least, Han Jue was very firm at the beginning.

Han Tuo had experienced all sorts of things in life. He had experienced all the emotions and desires. He had also experienced the extreme sense of achievement and the sense of failure that almost caused him to collapse. At his realm, it was already very difficult for him to encounter enemies. It was indeed easy to be confused.

Han Jue asked, “Then, can you tell me why the Devil Ancestor wants you?”

Han Tuo did not hide anything.

Han Jue didn’t panic knowing that the Devil Ancestor actually wanted to restart the Chaos. Instead, he was a little teasing.

Life, the Fiendcelestial Race, the Devil Ancestor, the Great Dao Divine Spirit, and so on. More and more major factions began to integrate and appear. To Han Jue, it was a good thing. The more chaotic it was, the harder it was for his ident.i.ty to be exposed.

The fact that Han Tuo could tell him the Devil Ancestor’s intentions meant that the Devil Ancestor did not use any method to brainwash him. Otherwise, he would definitely keep it a secret.

“Have you really thought about it? This path will be very difficult and you will encounter many troubles,” Han Jue asked.

Han Tuo said with a firm expression, “At first, I refused. Later, the Devil Ancestor let me see many things, so I decided to follow him. If the Devil Ancestor really has cultivation that can overturn everything, I will ask him to protect the Hidden Sect. If the Devil Ancestor fails, I will sever my relations.h.i.+p with you and not cause trouble.”

This was indeed an investment. No matter what, Han Jue didn’t lose out.

Han Tuo had lost too many people in his life. Han Jue was the only one left, and he was too powerful. He had no ability to repay Han Jue at all. Instead of that, it was better to follow the Devil Ancestor and fight for a chance of survival for him.

Han Jue was silent. He could sense Han Tuo’s true feelings.

This kid is underestimating me!

Han Tuo lowered his head slightly and said softly, “Although you’ve been protecting me, you actually don’t have any expectations of me.”

Han Jue said, “Why would I save you if I have no expectations?”

Han Tuo said, “It’s only because I’m your son. The expectations I said have nothing to do with kins.h.i.+p. Just like you, you protected so many people and always cultivated diligently. Isn’t that just not trusting anyone but yourself? In your heart, you never expect others to save you. You only believe that you can protect yourself.”

Han Jue fell silent again. It had to be said that this kid had seen through him.

Han Jue indeed didn’t expect much from anyone. He nurtured the Fiendcelestial Army only hoping for it to help him reduce trouble in the future. He never expected the Hidden Sect and the Fiendcelestial Army to save him when he was in danger.

It was because he would never let himself fall into a desperate situation.

This was also the reason why he was still in seclusion despite being so powerful.

“Let me try, Father.”

Han Tuo stared at him and said word by word.

The two of them indeed looked like father and son, but Han Tuo looked to be the older one.

Han Jue said, “Alright, I respect your choice. However, I won’t show mercy to the Devil Ancestor if he dares to threaten me. I hope that you won’t plead for mercy for him.”

Han Tuo said helplessly, “Why would I plead for him? I’m only doing it for myself. I don’t have a good impression of him.”

Han Jue removed the dream.

“Summon me at any time if you encounter a death situation.”

On a barren land, the bright starry sky looked up.

Han Tuo sat on the hill and opened his eyes. He was both touched and bitter. “You still think that I can’t…”

A cold wind blew past, and his white hair fluttered.

Yi Tian suddenly walked over. Like Han Tuo, his image had changed. He was dressed in sinister black armor and his black hair reached his heels. His face was wild, and even if he didn’t speak, it made people feel that he was arrogant.

“What are you thinking? The Devil Ancestor is probably about to finish. That fellow is really disgusting. He ate the corpse of an ancient Chaotic Fiendcelestial raw,” said Yi Tian as he sat beside him.

Han Tuo asked, “Yi Tian, have you thought about why you cultivate? What is the purpose of your life?”

Yi Tian was stunned. Then, he smiled. “Of course. I want to become the strongest existence! Just like the Great Sage Equaling Heaven you mentioned!”

Han Tuo said faintly, “The Great Sage Equaling Heaven became the Victorious Fighting Buddha in the end.”

Yi Tian smiled confidently. “That’s because he failed. If he succeeded, even Tathagata would have to kneel in front of him!”

Han Tuo looked at his smile and was lost in thought.

Yi Tian seemed to be always so optimistic and heartless.

Yi Tian sensed his emotions and patted his shoulder. He smiled and said, “Don’t think about this all day. You still have a father to rely on. Do you know that you won’t die no matter what, so you want to find trouble for yourself?”

Han Tuo scolded him jokingly. “What do you know? I’m thinking. Thinking. Do you understand?”

Yi Tian grinned. “You won’t even have the energy to think when I surpa.s.s you and step on you. You can only think about how to surpa.s.s me!”

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