Chapter 783 Divine Lord Xin Yu

Another ten thousand years pa.s.sed.

Ten thousand years was a long time for mortals, an unattainable promise to stay together to people in love, and a day to those who attained the Dao.

Han Jue opened his eyes. During this period of time, he didn’t receive Laozi’s dream. He didn’t know what Laozi’s att.i.tude was towards Jiang Yi. He started checking his emails.

[Your son Han Tuo was attacked by a mysterious ghost) x103932

(Your good friend Yi Tian was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure and was severely injured.)

[Your good friend Jiang Yi has reconstructed his body and cultivated the Divine Yang Indestructible Body.]

(Your disciple Dao Sovereign has entered the Primordial World’s illusion.]

(Your disciple Zhao Xuanyuan has entered the Primordial World’s illusion.]

(Your grand-disciple Chu s.h.i.+ren has more than a hundred million believers. His providence has increased.]


(Your good friend Fusang Tree has comprehended the s.p.a.ce Origin. Its cultivation has increased greatly.]

(Your good friend Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure and was severely injured.)

Jiang Yi had indeed benefited from a disaster!

Han Jue liked Laozi more. He was different from the other Great Dao Sages. He seemed to really have no desires.

They might come to Han Jue because of this if it was any other Great Dao Sage. Even if they didn’t want benefits, they had to build a good relations.h.i.+p.

Perhaps it was precisely because of this that Laozi could shake off the Great Dao Sages in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End and focus on seeking the Dao, constantly surpa.s.sing the


Han Jue continued reading. The other disciples had their own opportunities in the past ten thousand years and were all doing well.

Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k’s heavy injuries attracted Han Jue’s attention.

He still acknowledged this fellow. If not for him pestering the Curse Fiendcelestial for hundreds of thousands of years, it wouldn’t have died so easily.

Han Jue thought for a moment and decided to care about Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k.

He began to send a dream to him, appearing as the Dark Forbidden Lord.

The dream was a beautiful starry sky. The galaxy was magnificent and the light was layered.

Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k opened his eyes and was pleasantly surprised to see Han Jue.

“Forbidden Lord, you’ve finally appeared!” Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k said excitedly and went in front of him.

“The Curse Fiendcelestial has disappeared for some reason. I can’t find him,” Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k said gloomily.

Han Jue said, “The Curse Fiendcelestial is already dead.”


Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k was stunned. He had been entangled with the Curse Fiendcelestial for so long and knew how powerful it was. This fellow might have average Dharmic powers, but his escape ability was still very strong.

Could it be…

The Dark Forbidden Lord had personally taken action?

Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k was in awe.

Han Jue didn’t explain further and asked, “Who injured you recently?”

Furious, Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k immediately cursed, “It’s all because of that fellow. His name is Divine Lord Xin Yu, a Great Dao Sage. He joined the Life Faction and was extremely arrogant. He insisted that I submit to him. I’m still being suppressed by him.”

Divine Lord Xin Yu…

Han Jue had never heard of him. He would use the derivation function to ask later. “Forbidden Lord, since you’re here, it means that you want to save me. Hurry up and attack. This fellow tortures me every day. I really can’t stand it,” Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k said helplessly.

If he did not encounter a Great Dao Sage, he would be an existence in the Chaos.

However, he was facing problems because of his potential.

Great Dao Sages often targeted him, wanting to subdue him.

His situation was the most difficult among the Freedom Sages.

As long as he had the backing of a Great Dao Sage, Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k could attain the Great Dao at any time. However, this fellow was stubborn and refused to bow his head.

Han Jue asked, “Did you learn anything about Life from Divine Lord Xin Yu?”

Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k thought for a moment and said, “He mentioned the Devil Ancestor before. He said that there are two geniuses under him who are from the Heavenly Dao. They both have talent that isn’t inferior to mine and will join Life sooner or later. If I don’t surrender, he will s.n.a.t.c.h my Dao Fruit and give it to those two geniuses to help them obtain stronger potential.

“What nonsense. No one’s talent can surpa.s.s mine, not even a Chaotic Fiendcelestial!”

Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k was full of conceit.

Han Jue remained silent.

Although Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k was powerful, to be honest, Han Jue didn’t think that he was really the most talented.

However, Divine Lord Xin Yu actually targeted Han Tuo and Yi Tian.

This was not good!

Han Jue said, “Show me this Divine Lord Xin Yu’s appearance. I’ll help you resolve this problem.”

Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k was waiting for him to say this. He raised his hand and waved, and a figure appeared beside him.

Han Jue noted it down silently and removed the dream.

He opened his eyes and asked in his mind, “Can I insta-kill Divine Lord Xin Yu?”

(150 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]

This value…

Han Jue suddenly didn’t want to ask anymore.

Forget it.

Remain steady.



Han Jue was bored. He had wasted 150 billion years of his lifespan.

With this value, he would definitely be insta-killed.

What am I worried about?


I should be worried!

Being cautious was the right thing to do. This was one of the reasons why he could live until today. How could he despise his own caution?

Han Jue’s eyes became firm and flashed with killing intent.

The Dark Forbidden Zone had never been used since its creation.

It was time to show off!

Han Jue directly sent a dream to Divine Lord Xin Yu. It was still the image of the Dark Forbidden Lord.

Divine Lord Xin Yu wore a dark purple robe and a curtained pearl crown. At first glance, he looked like an emperor.

Divine Lord Xin Yu stared at him and frowned. “Who are you?”

He was actually pulled into a dream. Before he entered the dream, he was still refining pills and was not distracted.

Han Jue said, “Let Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k go. Perhaps I can give you a way out.”

Divine Lord Xin Yu immediately laughed wildly when he heard that. “I didn’t expect Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k to have someone backing him? However, he’s already my pet. Stop dreaming!”

He wanted to jump out of the dream, but he realized that he could not.

It seemed that the other party was stronger than him!

However, it was useless. It was only a dream.

Could this guy kill him in his dreams?

Han Jue stared at him and said, “Do you think you can be fearless after becoming Life?”

Divine Lord Xin Yu smiled. “That’s right! It’s fine if you want to join Life. Life is stronger than you can imagine. The Chaos will definitely be dominated by Life in the future. Life will create darkness and create the final meaning of existence!”

This guy was crazy.

Han Jue couldn’t be bothered to chat with him anymore and directly used the Dark Forbidden Zone.

In an instant, the entire dreamscape twisted violently. Darkness drowned them.

Divine Lord Xin Yu’s laughter stopped. He was shocked to find that his main body had appeared in the dream. To be precise, the dream had become reality!

Han Jue took out the Heaven-Opening Axe and appeared in front of him.

Divine Lord Xin Yu subconsciously waved his sleeve, and his robe emitted divine light to resist the Heaven-Opening Axe.


With a swing of the axe, his robe shattered and Divine Lord Xin Yu was cut into two.

The violent Dharmic powers destroyed his body and soul!

This Great Dao Sage couldn’t block Han Jue’s full-powered attack at all!

Han Jue waved his axe again.

Inside the Daoist temple.

Han Jue opened his eyes and sighed slightly.

“Being invincible is really lonely. Another insta-kill. There’s no experience to speak of,” Han Jue muttered to himself. At his realm, a second was actually very long. It was enough for him to swing the Heaven-Opening Axe billions of times!

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