Chapter 778 Devil Ancestor’s Ident.i.ty, s.p.a.ce Origin

Any existence with intelligence would always encounter a moment of confusion.

Han Jue knew this very well. He was often confused.

For example, now, he only had a 60% chance of winning against the Devil Ancestor. Most importantly, the other party was still recovering his strength.

This was not good!

Han Jue had no choice but to take out the Book of Misfortune and the Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone and start to fuse them.

Then, he sent a dream to the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

The dream was still the forest outside the Jade Pure Sacred Sect.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor opened his eyes and looked ashamed when he saw him.

He was the first to speak, “Sorry, I didn’t protect your son well.”


Han Jue smiled. “I should be the one apologizing to you. This kid is not in his right mind. He hurt you. Don’t blame him.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor shook his head. “How can I blame him? He has already contributed enough to the Heavenly Court. I won’t stop him if he really wants to leave. Besides, the one who injured me was actually not him. It was mainly the power of the Devil Ancestor who injured me through his body. He was also very panicked and blamed himself. I can tell.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor sighed as he mentioned this.

Actually, he had already experienced such a situation.

Humans strive for greater heights. He had sent many geniuses to Sage Sects, so he was not affected.

Han Jue asked, “Why didn’t you summon me back then?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor replied, “This Devil Ancestor is not simple. He’s ancient. He once followed Pangu for an era and later became the Dao Ancestor’s mental demon. Although he was severed by the Dao Ancestor, he has already established an inseparable connection with him. He won’t die if the Dao Ancestor doesn’t die. I don’t want you to provoke such an existence.”

Han Jue frowned. So exaggerated?

The Dao Ancestor was one of the final bosses.

He was not easy to deal with!

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said, “Han Tuo can indeed become stronger by following the Devil Ancestor. I’ll let him go since he’s determined.”

Although his tone was a little regretful, it was also filled with antic.i.p.ation.

“Oh? You seem to have a high opinion of the Devil Ancestor?” Han Jue asked.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor said, “That’s right. The Devil Ancestor would have been the Dao Creator if he had won the battle between the Dao and Devil after the creation of the world. The current Heavenly Dao might not be worse than it is now. This Devil Ancestor has always had a great wish in his heart. It’s not just to become stronger. He also has a desire for peace.

“Before Pangu created the world, not all the three thousand Fiendcelestials in the Chaos liked to fight. This Devil Ancestor was one of the existences who hated fighting, but he had no choice…”

Han Jue remained silent.

It sounded like another sad story.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled. “There’s no need to care about the Devil Ancestor for the time being. Someone will deal with him. As for Tuo’er, I feel that he has great providence. Not only him but also Yi Tian. They fell in danger many times, but the two of them always relied on each other to survive. In my understanding, those who can constantly escape death and become stronger are all people with great providence. Furthermore, I have a feeling that Tuo’er and Yi Tian will shock the entire Chaos in the future. They might not be inferior to you.”

Han Jue chuckled. “Really?”

He suddenly understood why Han Tuo was aggrieved.

On one side was the Evil Heavenly Emperor who was cheering him on, and on the other was a father like him…

“Hahaha. Won’t you, his father, also benefit from it if Tuo’er becomes stronger? By the way, don’t you have another son? You can leave him to me if you don’t want to bring him along.” The Evil Heavenly Emperor looked expectant.

He was looking forward to Han Jue’s mysterious youngest son. He could actually resonate with Han Tuo’s bloodline. At least, his talent was above Han Tuo’s.

Han Jue said angrily, “Why do you keep staring at my son? That kid’s potential is not good. He can’t compare to Han Tuo at all. Furthermore, his mother brings him around all day and can’t bear to separate from him.”

“Is that so? Unfortunately, I think his potential is definitely good. It’s just that he hasn’t been discovered.”

“I’ll send him to you to help you expand your territory if I have the chance in the future!”

“You sound like I’m taking advantage of you.”

“No, no. The Heavenly Emperor is impartial. How can I dare to think that?”

“Brat, have you forgotten how respectful you used to be in front of me? Are you not giving me face now?”

“How can this be?!”

The two of them began to bicker, the smiles on their faces not disappearing.

Han Jue opened his eyes. He gave up the thought of settling scores with the Devil Ancestor after chatting with the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

He would let him go for a while.

Han Jue was about to close his eyes and cultivate when he suddenly felt a strange fluctuation.

He suddenly glanced over.

His gaze pa.s.sed through the buildings and landed on the Fusang Tree. He saw the s.p.a.ce around the Fusang Tree twisting violently.

Han Jue immediately came to the Fusang Tree. He was about to take action when the Fusang Tree suddenly disappeared.

The tens of thousands of feet tall Fusang Tree suddenly disappeared, causing a huge visual impact. The Dao Field guards on the tree-Ah Da, Xiao Er, and the Black h.e.l.l Chicken, landed one after another, all looking stunned.

At the same time, the uneasiness in Han Jue’s heart disappeared.

He was enlightened.

It turned out that his uneasiness was not because of Han Tuo, but because of the Fusang Tree.

He used the simulation trial to check his surroundings and did not discover any mysterious enemy.

He didn’t dare to pursue rashly. How terrifying would it be to pa.s.s through the Dao Field array formation if a mysterious mighty figure really attacked?

Han Jue disappeared after saying, “Continue cultivating. Pretend that nothing happened.”

He returned to the Daoist temple and began to deduce.

Soon, he caught sight of the Fusang Tree.

After all, the Fusang Tree was far weaker than him. Han Jue didn’t even need to use the derivation function and could deduce it himself.

However, Han Jue didn’t expect the Fusang Tree to be so far from the Heavenly Dao.

It was even further than the Grand Primordium Domain!

The Fusang Tree appeared in a dark s.p.a.ce filled with rolling Chaotic Qi. There were no living beings around.

Its branches began to tremble. The leaves kept leaving and turned into dust, forming little stars that lit up the surroundings.

Han Jue didn’t deduce any other existence. Could it be that the Fusang Tree wanted to leave?

But how could it be so capable?

“Who helped the Fusang Tree escape the Hundred Peak Immortal River?”

(1 quadrillion years will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]

Dao Creator?


Han Jue’s heart sank.

[s.p.a.ce Origin. The Fusang Tree wants to transform strongly and has touched the s.p.a.ce Origin. Under its will, the Fusang Tree came to the Primordial Zone of Chaos and is preparing to transform into all things. It wants to use the Great Dao merit to transform.]

Han Jue’s expression turned complicated when he saw this message.

The Fusang Tree had indeed mentioned that it wanted to transform a long time ago, but it was a Primordial Divine Tree and was restricted by special rules. Even Han Jue, the Great Dao Sage, could not help it forcefully transform. He had suggested that the Fusang Tree give up its body, but it did not immediately agree.

Han Jue wanted to ask the Fusang Tree, but he didn’t know what to ask.

The current Dao Field no longer needed the Fusang Tree to provide Spirit Qi. Since he couldn’t help it, why not let it pursue its own


Han Jue retracted his gaze and sighed.

He was not sad.

Han Tuo, Fusang Tree, Dao Sovereign, Zhou Fan, and the others began to take charge and had their own paths to pursue.

They were no longer weaklings who needed his protection.

“In that case, I have expectations for you. I look forward to whether you can surprise me in the future. However, it’s impossible for you to surpa.s.s me,” Han Jue muttered to himself with a firm gaze.

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